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Merve Dizdar, the Turkish actress, her religion, is she Muslim or Christian, her age, her nationality, her husband, her birth, her astrological sign, her life story, her artistic career, her series, her films, her plays, the most important works, the most important awards, the most important titles, complete information about her that we put in your hands In this article, it is interesting about her.

Information about Merve Dizdar

Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Turkish
Date of Birth: June 25, 1986
Age in 2021: 35 years
Birthplace: Izmir, Turkey
Astrological sign: Cancer
Marital status: married
Spouse's name: Görhan Altundassar
Marriage year: 2018
Education Qualification: Graduated from Canakkale University College of Fine Arts
Profession: Turkish actress
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: black
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Beginning of artistic activity: the year 2010
Years of artistic activity: 2010 - until now (11) years
The most important works: the series “The Miracle Doctor”, “Apartment of the Innocent”

Merve Dizdar

Merve Dizdar Childhood Story

Turkish actress Merve Dizdar, born on June 25, 1986, 35 years old, her astrological sign is Cancer, she was born in Izmir, Turkey, she attended the Faculty of Fine Arts at Canakkale University and studied acting, then obtained a master's degree in acting from Kadir Has University, Then she entered the field of acting and participated in many works, but her greatest fame was after her participation in the series “Apartment of the Innocent” and “The Miracle Doctor”.

After that, Merve Dizdar achieved wide fame in Turkey and the Arab world, and gained a large fan base for presenting many distinguished dramas, and then became a screen star requested by major producers in their works. Many pictures of her with her husband, and pictures of her during her childhood, and she promotes her upcoming work by publishing pictures of her, and about her personal life, she is married to Gurhan Altundassar since 2018.

Acting career Merve Dizdar

Turkish actress Merve Dizdar began her acting career by participating in a number of theatrical performances, and joined Semaver, then completed her artistic career through the Kraft Theater, and in 2010 participated for the first time in films with Persis Bowler Gigi, through the movie “A Voice Divides the Night” With star Jim Dufran.

Then she entered the field of drama in 2012 through the series “Kavak Yelleri” and embodied the character of Saliha, and then participated in many dramas, including: “Geniş Aile”, Doksanlar, Bir Yastıkta, Çılgın Dershane Üniversite, and then participated in the movie “Beş Kardeş” and performed He played an important role, and attention began to turn to her, then she participated in “TRT Children”.

Presentation of programs

She presented a number of programs, the most famous of which are: “April 23 towards the Festival”, “Arkadaşım Bıdı”, and presented a number of television programs for children, and then won the award for the best actress working at the Afif Gil Theater, for her wonderful role in the play “Yutmak”. After that, she participated in a number of songs that achieved great success, including: “Mucize Doktor”, Vatanım Sensin, 7 Yüz, and collaborated in an important role with Enis Arıkan, Serenay Sarıkaya, Ezgi Mola, in composing the music of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

In 2020, she participated in the series “Masumlar Apartmanı”, and in the same year, she participated in a comedy film entitled “Eltilerin Savaşı” with Oraz Caiglarlo, in which she played a major and important role. The character of a girl who suffers from a mental illness, and who urinates involuntarily, and lives with her family who have mental illnesses because of the obsession with hygiene. This series achieved high views and presented a different dramatic story with a focus on the importance of resorting to a psychiatrist when you find yourself obsessed with something in a strange way.

In 2021, the film was ranked among the 22 most watched films based on Turkey's window, and during her artistic career she presented more than 25 artworks in various fields, the last of which was the series Kırmızı Oda, in which she embodied the character of Gulben.

Merve Dizdar and her husband

Turkish actress Merve Dizdar married Görhan Altundassar in 2018, in a simple wedding ceremony that was limited to the presence of relatives and friends, and their marriage came as a result of a love story between them that lasted for years and culminated in marriage. In elegant words.

Describing her feeling as great and that her marriage is the best beginning in her life full of respect and love, actress Merve Dizdar said when she appeared in a television interview that her husband fell in love with her at first sight, and that he liked her after he saw her on stage, and that she was at this time in love with another man. And she was not thinking of anyone but him, and that he was also in love with another girl, and during their first meeting nothing happened between them, after which her husband separated from his girlfriend, and they remained for many years loving each other, until they got engaged in March 2018, and their wedding was In September of the same year.

Merve Dizdar and her husband

Merve Dizdar and the series “The Miracle Doctor”

Actress Merve Dizdar participated in the series “The Miracle Doctor”, which was shown in 2019 and ended in 2021, and this participation is one of her most important artworks, and she embodied in the series the character of Damla, an evil girl who does not pity anyone and harms those around her in order to become the best And with this bad character, Merve Dizdar attracted attention with her excellent acting and mastery of the role with great professionalism.

In general, the events of the series revolve around a boy who grew up with autism due to the death of his brother and the rabbit who loved him so much, which made him decide to become a doctor to help others, but because of autism he had many problems in the ability to communicate with others, and despite that he has A great talent in diagnosing diseases and has a strong memory which made him trusted by many patients.

In this way, the events of the series revolve, where this young man learns daily a new skill of communication skills, and can diagnose cases that senior doctors fail to diagnose, and then he was appointed as an assistant doctor in a large hospital in Istanbul, with a great doctor who cared for him when he was young, he was This series, starring: Taner Olmaz, Onur Tuna, Merve Dizdar, Raha Ozcan, Murad Aygin, written by: Enver Kor Alp and Pinar Bulut, directed by: Youssef Bir Hassan.

Series Merve Dizdar

The series "Daydreams" in 2012.
The series "The World of Humans" in 2012.
series "The Nineties" in 2013.
The series "Five Brothers" in 2014.
The series "Sad Flowers" in 2015.
series "Lizard" in 2015.
The series “The Crazy Class at the University” in 2015.
The series "You are my homeland" in 2017.
series "The Miracle Doctor" in 2020.
actress Series Merve Dizdar

Series Merve Dizdar