Oktay Kaynarca religion, nationality, wife, information

Oktay Kaynarca, the Turkish actor, his ex-wife, the Turkish actress Ozgo Namal, his religion, is he a Muslim or a Christian, his nationality, to which country he belongs, his age, his date of birth, his astrological sign, the beginning of his artistic career, years of activity, his most important work is the role of Khader in the series “Sector”. The roads will not rule the world”, and Suleiman Shaker’s role in the series “Valley of the Wolves”, and why his name was associated with Gizam Agar, Turkish actress Deniz Shaker, the most prominent representatives of his generation “Mujda Ozman, Necati Shashmaz, Devni Samili, Jahid Kayaoglu, Doguhan Güni.” , All the information about him, his professional and personal life, his biography, all this and more we will present through this article, so follow us.

Information about Oktay Kaynarca

Date of Birth: January 27, 1965
Age now in 2021: 56 years old
His astrological sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Malatya, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Marital status: Married more than once
First wife: Ozgu Namal
Second wife: Melek Ungün
Parents: Ozcan Kainarca, Nursal Kainarca
Siblings: Celine Kainarja, Orkun Kainarja, Onur Kainarja, Turgut Kainarja, Maryam Kainarja
Height: 176 cm
Hair color: black
Eye color: blue
Occupation: Actor
His most important works: the series “Bandits will not rule the world”, the series “Valley of the Wolves”
Beginning of artistic career: 1989
Years of activity: 1989 - until now.

Oktay Kaynarca

Oktay Kaynarca's life story

Turkish actor Oktay Kaynarca, famous for his name in the series “Bandits Will Not Rule the World,” was born on January 27, 1965, and he is 56 years old, and his astrological sign is Aquarius. He was born in Malatya, Turkey, and therefore he holds Turkish citizenship, and his religion It is Islam.

Oktay Kaynarca is the son of Ozcan Kaynarca and his mother is Nursal Kaynarca, and he has five siblings: Anwar Kaynarca, Celine Kaynarga, Maryam Kaynarga, Orkun Kaynarga, and Turgut Kaynarca.

Oktay Kaynarca married in 2002 the Turkish actress Ozgu Namal, who was famous for the role of Narin in the series “Al-Rahma”, and she also became famous through the series “Valley of the Wolves”, but this marriage did not last long and they separated in 2008, and after his separation from her he married for the second time in 2012 from Melek Angün and this marriage did not last more than a year, so they separated in 2013.

Oktay Kaynarca religion

Oktay Kaynarca's career

Actor Oktay Kaynarca began his artistic career in 1989 and continued until now, and during this period he presented many dramatic and cinematic works that led to his fame. Reaching Zero”, which was shown in 2007, and many other films.

He presented TV dramas with many dramas, including the series “Sakarya Euphrates”, which was shown in 2011, and the series “Hessa al-Akhr”, which was shown in 2014.

Although he has presented many, many movies and drama series, there are two works that are the reason for his great fame and great success, and these two works are the series “Bandits Will Not Rule the World” and the series “Valley of the Wolves”.

Oktay Kaynarca and Ozgo Namal

The artist Oktay Kaynarca married in 2002 to the Turkish actress Ozgu Namal, who was born on the 28th of December 1970, aged 51, was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and studied at the Institute of Dramatic Acting at Istanbul University, and worked in the field of acting and her most famous role was Narine in the series "Mercy", and was also famous for her role in the series "Valley of the Wolves".

She became famous in Turkey and the Arab world, and she also won many awards, including the Best Actress Award at the Turkish Aydin University Awards in 2013, the Best Actress Award at the Bilkent Festival in 2013 for her role in the series “Al Rahma.” Oktay Kaynarca separated from Ozgo Namal. In 2008, six years after their marriage.

Oktay Kaynarca and Denise Shakir

A love relationship arose between the artist Oktay Kaynarca and the famous actress Deniz Shaker, after their participation in the series “Bandits Will Not Rule the World.” Her artistic career as a presenter in one of the Turkish channels, and one of her most famous works is the series “Falling Leaves”, in which she embodied the character of Foton.

Her relationship with the Turkish actor Oktay Kaynarca began in 2015 through their participation in the series "Bandits Will Not Rule the World", in which she embodied the character of Maryam Shakir Beyli, and once the journalists took pictures of her while leaving the house of the actor Oktay Kaynarca in the early morning.

The news of Oktay Kaynarca's separation from actress Denise Shaker spread through social media, but Denise denied this and said that she is still in a relationship with actor Oktay Kaynarca and they did not separate.

Oktay Kaynarca and Jessam Agar

It was spread through social media that the artist Oktay Kaynarca has a relationship with the model Gizam Agar, who has Turkish citizenship, and it is mentioned that Gizam is thirty years younger than Kaynarca, and this matter sparked a great controversy among his followers.

And recently, through social networking sites, the news of the pregnancy of the model Gizam Ajar from the actor Oktay Kaynarca was circulated, which made the latter break his silence and deny what was circulated and this news was false. Oktay Kaynarca .
Oktay Kaynarca series

The series “Valley of the Wolves”, which was shown in 2003 and continued until 2004
The “Anatolian” series, which was shown in 2008 and continued until 2010
series “Fore` Al-Rabeeh”, which was shown in 2009
The series “Living with Difficulties”, which was shown in 2013
series “The Brother’s Share”, which was shown in 2014
The series “The Bandits Will Not Rule the World,” which was shown in 2015 and continued until 2016.

Oktay Kaynarca's movies

The movie "Abdul Hamid fell", which was shown in 2002
The movie "Time of the Heart", which was shown in 2004
movie “Night and Fog” which was shown in 2007
The movie “On Reaching Zero”, which was shown in 2007
The movie "Goodbye Gozen", which was shown in 2011
movie "Chankala", which was shown in 2011

Oktay Kaynarca Awards

Golden Lens Award for Best Actor 2016
Quality Magazine Award for Best Actor 2016