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Who is Sevda Erginci? religion husband info & biog

Sevda Erginci, her religion, is she Muslim or Christian, her nationality, what country she is from, her age, her date of birth, her astrological sign.
Sevda Erginci

The beginning of her artistic career, years of activity, her artwork, who is her lover, and all the information about her and her personal and professional life.

And her biography, all this and more in this article by Sevda Erginci.

Information about Sevda Erginci

Date of Birth: October 3, 1993
Her age in 2021: 28 years
Astrological sign: Libra
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Favorite sport: Swimming
Hobbies: Cats
Academic qualification: Film Institute, theater department
Marital Status: Unmarried
Profession: actress
Beginning of her artistic career: 2012
Years of activity: 2012 - until now

Life story of Sevda Erginci

Turkish Actress Sevda Erginci was born on the 3rd of October 1993, she is 28 years old, and her astrological sign is Libra.
She was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and completed basic and secondary education courses in Istanbul. She also studied acting for a year and a half. Her father is Malini.
Her mother is an immigrant from Macedonia and works as a housewife. Her father separated from her mother, and despite this, her relationship with her father is good, and she has two sisters.

Sevda is not married and does not have any foreign relations, and for a while Sevda Erginci dreamed of becoming a ballerina.
She studied flamenco for 3 years, her favorite sport is swimming and running, and Sevda loves to take pictures and is one of those who always loved photography.
She is a girl who loves animals a lot, especially cats, and she has a cat that she always photographs and publishes on her social networking sites.
She has a thin body, so she does not need to exercise in order to lose weight, but rather exercises to maintain her health.

Sevda loves cooking very much and is thinking of learning how to cook in the future, and she is a loving and sacrificing person who gives for the sake of the one she loves dearly and all that she has.
Among her shortcomings is hesitation, as she is a hesitant character by nature. She is also a jealous character, but she is not very jealous. Among her shortcomings is also being easily swept away by external beauty and not the most beautiful internal qualities.
Sevda is described as a bit lazy, which prevents her from reaching her goals, and appears nervous if she is put under pressure, and is dominated by hesitation and confusion often when making important decisions, which makes her change her mind from moment to moment due to her frequent hesitation.

Acting by Sevda Erginci

Sevda Erginci began her relationship with acting since she was in school, as she played a role in the children's theater in the play “Pain of Love and Flowers” ​​when she was young, then her talent developed at the age of fifteen and she became an audience.
In 2012, she made her real debut, as she played the role of "Ace" in the TV series "Dark Red".
Then she participated in the TV series "Vida", and it was a good role for a novice artist, and "Gil Arikan, Mehmet Eslantog, Ejlal Edin, Kadir Toprak, Kerman, Volga Surgo, Ahmet Tansu" participated with her.

She played the role of Aisha in the series "Ward and Shook", followed by the second season of the same series in 2014, and in 2016 she began to get major roles.

Sevda Erginci participated in the series "Life is Good Sometimes", a romantic comedy about high school teenagers, and then entered the world of cinema with her first movie, "Looking Away".
Sevda Erginci became a film and television star in addition to her stage role when she was young, and Sevda's fan base has grown, as the number of fans on her official Instagram has reached about one and a half million followers.

Sevda Erginci and her lover

Sevda Erginci talked about her first love story, saying it was tough but passed.
But Sevda becomes worried about love and wishes when she falls in love that the person who will accompany her in her life understands her well.

Sevda Erginci in “Life is Good Sometimes”

In 2016, Sevda Erginci participated in the series “Life is Good Sometimes”, a romantic comedy about teenagers in high school, and there is a school teacher.
She enrolled her little sister in the same school, and one day she receives a phone call saying that her sister and all her classmates are in danger. The life of the school reaches the address and saves the young girls from rape.

Then the school moves to another job in a public school, and it faces another problem, which is corruption in the school system, and it tries to strive to bring the school to a better level.
Because of her intelligence, she has already reached a good stage in the school, and has become the best school in the school level, and she has gained the trust of students and her sister
The series received a good viewership, and the series starring “Pierce Aklay, Künbüt Gürkum Arslan, Ovuk Özcan, Deniz Kan Aktas, Zeinab Alkan, Elihan Arasi.”

Sevda Erginci in the series “Wards and Thorns”

Sevda Erginci participated in the series “Wards and Thorns” directed by Murat Sarkoglu, and written by Betul Yagsagan and Beryl Kossi.

And its heroes are Yavuz Bingol, Kan Atak and Hilal Alti Blake, and the series revolves around “Futun”, a young and beautiful woman married to “Murad” and they live a happy and quiet life with their three children in Istanbul.

Murad is a wealthy man and the descendant of a conservative and traditional family in southeastern Turkey. One day, things go wrong in Murad's company, and he decides to return to his hometown to get money from his older brother, Adnan.

However, his return unfortunately revealed a dangerous secret that was kept for years, as it turned out that Murad had a second wife and a son named Bilal, and they lived close to his family home.
As soon as this secret was revealed, the events took a toll on Futun's happy life, and gradually turned into a real nightmare.
Sevda Erginci

Sevda Erginci and the series “The Sacred Apple”

The series “The Forbidden Apple” is one of the most important works in which Sevda Erginci participated in 2018.
The great artist Talaat Bulut, young artist Ida Ays, Sefal Ergenci, Onur Tuna, Baris Aytak, Safek Bekimer and Sinan Eroglu participated in the championship.

Sevda played the role of Zainab, an ambitious girl who loves her work and is a smart girl, and she was able to convince her manager with her intelligence that she deserves this work.

Zeynep and her manager fall in love with each other despite the difference between them, on the other hand there is Yildiz who is Zeynep's sister, a playful blonde blonde girl.

She dreams of money and is looking for an opportunity to marry a rich businessman, and she actually got this opportunity when she worked for a businessman who divorced his wife because of her betrayal of him, and Zainab's sister played him the role of the good girl until he married her.

Sevda Erginci Awards

Honorary Professional Eco Award for Best New Actress
Medipolik Business Award

Sevda Erginci series

The series "Dark Red" in 2012
The series "Vida" in 2012
series “Wards and Thorns” in 2014
The series “The Sacred Apple” in 2018
The series “Life is Sometimes Sweet” in 2016 
Actress Sevda Erginci



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