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Ibrahim Celikkol religion his wife, son and information

Ibrahim Celikkol, a former model and current actor, interesting information about him, a full report on him, his religion, his love life, how he started his acting career, what are the secrets in his life, how was his role in the series The Great Duo with a bouquet of his most important works.

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Ibrahim Celikkol Actor Interesting information about him Full report
Ibrahim Celikkol Biography & Life
Actor Ibrahim Celikkol and his acting career
Ibrahim Celikkol and his love life
Actor Ibrahim Celikkol and the series The Great Duo
Secrets in the life of actor Ibrahim Celikkol
The most important work of actor Ibrahim Celikkol

Ibrahim Celikkol

Ibrahim Celikkol Actor Interesting information about him Full report

Year of Birth: February 14, 1969, AD.
Age: 38 years old.
Place of Birth: Kocaeli Province, Izmir, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish nationality.
Religion Muslim.
Occupation: Actor.
Academic qualification: Fine Arts.
His favorite hobbies: playing basketball - swimming - tennis - kickboxing - diving.
Marital status: Married .
Number of Sisters: One sister.
Wife's name: Sinam Kopal.
Astrological sign: Aquarius.
Height: 180 cm.
Weight is 75 kg.
Eye colour: Hazel.
Hair colour: brown.
The beginning of his acting career: in 2007 AD.
Her first movie: Panoramic.
Her first television work: Al-Sultan Al-Fateh.

Religion Muslim

Actor Ibrahim Celikkol Biography & Life

Actor Ibrahim Celikkol was born on February 14 in 1982. He worked in acting and cinema until he became famous, but he was a basketball player before acting. He also played basketball and played in the league after leaving basketball. He was also a model, where he was distinguished by his physical features and beautiful form. So he entered the field of modeling, as he took a degree in acting and discovered the Turkish film producer Othman Seif, and after he spoke with the producer, he started his artistic career in the world of acting and began his acting career in 2007 in the movie “Banoray” and this is the first step towards the world of acting and fame, especially in his distinguished role in The movie “Sultan Al-Fateh” to continue his brilliance in television drama through some of the series, most notably the series “Effat” with actress Deniz Shaker, and also the series “Reaction” and the Mercy series in 2013 and the series Black and White Love for the year 2017, then he separated from his beloved, who was an artist named Kupal sleeps after a long love story, then he married in 2017 Mehri Mutlu, who was working as an architect.

When he was in his childhood days, he was of a nervous nature and he had a lot of naughtiness. He did not hear anyone's words. His grades were always bad. Despite that, all the teachers used to tell him. He was born in Izmir. He got his degrees from private schools, which makes his family spend a lot of money. His father died when he was eighteen years old, and the cause of death was a severe heart attack. For him, the most important achievement in his life was his ability to buy a house for his mother and sister to live in. When he was in college, he played basketball.
He is the only person in his family who did not obtain a college degree, and his family, the majority of which are engineers and doctors, moved to Istanbul after leaving university to provide for his family money.

Actor Ibrahim Celikkol and his acting career

His beginning in acting participated in the series “pars Narkoteror” and then he was playing an active role in the 2008 championship and he was called Othman Sinav in 2008 and he appeared in the series MAT al on TRT1 in 2010 he played the role of the announcer in the TV series “De Kiskin Becak” on the screen On television, in 2011, he participated in the role of Isinde. He embodied a character in the Iffet series, which was fetih, which achieved great success, making the box office full. In 2012, he received a large number of followers who loved him in his role “Jamil” 1453. In 2014, he embodies the role of the character of Captain Oguz Ayaz in The TV series and also embodied the role of Mohamed Sargent in the TV series Seidlbahir 32 Sat, which was announced on TRT1 channels.

In 2016, he participated in the TV series KORDUGUM on Fox TV and clips of Ali Najat Karasu's identity.
In the end, Ibrahim Celikkol presented his personal life, Farhat, in the series Black White Love, and he is now presenting his new series, the great duo, which is shown on D channel.

Actor Ibrahim Celikkol and his love life

In 2017, he married the beautiful Mihre Mutlu in Datca, located in Mugla. Earlier, he had established a strong relationship with his wife Asuman Krause, who was famous for her beauty and graceful figure, but this relationship did not work.

It is known about the actor Ibrahim Celikkol that he is multi-relationship, especially he gets out of a relationship and enters the other immediately. Among the women with whom he established a relationship, but all of them failed. There was the beautiful Mrs. Ebru Polat. This relationship was in 2009 AD, and after that also the beautiful girl Togba Ekinsi, where it was during the year 2010 AD and continued until the year 2011 AD and then ended, followed by the young beautiful Denise Chaker in 2012 and the relationship ended in the year 2013 AD, and after all of these there were both “Yasmine Kai Allen” and “Sinem Kobal”.
he married the beautiful Mihre Mutlu

Actor Ibrahim Celikkol and the series The Great Duo

His role in this series was strong, as he was able to highlight his talent in the world of acting, as he embodied the character of an officer in the Turkish police and was famous as Barcelona, ​​as he is considered one of the most efficient officers in the drug field in the Anatolian region. He appeared in the form of a handsome boy, and despite his handsomeness, he was only He doesn't give himself any attention in the past because of his work as an officer who had lost his girlfriend and his son who was still in his mother's womb and this is through one of the assassinations that were taking place in the country he does not live with him in the house except his father transferred on the pension how he lives only from In order to achieve his goal, which is to avenge the death of his beloved and his son.

Secrets in the life of actor Ibrahim Celikkol

He has a personality that loves the atmosphere of nature, and he always loves to exercise and constantly does it daily. He also loves very activity and hates laziness. He has a daily habit of waking up early between six or six thirty in the morning and running in the woods with his dogs.
The majority of his time he goes to the village to spend most of the time when the atmosphere of nature and fresh air.
He owns a large number of dogs, up to eleven dogs.
Never sit in front of the TV screen and prefer to breathe fresh air than this.
In the Twitter application on his personal page, he has many followers, up to 40,000 followers.

Secrets in the life of actor Ibrahim Celikkol

The most important work of actor Ibrahim Celikkol

Kus uçusu (TV Series) (filming) 2021 Drunk on Love (post-production) 2019-2021 Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir (TV Series) 2018-2019 Muhtesem Ikili (TV Series) 2017-2018 Siyah Beyaz Ask (TV Series) 2016 Kördügüm (TV Series) 2016 Seddülbahir 32 Saat (TV Mini Series).

2014 Reaksiyon (TV Series) 2014 Sadece Sen 2013-2014 Merhamet (TV Series) 2011-2012 Iffet (TV Series) 2012 Fetih 1453 2010-2011 Karadaglar (TV Series) 2010 Keskin Bicak (TV Series) 2008 Pars: Narkoterör (TV Series).
work of actor Ibrahim Celikkol


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