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The story of the evlilik sözleşmesi series, the full story

Aras Aydın and Leyla Viray met in a new series called "evlilik sözleşmesi", the name of the work in Turkish is evlilik sözleşmesi. Preparatory work for the series, whose name has been identified as evlilik sözleşmesi, has begun. In this topic, we would like to provide you with detailed information about the channel of employees of the Marriage Contract Chain. We will share with you who are the cast in the Marriage Contracts series, the names who are joining the cast and their detailed information. The crew of the series evlilik sözleşmesi.

Aras Aydın and Leyla Viray in evlilik sözleşmesi

The creators of evlilik sözleşmesi chose Aras Aydın and Leyla Viray to star in this work. evlilik sözleşmesi series information: Produced by Üs Yapım, who has produced series such as 'Don't Let My Hand' and 'My Name is Melek'. Which will be published digitally soon. She is preparing for the series 'Adım Ba;ı Kafe', and she is preparing for the series evlilik sözleşmesi written by Ozen Yola. It is possible that evlilik sözleşmesi will be broadcast on Wednesdays instead of 'My Name is King'. Preparations and tests for representatives of the series of marriage contracts continue.

Actress Tolay Gunal is also participating in the cast of the evlilik sözleşmesi series. Tolay Gunal was born in 1970 in Kastamonu. She graduated from Ankara University Theater. She worked with Ishin Karaja and sang as a singer for a while. She worked in the Ankara State Theatre. She has worked on Attic Love, Pretty Little Liars, Desperate Housewives, Rebel, Fi TV series.
evlilik sözleşmesi

The story of the series evlilik sözleşmesi

The story of the evlilik sözleşmesi series revolves around the arranged marriage of a poor widow woman who finds it difficult to take care of her 7-year-old daughter and a wealthy businessman whose mother is sick, will happen soon on ATV The name of the series, which will be shown on ATV and in which Cem Akyolda will sit, has been determined; On the director's chair. "evlilik sözleşmesi" adapted from the South Korean drama "evlilik sözleşmesi".

The artist Aras participates in the work championship, and we mention that he is a beautiful young artist in the prime of life. His handsomeness helped him a lot in entering the world of art simply. A boy in Eskişehir in 1989 AD, born in the sign of malignant disease, he is moody and has a strong temper, a laughing personality who loves radiant colors like white and silver, he fears failure for himself, just as he loves to travel a lot, he has extended predispositions and loves reading stories, tales and literature, he has a material voice, he is an artist by nature.
The topics he loves most are rest, stillness, and swimming, helping his parents, just as he loves various arts. As for the topics he hates a lot, they are curious personalities, critical opinions. He does not like to talk about his presence in the personal world except with his family and close friends.

evlilik sözleşmesi series crew

Dolunay Soysert,
Engin Alkan,
Tolay Gunal
Deniz Hamzaoglu.

Let's get to know a little about the heroes of this work, each of them has a long artistic career. And a lot of success:

With the participation of the artist Deniz Hamzaoglu, Deniz Hamzaoglu was one of the actors in the series evlilik sözleşmesi. Deniz Hamzaoglu was born in 1979 in Istanbul. Graduated from Public Administration of Eskişehir Anadolu University, Istanbul Archeology University, Department of Radio, Television and Film of Konya Selcuk University. He starred in Karadayı, Sweet Little Liars, Cingez Recai, Among the Family, Breathless, Ringing, Meet a Merchant, Either Independence or Death, The Red Room, My Father My Hero and Fatimah.

Dolunay Soysert

The well-known Turkish star Dolunay Soysert, born on March 25, 1973, was born in the city of Adana in Turkey, she studied in one of the schools in the town of Ozal until high school, then moved to Istanbul and joined Istanbul University in the Department of Archeology and Art History, then studied theater at the headquarters Mujdat Geizen for the arts, was known for her strong love for animals, as she practices many sports, including swimming and skiing. The star, Dolunay Soysert, was married to the star Sinan Tuzcu from 2006 to 2016, and she gave birth to her daughter, Leila.

The talented artist, Dolunay Soysert, was known for her love for acting since her early childhood, and her love for acting became evident from her young age, when she participated in the school theater from the primary period until the secondary period, and after her graduation she studied at Istanbul University in the Department of Derayah of Archeology and Art History, and during this period she contributed Swissrt in copious amounts of plays prepared by the university.

Engin Alkan joins the work

Artist Engin Alkan has accepted his role in the series evlilik sözleşmesi. Actor Iray Alkan was born in Samatia, Turkey, on July 27, 1965. He is a Turkish film, television, and theater actor and director. He graduated from Istanbul University, College of Conservatoire, Department of Theater, and began his artistic career in 1989. He worked for the municipal theater in Istanbul, and contributed to more than 35 plays during his artistic career. .

The star, Iray Alkan, in Samatia, Turkey, on July 27, 1965, is a Turkish film, television and theater actor and director. He graduated from Istanbul University, College of Conservatoire, Department of Theater, and began his artistic career in 1989. He worked for the municipal theater in Istanbul, and participated in more than 35 plays during his artistic career.

The date of the presentation of the series evlilik sözleşmesi

The exact date will be determined when the promotional trailer and evlilik sözleşmesi series video are released. We'll add the final release date here. The series "evlilik sözleşmesi" will be shown on ATV soon! Marriage contracts series adapted from any country series.

According to journalist Birsen Altuntas in her column on TV100, two very young actors will take the lead role in the series to be portrayed by who's Yapım, who signed the TV series Elimi and My Name is Melek.

Leyla Feray and Aras Aydın will play the lead roles in the series. The 28-year-old young actress Leyla Phiri graduated from Koç University, Media and Visual Arts. In 2013, she entered into acting in the TV series “I Love Him Too Much”. Leyla Feray, who has received acting training, played the character of Ayesha Sultan in the TV series Magnificent Century Ksem. The young actor also took part in the movie My Brother 2, starring Burak Ozcivit and Murat Boz.

Promised hero Aras Aydın

Finally, 31-year-old Aras Aydın, who starred in the TV series Muallem Kemal, has starred in TV series like efkat Tepe, Cherry Season and İnadına A;k.

According to Persen Altuntas, the evlilik sözleşmesi series is scheduled to meet the audience on ATV in the second week of July. Successful pen writer Zzen Yula is writing the series, which takes place on June 12, and will be seated by Cem Akyolda; On the director's chair.

Ceyhun Mengiroğlu and Irmak Zrnek have also joined the cast of the series, whose other cast will be announced this week.

The subject of evlilik sözleşmesi, which is originally a Korean drama, is briefly as follows:

A woman loses her husband in an accident. After that, the woman begins raising her little girl alone. However, he learned that he had a tumor in his brain. In order to find an heir who can take care of her daughter, she signs a man to be his wife for a limited time.


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