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Ugur Günes, his full name in Arabic, his name in Turkish, date of birth, age, place of birth, astrological sign, nationality, religion, educational qualification, marital status, wife, beginning of his artistic career, films, series, personal life, artistic life, all This is in a full report about him. The actor Ugur Günes was mentioned in many wonderful works of art, in which he performed a great performance. The actor Ugur Günes participated in many interesting dramatic and cinematic works, the most important of which is the role of “Fateh”, the hero of the unknown series.
Information about Ugur Günes

Information about Ugur Günes

Date of Birth: January 13, 1987
Age in 2021: 34 years
His astrological sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish

Religion: unknown

Occupation: TV Actor
Academic qualification: Graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture of Ankara University
The beginning of his artistic career: His artistic career began in 2011.
Years of activity: The years of his activity so far are about 9 years

Age in 2021: 34 years

Biography of Ugur Günes

Turkish actor Ugur Günes, born January 13, 1987, was born in the city of Ankara in Turkey, graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture of Ankara University, the Turkish actor Ugur Günes studied the Faculty of Agriculture at Ankara University, and although his studies were far from acting but He participated in the university theater team, and he loved acting and was attached to it. The actor Ugur Günes is distinguished by the beauty of his form, as well as his calm testicles characterized by strength and charisma, which caused him to become one of the most exciting and admired actors in Turkey. The actor Ugur Günes began acting in 2011.

Ugur Günes in Dirilis: Ertugrul

Among the most important artworks in which the actor Ugur Günes participated is the historical series Dirilis: Ertugrul, which was produced in 2015, and the series takes place in the thirteenth century AD, and the series is divided into several parts, namely:

The first part and its events revolve around the suffering of Muslims during the thirteenth century, due to the weakness of the Abbasid Caliphate, which is the refuge of Muslims everywhere, until Ertugrul bin Suleiman Shah, the father of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire, who began a journey in search of a piece of land to settle in. With his tribe of 400 tents to eliminate their suffering and their movements, and the Romans and the Mongols were his biggest enemies, Artgrel defeated his enemies with determination, patience and intelligence to guide his tribe a land in which to settle. And fierce warriors, on a journey fraught with danger, deception and pain, on the other hand, friendship, sacrifice, altruism, courage, daring and love are monitored.

The second part, and its events revolve around the Qai tribe, who married Artgrel with one of her daughters, Halima Khatun, who migrates in search of a place to settle, and during her journey she encounters with the Mongols led by Baiju Noyan, and in this attack many them are killed, so the tribe is forced to resort to the Dodurga tribe Its master is Korkut Bey, Khal Ertugrul, and the two tribes are united, and many problems have arisen between the two tribes because of the strife, and the part ends with the division of the tribe into two parts.

Ugur Günes in Dirilis: Ertugrul


The third part revolves around the assassination of Artgrel with poison, and despite the difficulties, his influence is gradually increasing, until Artgrel finally managed to seize the khan and establish justice in it under the rule of the Qai tribe, and the events of the season continue in this way until the warrior leader goes to the castle of Karaja Hisar Vasilius to the Khan, and during his visit, he assassinated the head of the castle with the aim of re-establishing conflicts. Indeed, conflicts erupt, but they end after Artegrel finally seizes the Qara Jah Hisar fortress.

the story of  Dirilis: Ertugrul 

The fourth part, in which a large number of the tribe's warriors were killed, and Ertuğrul was lost after he was injured, and everyone thought that he was killed, but a slave trader saved him to bargain with him, and Ertuğrul managed to escape from the slave trader, to return to his family, and then start again planning to open the castle, but He is exposed to many betrayals, and despite many difficulties, he manages to open the castle. Sultana Halima gave birth to her son Osman and then died after his birth. The fourth season of the series Dirilis: Ertugrul ends with the scene of the migration of the Qai tribe to the city of Sogut.
The fifth and final part Artegrel migrates to Sogut with his tribe and his three sons, and works to protect its people from the oppression of the Mongols. He established an economic and social system based on justice and relief for the oppressed for more than 10 years, and for the severity of his justice, most of the Christian people of Sogut entered under his sovereignty, but soon the Mongols raided the tribe Kayi, and they were overpowered by the new leader, Alingak, who kidnapped Osman Ibn Ertuğrul, so Ertuğrul rescued him, and the events of the series proceeded in this manner until Ertuğrul was captured, but Ms. Al-Bilgi intervened and saved him, and the series ended with Ertuğrul returning to his tribe, marrying Mrs. Al-Bilgi, and then setting off Once again with the warriors to the great battle to save Anatolia from the oppression of the Mongols, and the episode ends with the recitation of verses from Surat Al-Fath to be the best end of this series.

Ugur Gunes series

The series stars Engin Altan Duzyatan, who appeared in the role of "Ertugrul", Esra Bilgic, who appeared as "Halima Khatun", Hulya Darjan, who appeared in the role of "Mother Hayma", Sardar Gökhan who appeared as "Suleiman Shah", Kaan Tachanar, who Appeared in the role of "Gundoğdu", Didam Balchin, who appeared as "Salcan Khatun", Osman Swikut, who appeared as "Muhyiddin bin Arabi", Muhammad Shafiq, who appeared as "Dili Demir", Hande Subashi, who appeared in the role of "Ikes". , Genghis Gokchun who appeared as “Turgut Alp”, Nurettin Sonmez who appeared as “Pamsey Alp”, Japhet Stein Gunner who appeared as “Dogan Alp”, Turgut Tunç Alp who appeared as “Avsin Bey”, Jalal Al, who appeared in the role of “Abdul Rahman Ghazi”, Rashad Strick, who appeared in the role of “Claudius - Omar”, Serdar Deniz who appeared in the role of “Titus”, Barish Baji who appeared as “Noyan”, Labib Gokkhan who appeared in the role of “Titus”. Professor Simon, Çadash Onur Ozturk who appeared as “Vassilius”, Levent Oktim who appeared as “Ustad Azam”, Handa Sora who appeared as “Bilgi Khatun”, Jamal Hunal who appeared as “Commander Ares - Ahmed Alp” , Ali Ersan Al He appeared in the role of "People - Basti". The series achieved a high viewership, and won many awards, the most important of which is the Golden Butterfly Award.

Ugur Gunes series

Actor Ugur Günes is distinguished by his beauty, strength and charisma, which caused him to become one of the most exciting and admired actors in Turkey. The actor Ugur Günes participated in a large number of interesting dramatic and cinematic artwork, in which his artistic creativity appeared, and among his most important dramatic works:

A series again, which was produced in 2011.
Dirilis: Ertugrul series produced in 2015
Hellas series, 32 hours, which was produced in 2015
The Unknown Series was produced in 2017.
Avcı series - the hunter 2022.

Ugur Gunes movies

The film I am the contestant produced in 2013
This is a time immemorial movie that was produced in 2014