Alp Navruz Religion Age Height Weight Girlfriend

Date of birth: February 2, 1990
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Age: 30 years
Place of birth: Istanbul - Turkey
Religion Muslim
Nationality: He holds Turkish citizenship
Study: He studied at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Yildiz University
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown
Profession: Actor
Years of activity: 2013 to date
First work: Ceberrut Navruz movie
His latest work: The Phoenix Bird series
Girlfriend : İlaydaAlişan
Number of siblings: 2
His hobbies are: football, driving, dogs.
Alp Navruz Religion

Alp Navruz Religion

Alp Navruz the handsome owner of many titles and popular sweeping despite his young age and new era in the field of art, but he is a great artist from a young age that he is the star "Alp Navruz", who was born on the second of February in 1990 in the capital Istanbul, distinguished since his birth with beautiful features, soft hair and wonderful facial features that made him a child Beautiful in his childhood and a handsome young man when he grew up from two siblings, a boy and a girl, 
he is the youngest of his siblings, so he was spoiled for all family members. He enjoyed lightness, energy and vitality. The death of his father, who was very attached to him and considered him his ideal in life, who always loved and supported him and stood beside him and did not spare him anything, so his departure had the greatest impact on the life of Alp Navruz, at the academic level he excelled in all stages of his studies, loved by all his teachers and colleagues, committed and disciplined and was talented in Acting by nature, so he participated in many plays that were presented at the school theater or university theater, due to his extreme decoration as a child.
 He participated in the Miss Children contest while he was young and got the first place. And the presence of a tyrant on stage, so he drew the attention of directors and producers who were attending theatrical performances organized by the university on various occasions, and believing in his strong talent, the family supported him by giving him the opportunity to travel abroad to study acting after graduation from the university, so he traveled to the United States of America and obtained Many training courses inside the headquarters of cinema and art in the world “The City of Hollywood” Then he returned after three years while he was fully prepared.

Alp Navruz beginning as an actor

While studying acting in the United States, Navruz was keen to spend his spare time in something useful and since he loves writing and has the queen of authorship, he wrote a large number of short stories and poems in which he expressed his reality, the circumstances he went through, his dreams, aspirations and longing for his family and his country and his dream of returning to their arms as well. He was keen to pay attention to his physical fitness constantly, which gave him an athletic body with lean stature and prominent muscles, so he took advantage of these ingredients and worked as a model for advertisements for some international brands in the field of clothing, sunglasses, energy drinks, etc.
 He has one million followers, and this is considered overwhelming popularity for a recent artist in the artistic field in particular and the media in general, and through his fame as a model for advertisements flocked to him by major companies in various fields to be their advertising face. For example, the agent of one of the international companies that runs a global hotel chain in A number of countries of the world are carrying out the new advertising campaign that will be issued by the company soon, after which a delegation from the company traveled to him for an agreement.
 For all the details of the contract, the success that Alp Navruz achieved in the field of advertising drew attention to him strongly so a number of producers and directors wanted to exploit the goodness of the young artist and his great popularity at that time to achieve artistic success that would have a wide resonance and strong return inside and outside Turkey, so his first artistic experiences were through his participation. In a movie entitled “Ceberrut” he also participated in other films such as “Second Chance, Message from Ankara, Dervishes the Winners”.

Alp Navruz series and movies

After his cinematic success and achieving great fame, Navruz decided to enter the field of drama and television series, so his first participation in the youth series "Good Friends" came in 2016, and he participated in the role of Burke. His story revolves around a group of close friends who study together at the same university and face many problems that occur between them, such as problems Emotional situations and situations in which they do not stand next to each other, causing quarrels between each other and other comedic situations such as attempting to cheat during exams and some pranks that friends do with each other. 
He then participated in the Black Destiny series, and his most important roles came through a distinguished and strong participation in the role of the young "Sinan" The playboy in the series “Fadela and Her Daughters” in 2017, which revolves around a family that the father missed due to his death, and the full responsibility was placed on the shoulders of the mother who is trying hard to provide a decent life for her two daughters. The elder girl called “Hazal” her personality changed after the death of her father and felt that she must play a role Her father is at home, so her personality has moved away from femininity and has become to some extent a masculine character despite her beauty.
 As for the younger sister, who is very beautiful and works in a large company In the field of advertising, she loves her diligent young neighbor, Yassin, but because of their poverty, their relationship did not continue, then the owner of the company admires her and offers her many temptations. In the face of these temptations, she marries him, and after a while her ex-lover Yassin works in the same company and marries the daughter of her husband, the owner of the company, then the events follow. As for the eldest girl Hazal, she loves a rich young man called Sinan. This is the story of the series.
 As for the role of “Sinan” that Navruz played, it revolves around a rich, careless young man who has no concern in life except for wasting his father’s money on his desires and pleasures. Watching Hazal, who works in one of his father’s companies, falls into Her love, she also falls in love with him and tries to change his character and adjust his behavior, so that she does not succeed and the events follow, so she leaves Hazal and falls in love with his older brother, 
when he learns that his brother loves her and she loves him, he gets angry very angry and his character turns one hundred and eighty degrees and his whole goal is to destroy his brother's practical life Family and revenge against his beloved is the evil of revenge, which leads to the destruction of the entire family, the extreme distinction and the supernatural ability to express and diversity and the transition from personality to personality within the work that made the public and critics deeply admire the distinctive role that Navruz played him in the series,
 so he was able to show us his passion for drama and interesting and fun events, so he appeared in the beginning of the series as a spoiled, reckless young man, then he moved to the character of the lover, who tries to please his beloved in all ways, and then he moved to the stage of the avenger who was deceived by the people closest to him and wanted revenge Destroying the lives of those who deceived him, even if he destroyed the entire universe, this does not concern him. He participated in the work “Nazal Kisan, Afra Sara Goglu, Gulsen Tuncer, Deniz Basal, Alp Navruz, Hazal Torsan, Tuba Mils Türk, Zarin Nciansi” then participated in the main starring of the series “Don't let go of my hand” and currently he is showing the “phoenix bird” which has achieved the highest viewing rates for the series currently shown.

Alp Navruz Girlfriend

Navruz has another talent in which he is no less skilled than acting, which is the talent of writing.When he finishes photography, he spends most of his time writing poems and short stories and is currently preparing the first book in his name, which he will soon launch in the market to announce himself in a new profession as a young writer who loves to travel and travel The thing was noticed in all of his photos on the popular site Instagram.