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Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar, religion, husband age, biography

Turkish actress Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar and many details about her personal life, sexuality, religion, age and upbringing, and other details about age, weight, height, academic qualification, when she began her artistic career, the most important works she presented from series, films, and her official social networking sites, and a new and exclusive collection of photos.

Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar Nationality, religion, age, height, weight and other details

Birthdate: August 2, 1983
Residence: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Age: 36 years old
Height: 175cm
Academic Qualification: Graduated from the College of Business Administration
Marital status: Burak Sayshar married 2015
Children: Can Sağyaşar
Siblings: Tuğyan Şendil, Özgenur Şendil

Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar


Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar

Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar Instagram: Şendil Sağyaşar
Twitter Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar: Şendil Sağyaşar
Facebook Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar: Şendil Sağyaşar

Facebook Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar

Complete Information about Actress Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar

She is a Turkish actress, born on August 2, 1983 in the coastal city of Antalya in Turkey, to a Turkish mother from Istanbul and a Greek father from Thessaloniki, Greece. She came to Turkey, got married, and lived in the Turkish city of Antalya. For two years, she took acting lessons with the Qadiri Turkish artist, Ayla Al-Jan. In 2001, Khadija participated in the competition for the title of Miss Turkey and Miss Europe in one year and got third place. After the competition ended, she completed her academic education until she got the first acting performances in 2001.

Actress Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar

The beginning of her acting career

She appeared on the screen for the first time as Aziza in the romantic Turkish drama September, one of the very important stations in the artist's life, and she later appeared for the first time as a model in a video clip entitled Al-Urf by singer Celik.

She was represented in several series, including Valley of the Wolves in 2006, the Dila Khanum series in 2012, and the series Game of Destiny in 2015 in the world of art, the role of Zina, which she performed in the wonderful series The Two Foreigners. 2010.

As for the most prominent roles that the actress Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar played, it is the role of Dila in the wonderful drama series Dila Hanim, which was shown in 2012 - Dila Hanim is the role played by the artist Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar as the heroine of the series that bore this name in particular, Dila Hanim is a wonderful Turkish series that was shown in In 2013, the story of a woman who kills her husband and tries to take revenge on the killer, but fates want to fall in love with the same person who wants to take revenge on him, and the starring of this series was the artist Arkan Petkia, the artist Julia Dracan, the artist Engin Sinkan and the artist Nassib Mimili.

She acted in several series, including Valley of the Wolves in 2006, Dila Khanum in 2012 and Game of Destiny in 2015. The series “The Game of Destiny” was the last work that Khadija presented, and she co-starred in front of the Turkish star Ozcan Deniz in 2015, at a time when the series was “Yesterday’s Perfume” is the last performance of Murad, known as “Emir”, and he participated in the championship in front of Maryam Ozerli, known as “Sultana Hiyam”.

On the other hand, press sources revealed that Khadija is ready to return to the screen after a long absence, through a new series she is co-starring with the Turkish artist Murad Yildirim. Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar co-starred in the series Al-Lota, a new series titled LEKE, produced by Tim's&B, of the drama genre. It will be shown on the extraordinary love struggle, written by Ivar Tunç and directed by Faruk Tepper. It will be filmed in Istanbul, and the story of the series revolves around the exceptional love story of a young girl who dedicated her life to her sister and brother, and it will be The number of episodes of the series is 8 episodes in April until the series season ends and is completed in the new season.

Rafif in the series Game of Destiny

The Game of Destiny in Turkish: Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün is a Turkish TV series produced in 2014-2015 and shown by MBC 4 in the Syrian dialect, starring Ozkan Deniz, Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar and Begum Ketek. Rafeef as Elif in the Tunisian Al-Dabaja The story of the series revolves around a married man and woman, Imran and Dima, who love each other very much, but Dima is sterile and does not give birth. She comes from the countryside and is forced to accept the couple's offer to save her family. There are many situations on the one hand, from the side of Imran's family, and on the other hand, Mahmoud, who wanted to marry Rafif since she was in the countryside.

Della in the series Della Hanim

The Turkish series, Dila Hanim, is considered one of the most famous Turkish works of art, and it is produced in 2012. A Turkish drama series that presents the story of the widow (Dila Khanum), who is characterized by tenderness and culture. She falls in love with this killer, which makes her scattered between love and revenge, and Arkan Petkia shared the championship with her.

Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar in the movie The Kiss of Life

Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar co-starred in The Kiss of Life, a romantic comedy movie, one of the most famous works of art in Turkey, starring Ugur Ahurgo and Sumerkarvan.

Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar and her husband Burak Sayshar

It is noteworthy that the personal life was behind Khadija's departure from the screen for a while, as she celebrated her wedding to Burak in May 2015 after a love story that lasted 5 years, and the couple gave birth to their first child "Jean" in May 2017, and the artist preferred to devote herself to her personal life after that.

The works presented by Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar from series and films


yuksek sosyete velvet layer 2016
The day of my destiny book kaderimin yazildigi gun in 2014
dil hanim 2013
Karadagiar Montenegro 2010
The big family genis aile 2010
Valley of the Wolves kurtiar vadisi pusu 2008-2010
wild rose yaban guiu 2008
Glory to God, fesubanallah in 2007
Westerners iki yabancl 2007
Eylul in 2005
yeni hayat new life 2001

the movies

The kiss of life Hayat opucugu 2015


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