Vahide Perçin, religion, age, series, complete information about her

Vahide Perçin, her full name, her religion, her age, her nationality, her life story, her hobbies, her marriage, her artistic career, her most important works, her films, her series, a full report about her. Art, because of her outstanding performance, succeeded in gaining the public's love for her because of her attractive beauty, artistic personality and wonderful smile.

Who is Vahide Perçin?

Vahide Perçin was born on June 13, 1965, AD
Vahide Perçin's birthplace: Izmir - Turkey.
Residence: Turkey.
Vahide Perçin Nationality: Turkish.
Her religion: Muslim.
Vahide Perçin's career: stage, television and film actress.
Qualification: Arts Theater Department, September 9 University.
Omar Vahide Perçin: 55 years old in 2020.
Vahide Perçin's Husband: Married to Altan.
Astrological sign: Gemini.
Years of activity: She started her artistic work in 1991 AD.
Vahide Perçin

Vahide Perçin's personal life

The wonderful actress Vahide Perçin was born on June 13, 1965 AD in the city of Izmir in Turkey, and she was the only daughter in her family, and one family immigrated from Greece to Turkey.

After she moved alone to Turkey, she joined September 9 University and joined the Department of Theater and Arts. Because of her wonderful talent and very distinguished performance in theater, she was able to contribute to the university's obtaining the first place.

The beginning of her relationship with acting

Vahide Perçin loved acting very much, she dreamed of being one of the most famous actresses and having her own audience who loves her and loves to follow her wonderful artwork, and she tried a lot until she succeeded in achieving her dream and entered the field of art as a start to stardom in 1991 AD, she participated in theatrical performances The university achieved great success, and the university won first place in theatrical performances.

Actress Vahide Perçin has a very distinctive look because of her great beauty, her wonderful smile and her gaze that directly enters the hearts of the fans who love her.

Vahide Perçin has a special charisma that made her one of the most famous Turkish actresses in a short time. She became one of the most famous actresses in Turkey. She presents very special roles and has a large audience in Turkey, and she was able to play a lot of very special roles, and she got a lot Awards in honor of her outstanding artistic performance.

Actress's husband Vahide Perçin

The beautiful Vahide Perçin lived a wonderful love story with Altan, she was associated with him for a long time because of her love for him, and he also adored her very much until their marriage in 1991 AD, and that marriage lasted for a large period of time, approximately 22 years, then the divorce occurred in 2013 AD Because of some disputes that occurred and were not resolved, which led to the occurrence of divorce.
Actress's husband Vahide Perçin

Her husband had a major role in her entering the world of art when he took her and immigrated with her to Ankara, which was the beginning of her entry into the world of art and fame, when she participated in wonderful theatrical works and achieved great success, she won many awards for these beautiful roles.
Her husband stood by her a lot, whether when he helped her succeed in the field of art, or during her treatment when she contracted cancer and was suffering a lot, but he helped her overcome this difficult stage of illness and completed her treatment and recovery with success, until she came back to shine again.

Famous Actors Worked With Vahide Perçin

Because of the distinguished roles offered by the brilliant actress Vahide Perçin, she was bombarded with offers to participate in cinematic works. She participated with a group of the largest and most famous artists. She participated in very distinguished roles with the great artist Khaled Ergenc, Myriam Ozerli, Nabet Chari, Talal Bulut, and Saran Students, Waheda was very impressive in her acting performance to the fullest.

Famous Actors Worked With Vahide Perçin

Vahide Perçin's acting work

The wonderful actress Vahide Perçin shone in the art world in Turkey in a very amazing way, because she has all the ingredients required in an actor, the wonderful performance and the personality that attracts the audience to her, and her very beautiful look and smile, she participated in many dramas that had wide fame in Turkey and many more From the countries of the Arab countries, the great actress entered the world of art in 1991 AD, she initially participated in theatrical performances of the university, which was the starting point in her wonderful artistic career, and the important moment in her artistic life was actually in 2003 AD when she participated in the series “Forgotten Hearts” In which she played the role of Suzanne Cousin, which increased her fame and made her a very large base of the audience who loved her very distinguished roles.

The beautiful actress Vahide Perçin participated in many plays and they are as follows:

1994 AD
She participated in the play "The Market".
year 2000 AD
She participated in the play "Al-Faraq".
2001 AD
She participated in the play "The Crucible".

In addition to theatrical works, she participated in many television works, which are as follows:
2018-2020 Bir Zamanlar Çukurova (TV Series) 2019 Kapi 2016-2017 Anne (TV Series) 2016 Göç Zamani (TV Series) 2014 Ayhan Hanim 2011-2014 Muhtesem Yüzyil (TV Series) 2012-2013 Merhaba Hayat (TV Series) 2011- 2012 Adini Feriha Koydum (TV Series) 2010 Zefir 2008 Devrim Arabalari.

2007-2008 Annem (TV Series) 2007 La (Short)
2007 Iyi Seneler Londra (as Vahide Gördüm)
2006 Ilk Ask 2006 Kilit 2005 Hirsiz polis (TV Series) 2005 Anlat Istanbul 2004 Bir Istanbul masali (TV Series).

Awards won by Vahide Perçin

The beautiful actress Vahide Perçin has received many awards in honor of her wonderful works of art, whether in theatre, television or cinema, because she deserves this honor in recognition of her brilliance and her great ingenuity in performing the distinguished roles that make any artistic work in which she participates successful. She received the following awards:
The beautiful actress got the title of "Queen of Romance" due to her participation in many wonderful theatrical performances, which was the door to her entry into the world of acting after that.
She received the Best Artist Award from the Arts Council in 1996.
She also won the Best Actress Award for the movie “ILK Ask” from the “Altin koza” festival in 2007. awarded the Best Actress in a Play by the Journalists Association in 2008.
She won the Best Actress Award for the TV and Radio series “My Mother” in 2008.