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The story of Ben Bu Boşluğu Nasıl - I how in this void

Turkish series Ben Bu Boşluğu Nasıl, a Turkish work for the Blue TV platform. It is a controversial series and has some special scenes for a certain age group. The first episodes of the series began showing on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. Through its promotional images, it appears that the series contains many events.
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Alp Navruz Religion Age Height Weight Girlfriend

Date of birth: February 2, 1990 Astrological Sign: Aquarius Age: 30 years Place of birth: Istanbul - Turkey Religion Muslim Nationality: He holds Turkish citizenship Study: He studied at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Yildiz University Height: 187 cm Weight: 80 kg Hair color: black Eye color: brown Profession: Actor Years of activity: 2013 to date First work: Ceberrut Navruz movie His latest work: The Phoenix Bird series Girlfriend : İlaydaAlişan Number of siblings: 2 His hobbies are: football, driving, dogs.  

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