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Müge Su Şahin Get to know with us the biography of this rising Turkish star and exclusive information you know for the first time in this comprehensive report about her and her personal and artistic life. What is her date of birth, current age, nationality, religion, astrological sign, height, weight and eye color And poetry, when did the actress Müge Su Şahin start her artistic career with acting, what artworks she has participated in so far, and other details about her and a set of new pictures of the artist Müge Su Şahin.
Müge Su Şahin

Müge Su Şahin

Birthdate: June 12, 2001
Age 2022: 21 years
Place of birth: Ankara - Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Astrological sign: Gemini
Academic qualification: Performance School Beştepe
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Hair color: light brown
Profession: Turkish actress
Marital status: married
Favorite hobby is singing
Müge Su Şahin husband

Biography of Actress Müge Su Şahin

The young Turkish actress, Müge Su Şahin, was born in Ankara, Turkey in 2001. She lived with her family in Ankara until she got her high school education. At the university level, she joined Müge Su Şahin Performance School Beştepe to teach and study acting. The young star, Müge Su Şahin, started acting and she is As a young child through children's theater performances, the rising star Müge Su Şahin made her screen debut in 2017 through her participation in the series “Muazzez”.

But she achieved her artistic success and fame when she participated in the series “Our Story” and embodied the character of the girl “Merv.” Müge Su Şahin also achieved great artistic and public success when she participated in the Turkish series Al-Aqrab, which achieved great success in Turkey and abroad at the time of its presentation. .

Actress Muge Su Şahin

2017 our story series
The year 2019 is a series of collision
Year 2020 Scorpio series
2022 series The Innocent and the Beautiful

Müge Su Şahin and the series The Innocent and the Beautiful

The Innocent and the Beautiful is a new Turkish drama series, whose name in English is Innocent and Beautiful, written and written by Sima Ergenekon, directed by Turkish artist and director Ozkan Deniz, and produced by Şükrü Avşar. The story of the series revolves around two young girls who live their lives and grow up in The orphanage and when they leave the orphanage and into the outside community, they are exposed to many difficulties and problems and they are faced with the difficult and painful reality and the difficulty of facing people and society that they were brought up and lived in an orphanage and when the two girls meet with love and live real and honest feelings, but they are afraid of Telling them that they were living in an orphanage for fear that young people would leave them after learning the truth.

Yalcin Hafezoglu, Müge Su Şahin, Sodi Zulal Guler, Erkan Meric, Dogan Bayraktar and Asli Suman co-starred in the series The Innocent and the Beautiful.
Müge Su Şahin religion

Müge Su Şahin and the series Al-Aqrab

Akrep Turkish series, whose name in Turkish is Sahmaran and directed by Hilal Saral and written by Bergorn. The story of the series revolves around a relationship between a mother and her daughter, but it is an unusual relationship and its events revolve around a mother leaving her infant daughter with her grandmother and running away and no one knows where she is and gets married This mother is from one of the wealthy and lives in palaces, riches and money, leaving her daughter in a life of misery, poverty and deprivation, and 40 years have passed since their separation. The palace in which her mother lives, and with time, she discovers that she is her mother, and this girl is engaged to the private driver who works for them in the palace, the Turkish star Youssef Jim. When he learns the truth, he helps this girl in how to take revenge on her mother, the most severe revenge.

A group of artists, including Efrem Alasya, Yusef Cem, Bekir Aksoy, Pelin Uluksar, Yesila Umut, Taha Baran Ozbek and Demet Akbag, Müge Su Şahin, participated in the Akrep series.

Müge Su Şahin and Bizim Hikaye

Bizim Hikaye is a Turkish drama series, known in the Arab world as Bizim Hikaye, and it was shown in Turkey in 2017, and it is taken from an American series entitled Shameless and written by Khadija Mariam, Banu Karmicci Bozkurt, Ebro Hajeoglu and Verda Pars and directed by Sardar Guzlikli and Koray Kerimoglu.

The story of the series revolves around 6 siblings who are responsible for the older sister, whose name is (Phelez), after the separation of their parents. In the Bizim Hikaye series, a group of stars and artists, including Hazal Kaya, Burak Deniz, Reha Ozcan, Yazkhan Konyali, Alp Akar, Melissa Dongle and others.