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The story of series gelsin hayat bildiği gibi - come life as it knows

In detail the story of the series Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi. The series is scheduled to be shown on Show TV. To complete the whole picture of the heroes and stars of the story of the series “Come life as it knows gelsin hayat bildiği gibi”. He also posted the first promo.

Turkish series gelsin hayat bildiği gibi

A new drama series with a good outlook on change. Those in charge of the work say that the gelsin hayat bildiği gibi series bears the slogan "Everyone deserves a second chance."

The series carries a sermon and a very important issue. It is the issue of a person getting a good chance again despite his previous harsh life. This is what appeared during the first promotional ad.

The Turkish series, Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi, will be shown on Show TV. The first promotional advertisement featured the heroes and stars of the action, and each of the staff spoke about his role in the series.

As for the date of the series, the date of the start of the series “Come, life, as you know” has not been clarified. However, it is expected to be launched in July 2022.

Among the cast of Come Life Knows series along with main players are Ertan Saban, Ozge Özberk, Devrim Özkan, Nelsu Pervin Aktash, Mustafa Ağlan, Ozgu Delikanli, Onur Özer, Deniz Sarıkash, Sanim Babi, Yesem Şelpisa, Rujbin Erden and Ali Morgan, and Millugan. Murat Göçmez is located.

The story of the series gelsin hayat bildiği gibi

Gelsin hayat bildiği gibi story revolves around Sadi Paisli, played by the actor Ertan Saban. Who worked as a mafia man and lived a life of crime in all its forms. And this man decides to repent and stay away from the mafia job for good.

The mafia man decides to live a clean life and repents of the criminal acts. To change his identity and name and work as a teacher in a school. He lives with the lives of young teens. Will this man survive the life of the mafia and adapt to the life of the teacher and the youth?

Show TV's summer series, Gelsin Hayat Knows, has attracted attention with its unique style and script. The Gelsin Hayat Knows actors, written by Gani Müjde, were also very curious.

BKM took over the production of the drama series Gelsin Hayat Knows, which entered the market. Altan Dönmez sits in the chair of the series' director, who wrote the script for Gani Müjde.

The staff of gelsin hayat bildiği gibi and its heroes

The gelsin hayat bildiği gibi series is co-starring with actor Ertan Saban. He is co-starring with actor Burak Demir. Ozge Ozberk and Devrim Ozkan also joined the cast of the series "Let Life Come As You Know".

Ozge Ozberk and Devrim Ozkan join the cast of the series "Let Life Come As You Know", starring Ertan Saban.

Directed by Altan Donmaz and produced by BKM Online for Show TV, which is likely to air at the end of summer. The story revolves around a mafia boss who decides to repent, change his identity and start a new life, and then begins teaching as a teacher.

Who is the heroine of gelsin hayat bildiği gibi

The beautiful Devrim Ozkan published from the first filming of her new series "Let Life Come As You Know" produced by BKM for Show Tv. The star Devrim Ozkan, the heroine of the series Al Wisal, the beautiful girl with a slim body and a suitable height as a fashion model. Turkish star Devrim Ozkan was born in Mugla, Turkey in 1998. Actress Devrim attended Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University of Fine Arts, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University. Then she joined the talent agency Sayginoz Nuray, and she worked for a while in the field of modeling and working in Turkey. Many praised her for her beauty, elegance and high taste in fashion and fashion.

After that, she decided to enter the world of art and acting because she loved acting since her childhood and joined the Talent Agency to develop and flourish her talent and acting performance. Devrim Ozkan and her family's home in Mugla and moved to live alone in Istanbul.

Who is the hero of Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi?

Ertan Saban is the first action hero. In the role of "Saadi" the mafia man. Who decided to change his situation and his life to be a good man and change his identity and work as a teacher. The series tells the story of geography teacher Sadi Bayasli. However, Payasly is no ordinary teacher. This character, who has a sordid past, said hello to a new life with her angel. In school, her students and communication with them is the main theme of the series.

Ertan Saban is a Turkish-Macedonian theater and film actor. His birth was in Skopje, Macedonia. It is of Turkish origin. She departs from the Country Conservatory in Macedonia, theatre. For several years, he went on stage with his brother Erman Saban in various plays in the Macedonian Turkish Theatre. He came to Turkey and started acting.

A well-known Turkish actor, born on December 4, 1977 in the Turkish city of Konya. He completed his primary and secondary studies in his hometown to join and graduate from the Konya State Music Institute. He rose to the stage as a professional actor from his first height to him and represented a large number of Turkish theaters outside and within Konya.

Pictures from behind the scenes of the series Gelsin Hayat bildiği Gibi

Preliminary preparations for a new Turkish series have begun, which will be shown on Show TV. Prominent actors such as Ertan Saban, Özge Özberk, Devrim Özkan, Nilsu Pervin Aktash, Mustafa Agalan, Özgü Delikanli and Onur Özkan. , Deniz Sarikas, Sanem Babi, Yasim Celebi, Rojbin Arden, Ali Berg, there are such young names as Melissa Bostancioglu, Furkan Murat Ugur, Murat Göçmez.

Directed by Altan Doymaz, project design and screenplay by Gani Müjde, "Come, Life as It Knows" tells the story of Sadi Payasli, who leaves his filthy past and is appointed to Karabayer High School as a geography teacher, where he trains crosses five young men from the reformatory. Sadi Bayasli, with his steadfast sense of justice, will take care of those young people who started their lives with a zero difference. 
series gelsin hayat bildiği gibi - come life as it knows
behind the scenes of the series Gelsin Hayat bildiği Gibi


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