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Nurgül Gültekin religion husband her latest series

Nurgül Gültekin Everything you need to know about her. When did her artistic career begin, her marriage and how her son ended this marriage, her religion, her astrological sign, her daily way of life, a full article about everything she likes to know about her, her nationality, and personal social networking sites. For all fans of the artist, a complete and comprehensive article about everything you like to know about her from her work, secrets of her life, upcoming projects and biography, what is her height, weight and the secret of her agility. Her academic qualification, private details about her life, her favorite talent, her favorite sport and her favorite star.

Nurgül Gültekin

Identification card

Nurgül Gültekin's birthdate: March 26, 1976, AD.
Age of Nurgül Gültekin in 2018: 42 years
Birthplace: She was born in Afyonkarahisar.
Nationality: Turkish.
Nurgül Gültekin's religion: Muslim.
Nurgül Gültekin's husband or boyfriend's name: She was married to Sim Ozer (2004- 2010) and had a son named Osman Negat Ozer from him.
Weight: 65 kg
Height: 165 cm.
Hair colour: dark brown.
Eye colour: grey.
Astrological sign: Aries.
Academic qualifications: I studied high school in Izmir, then moved to Eskişehir and graduated from Anatolian University Basışehir, Department of Theater.
When did her artistic career begin: Nurgül Gültekin began her artistic career in 1998 AD.

Her talents are her favorite things

Does Nurgül Gültekin do sports: Yes, she does sports constantly, and this is evident from her grace and beauty. She designed a room in her house as a gym for her at home, with many sports machines and irons.

What are her foods, talents, and activities that she does constantly?

She loves eating sweets, drinking fresh juices, and photography, as she has her own photographer, who shoots her continuously, and she also loves to photograph herself with her son, also a lover of sunglasses, loves to relax in nature.

Works by Nurgul Gültekin Series, films and plays

TV series: Gülsüm (1998 - 2001) - 90-60-90 as Deniz - Bahar Karadağ (2002 - 2003) - Love and Tears - Wreckage - Palace of Love - Crime - Love and Punishment - No way without you - Ivy Palace - Spring The second - Sultan - Jawaher - Sultana Kosem - Gulbere, 2018.
Cinema films: Edge of Heaven - Red Love - Second Chance - Semi-bride - I say Istanbul - Conscience - Mummy's Escape.

Secrets and Story of Nurgul Gültekin's Life and Biography

The story of the artist's childhood and upbringing

A great and well-known Turkish artist, born in 1976 AD, lived her years in Afyonkarahisar, his father is Şukru and her mother's name is Nazli, she has one brother named Tuğtekin Yeşilçay, and one sister named (Haker Yeşil), she completed her secondary education in the city of Izmir, then joined Eskişehir Anatolia University and studied theater and graduated in 2001. She participated in acting more than once on stage before entering real acting, and her dream became to become a great actress since that time.

Her studies and her artistic beginnings in acting

She started acting since she was at the university. She studied theater at the university, but her real beginning was in 1998 AD, in her first series called (The Second Spring), she got great fame and started getting the main roles in the business in 2003 AD through the series (Qasr Al Hob), quickly She started getting fame and many awards, participated in the production of many works, and got a large audience and followers for her and her work.

She became famous in the Arab world as (Yasmine) in the series (Ikinci Sans), and she has followers from all over the world. The work revolves around a beautiful teacher who teaches mathematics. She gets to know the man who wants to escape from the past. Ayaz, Nazli Setinil), in 2018, presented a strong and daring role about a woman who transferred custody of her children, and stood in front of everyone and her husband, the dramatic work with many exciting events, ranging to an important topic, which is the custody of children and how they can be harmed because of the problems that may occur between spouses due to divorce.

Awards you've won

She participated in a number of international juries, in 2014, she won the Best Actress Award for her role from the 20th Sedry Alıçık Award, in 2008 she won the Best Actress award for (Adam and the Edge of Heaven) from the Contemporary Screen Actors Guild, and received the same award from Sadri Alışık Acting Award. In 2005, she won the title of Best Actress from Golden Boll for her role in (Semi-bride).

Her secrets, husband and children

As for the Turkish actress Nurgül Gültekin and her husband, she married the artist Jim Ozar on October 26, 2004 AD and had one child with him named Osman (Osman Nejat Özer), but she separated from her husband some time ago, and despite the rumors about her association with another person, she has long denied these rumors and says That this period there is no one in her life, and she does not want, and that she only cares about her son and her work, and all she needs is psychological and moral support from her followers.

Nurgul talks about her daily habit, saying that she wakes up drinking her daily coffee, and then follows her accounts on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, she does not like to change the people she deals with, she does not like cowards and losers and stays away from them, she likes to go out a lot, but she also likes to eliminate a lot of Time with herself, she has a workshop for drawing, knitting and photography, she loves to use her time, she considers sincerity and honesty more important than beauty, and she can identify the liar and the deceiver.

She tried to undergo a diet and a diet in order to lose a lot of her weight, but this system gained her a lot of weight, and she changed the system and prevented eating pastries and sweets, and this was due to her entering a new job. She had to lose 8 kg of her weight, but she only lost 2 kg. Which made her subject to a different diet, which is to prevent sweets, sugars and pies completely.

Nurgul Yesilchay

One of her favorite things is the company of her friends. She finds pleasure in accompanying her friends, going out with them, photographing, and partying with them. She also loves spending time with her son, Osman Nejat Özer, who revealed in one of the press interviews the secret of the beauty, softness and grace of her skin. She eats less food, and does not use cosmetics continuously because it harms the skin and cleans it with a natural product that does its job. It is water and lemon. It is believed that water and lemon give freshness, lightening and smoothness to the skin.

The presence of many Arab festivals in Dubai, and she says that she is happy with her presence in Arab festivals, and her presence among the Arabs, she met the singer Elissa at the honorary hospitality festival held at Atlantis, The Palm Resort in Dubai, and was very impressed by her voice and presence, and the artist Elissa said that she is her favorite Turkish artist and that she Happy to meet her.


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