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the story of series Bir Night Sudden - Suddenly One Night

The story of the series Suddenly One Night Bir Gece Ansizin, one of the works of the writer of the famous crater series “Gokhan Horzum” Suddenly One Night, produced by the Moon Company. And work began on selecting the entire crew for filming the first episodes.

Modern work of Tolga Sarıtaş competition. Tolga Sarıtaş series will be under the title Bir Gece Ansizin and cancel the bargaining with Hafsanur Sancaktutan Tutan and Ercan Kesal as Tolga's sister and father. The work will be shown on Show TV. It will tell the story of a family from Anatolia who moves to Istanbul.
Suddenly One Night - Bir Gece Ansizin

Series Bir Gece Ansizin

New work starring Tolga Sarıtaş. Tolga Sarıtaş series will be titled Bir Gece Ansizin, and negotiations will be conducted with Hafsanur Sancaktutan Tutan and Ercan Kesal as Tolga's sister and father. The work will be shown on Show TV. It will tell the story of a family from Anatolia who moves to Istanbul.

Gökhan Horzum, screenwriter of the TV series “The Hole” starring Aras Bulut Enemi, which was broadcast on Show TV and won awards one year after another despite the criticism, has started work on the new series Bir Jes Saden, which is also prepared for Ay Yapım.

In the director's chair of the TV series One Night Sudden, in which Tolga Sarıtaş will play the main role, Jagiri Bayrak, director of the TV series You Are Born is Your Destiny, will be sitting on TV8 screens.

main heroes

The selection of the cast of the series suddenly began one night, when the series was shown to the actor Tolga Sarıtaş, and negotiations are currently underway with the actress Hafsa Nour in the role of his sister. Ercan Kesal is also negotiating as Father Tolg.

For the role of Tolga Sartaş' sister in the series, Hafsanur Sangektutan is interviewed, who gave life to the character of Yagmur in the series Ibn Yaz!

Suddenly One Night - Bir Gece Ansizin

The story of the series Suddenly One Night, revolves around a family who lived in Anatolia. Because of harsh conditions and various events, that family moved to live in Istanbul, to enter this family into an adventure of another kind.

Exhibiting channel and dates

As for the channel showing Suddenly One Night, negotiations are underway with Show TV and Fox as well. After many negotiations, an agreement was reached with Show TV.

Qamar Foundation in interviews with Tolga Sarıtaş for the Bir Gece Ansızın series competition for the benefit of Show TV Channel. The effort directed by çağrıbayrak Screenplay written by gökhan horzum. There are other negotiations with Hafsanur Sancaktutan, Tutan as his sister and Erjankisal as his father.

The Tolga Sarıtaş series will be under the title “Overnight” Bir Gece Ansızın will talk about a family moving from Anatolia to Istanbul. And negotiations with Hafsa Nour to play the role of Tolga's sister and with Arkan Kesal to play the role of their father. Negotiations were held in order to show the series on the show TV channel.

Tolga Sarıtaş to star in the series

The starring of the series' story was suddenly shown one night to the Turkish actor Tolga Sarıtaş. The actor quickly agreed to the script. It is worth noting that he started in the field of art when he participated in singing and playing with one of the Turkish youth bands, then he performed a number of small theatrical roles, as he contributed to the work of the film The Dark Land in 2008.

Just as he played his first role on Turkish television as soon as he participated in the series Back Streets, and despite the small role of Tolga Sarıtaş in that series, he was transferred to him in the world of acting after that Tolga Sarıtaş became, regardless of his young age, one of the most stars in Turkey, and he got For the abundant amount of artistic awards, and perhaps the most prominent artistic stations in Tolga Sarıtaş’s artistic career is his role in the series Women of Sultan Part 4 in 2013-2014, as the effort also began in the field of advertising for the most famous Turkish brands.

Hafsanur Sancaktutan as Tolga's sister

Strongly rising star Hafsa Nour negotiated the story of Suddenly One Night. We mention that this is a Turkish actress with a beautiful face shape and a modern face that appeared to us recently through Turkish drama and television, since the first moments on television and the crowd and cameras loved her a lot. Forever, that is why she participated in many artistic competitions in the school, after she canceled her secondary studies and before entering the university, she received a large amount of acting lessons until she appeared in her first work in the TV drama Gulberry in 2018.

Her birth date is March 20, 2000 AD, and her presence in the world in 2020 is 19 years old. She was born in Istanbul, her nationality, as for her religion, she is a Muslim, she has not yet married, her weight is 53 kg, her height: 163 cm. Her hair color is dark brown, her eyes are brown, her astrological sign is Aries, her qualification: she is still studying, she started her artistic career in 2018.

Hafsanur Sancaktutan as Tolga's sister

It is from school education and education that the young actress graduated from Orhangazi Anatolian High School. Until now, secondary education, she took specialized acting lessons and continues her studies in acting, as the vision of acting had been in her mind since childhood and she had a lot of hope to achieve it, and now she has actually begun to achieve it, and this is because she is an ambitious and daring girl.

Negotiations with Ercan Kesal

Negotiations began with crater star Ercan Kesal to co-star in Suddenly One Night. Ercan Kesa, Turkish doctor, actor, director and writer, born 1959, Nevşehir, Avanos, Turkey. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Ege University in 1984. He worked as a doctor in a health clinic in the Keskin State Sanatorium. Then he worked in the relevant sector

His first acting experience was with Nuri Bilci Ceylan in the movie Distant, in 2002. He also wrote the script for the movie “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” with Ebru and Nuri Bilci Ceylan in 2011. He was nominated for Best Script award at the Asia Pacific Awards. . He is best known for his role as Idris Koçwali in the 2017 series The Hole/Çukur.

It was his first experience in acting with Nuri Bilge Ceylan in a distant cinematic work. He also wrote the code for the movie “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” with Ebru and Nuri Bilge Ceylan. In 2011, it was nominated for a more worthy script award at the Asia Pacific Awards. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Ege University in 1984. He worked as a doctor in a health clinic in Keskin Governmental Hospital. Then he worked in the designated sector.

Negotiations with Ercan Kesal


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