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The story of the series aldatmak - the Lady Judge Treason

In detail the story of a series of the new Turkish aldatmak. 
Which speaks of the hard work of judges. And a lot of problems facing that judge. Let's find out more about the story of the series Hakime Hanım, its heroes and stars in full.
the series aldatmak

Turkish series, aldatmak

The return of the Turkish actress Vahid Berchin with a new series called "aldatmak"hakimehanım". It will be shown on ATV and produced by The Times. It is noteworthy that the same channel will broadcast the series Al-Qadi, starting from tonight.

The story of the series aldatmak

The Hakime Hanım series revolves around Seyada Al-Qadi, starring Vahida Pershin as "Ulko", a strong and successful judge. Produced by Tims&B, it will be shown in September on atv
The story of the series The Judge

Actors of the series aldatmak

The Hakime hanım series, produced by Tims&B, started filming last week and will be shown in September on the atv channel.

VAHİDE PERÇİN will embody the judge, Jim Davran as her husband, Visa Seville as their daughter, Yusuf Çim as their son, Kaan Yıldırım as the partner of Viza Sevil.

Yusuf Çim Champion in aldatmak

Participating in the new series, aldatmak Youssef Jim. in the role of her son. The young Turkish star Yusuf Çim was born on the twenty-sixth of September and this is in the year 1991 and he reaches the age of 29 years, his astrological sign is Libra, a young child Yusuf Çim in Istanbul, Turkey, exactly in the Fatih region. He is the youngest son of a family consisting of a father, mother and three children.

He studied at Anatolian High School of Technology and Industry and left the Computer Knowledge Department. Despite his success in the field of computer knowledge, he joined Aral University in Istanbul. He left the radio and television department and began his acting efforts in 2014. Yusuf Çim was romantically linked to Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir.

Until now, if he proved himself by acting and his tremendous talent, and his name became known within the Turkish artistic community, and he gained wide fame in Turkey and abroad as an actor, Yildirim went to enter the field of production for Turkish artworks and contributed as a producer to performing and issuing a group of artworks. It is the Gelincik series and the 2016 series Yuk Artik 2 (co-producer - also series Yuk Artek (producer) and finally mmü Sibyan: Zifir (contributing producer).

The episode series is a Turkish series starring a large number of Turkish stars. Among them, the star was Yildirim, Turkish star Serkan Chayoglu, Turkish actress Handa Archil and Hazal Sobasi among others. And the series was released by ES Film. The series of the episode revolved around two successful and distinguished officers in their work and very close friends to each other, a few who perform all operations together, and the artist Serkan Chayoglu will play the role of the officer, his name is Ciha Negir, and the second officer is played by the star, was Yildirim, and his name is Officer Kan.

Waheeda Berchin as Judge in aldatmak

And the main heroine of this work, who plays the role of judge, is the well-known artist Waheeda Berchin. Waheeda Bergin, born on June 13, 1965 in Bazmir, Turkey, is a famous Turkish TV, theater and cinema actress. She moved alone with her partner Altan to the city of Ankara, which opened wide doors in front of her in acting, and was the real starting point for her in the series Forgotten Hearts in 2003, in which she played the role of Mrs. (Susan Kozan), which was the beginning of her wide fame.

Waheeda Berchin is distinguished by the fact that she has a charming and attractive personality, which made her one of the most famous Turkish actresses in a short period of time. She has received numerous awards for her excellent artistic performance.

It is her last work so far. It is the series “Kan Ya Makan in Çukurova.” The series “Once Upon a Time in Çukurova” revolves around the seventies, about a solid love novel that combines Yilmaz and Zuleikha, who are going through difficult situations and falling into a crisis, so they are forced to flee together from Adana to Istanbul They hide their identity.

Kan Yildirim joins the crew in aldatmak

"Turkish actor Kan Yildirim is co-starring in the series. The Turkish star Kan Yildirim is a Turkish actor who started his artistic career since 2013 and managed in a short period of time to gain the admiration of spectators"
 followers and the public not only in Turkey but also in a group of other countries when his artwork was highlighted there, fans and viewers loved him For his nature and simplicity of his acting.

In addition to his unique handsomeness and elegance in appearance and external appearance, he became huge fans and followers, especially girls who love his performance and unique style. Yildirim was also able to prove himself and his talent as a strong artist and actor through the unique and successful artworks that he presented, which It achieved tremendous successes and a high percentage of insight when it was shown on different screens.

Pictures of the stars of the series

In the series "Siyadat Al-Qadi", which will be shown next season on ATV.

Fahda Pershin will play Olko as a strong and successful judge.
Jim Davran: husband of the judge.
Yosef Chem: son of the judge.
Faiza Sevil Gungor: The judge's daughter.
Kahan Yildirim will play the partner of Fayza Sevil Gungor.
Actors of the series Mrs Judge

hakime hanım

Actors of the series aldatmak


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