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Halit Ergenç religion , wife, age, series and biography

Halit Ergenç, his religion, his age, his nationality, his films, his series, his date of birth, his life story, his marriage, his children, his most famous artwork, all of that and more in a full report about him. He is one of the most famous and best artists who excelled in the field of acting in Turkey, because of His very distinguished performance in the world of acting, the audience was attracted to him in a very short time due to his artistic performance.

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personal information
Halit Ergenç's personal life
Wives of Halit Ergenç
Halit Ergenç's artwork
The role of Halit Ergenç in the series Muhtesem Yüzyil
Halit Ergenç family
Halit Ergenç religion

personal information

Halit Ergenç was born on April 30, 1970 AD.
Halit Ergenç was born in Istanbul, Turkey.
Halit Ergenç Nationality: Turkish.
Residence: Istanbul, Turkey
Halit Ergenç's religion: Muslim.
Halit Ergenç's career: Actor.
Halit Ergenç's age: 50 years old in 2020.
Halit Ergenç's Wife: Currently married to Bergüzar Korel.
Astrological sign: Taurus.
Children of Halit Ergenç: Ali Ergenç.
Years of activity: He started his artwork since 1996 AD

personal information

Halit Ergenç's personal life

The great star Halit Ergenç was born in Turkey in the city of Istanbul, where his family was poor, his life was very difficult in his childhood, and many problems occurred between his father and his mother that eventually led to separation, his father was a lot of fabricating problems and conflicts that made his life not calm and in it many The problems, in addition to those big problems that Khaled lived through, he had a younger brother who suffers from an intellectual disability, and then Khaled decided to move away from his family and live alone until he got rid of those conflicts.

Star Halit Ergenç obtained his high school diploma from his big school, Besiktas High School, and then in 1989, he joined the studies of ship engineering.
He dreamed since his childhood of being a great actor, so he left the field of engineering and joined Mimar Sinan University of Arts, where he entered the Department of Acting and Music, and since then he has wished to be a big star until he began to achieve this. He participated in many works that made him a big star in The world of singing and acting.

Halit Ergenç's personal life

Halit Ergenç family

Despite the great successes that Khaled achieved, he continued to suffer in his life because of his father’s bad behavior, and this bad feeling continued until the death of his father and then his nephew committed suicide after that, and the psychological pressure on him increased when Maral Okai died, the great scriptwriter who is credited with many of the works Artistic, and his suffering reached its climax with the death of a friend of his age, actor Tongel Cortez, who participated in the series “The Magnificent Century”, and reached his last sorrows with the death of the people closest to his heart, his mother.

His father married more than once, he had a son from another wife, two older sisters than Khaled from another wife, and he had two brothers from another woman, and from Khaled’s mother he had two brothers, Khaled’s father liked to marry a lot and when any problem occurred with his wife, he divorced her And he always advised his son to do the same.

Actor Halit Ergenç has a high-level acting performance that has made artistic performances rained down on him since he entered the art world since 1996 AD, making him write his name in golden letters in the art world in Turkey. He participated in many works of art that had great fame in Turkey, and in many of The countries of the Arab world have made him at the fore in the art scene at many times.

Wives of Halit Ergenç

The beautiful actress Bergüzar was distinguished by the wonderful beauty that makes many men attracted to her, but the great actor Halit Ergenç managed to capture Bergüzar's heart.
Khaled was trying to live a different life from his father's life, which was full of many problems and conflicts, which made him marry nearly five times. Khaled tried to be independent, but his father told him a sentence that he could not forget when he was 23 years old, which is when you marry, my son. You can live with your wife simply divorced her.

In 2007, Khaled had a romantic relationship with Gizem Sweisaldi, which ended in marriage, but their marriage lasted only one year due to the many differences that occurred between them until they separated in 2008.

In 2009, he married the great actress Bergüzar Corel, with whom he was associated with a very great love story after their participation in the great series “And it remains love”, which achieved great successes. Khaled and Bergüzar’s marriage was one of the most famous successful marital relations in the artistic community because of the great love story, and in 2011 AD, they gave birth to their first son, Ali.

Wives of Halit Ergenç

Halit Ergenç's works

The great actor Halit Ergenç participated in many works of art. He participated in many plays, series and films that had a great impact and connection with the audience. He was distinguished by his special character in artistic performance that made him participate in many great works of art that made him the top of the scene for many years Beginning in 1996 AD, and his participation in his first artwork until 2020 AD and his participation in the great series Babel, and during the period from 1996 AD until 2020 AD, Halit Ergenç participated in many works of art that made him shine in the sky of art in Turkey and the Arab world.

1996 AD
He participated in the play “kate”.
He participated in the “tatli charity” play.
He participated in the play “ben seviyor”.
1997 AD
Participate in "Boyle mi Qlacakti".
year 2000 AD
Participated in the movie “Hic yakton ..”
Participated in the movie “Olumun EI yazisi ..”
Participate in the “Dedem .” series
Participated in the “Zedra .” film series
year 2002 AD
Participated in the series "Zerda".
year 2004 AD
He participated in the “Aliye” series.
year 2005 AD
Participated in the movie “Cagan irmak ..”
He participated in the movie “Bebam ve Oglum”.
2006 AD
Participated in the series "Benner Jess".
Participated in the movie “Devrim Arabalari”.
Participated in the series “The Love Remains”.
2011 AD
Participated in the series “Muhtesem Yüzyil”
2014 AD
Participate in the “Zain Group Announcement”.
2016 AD
Participate in the series "You are my country".
2019 AD
Take part in "Casblanca".
year 2020 AD
Participate in the series "Babylon".

Halit Ergenç's works

The role of Halit Ergenç in the series Muhtesem Yüzyil

The great actor Halit Ergenç participated in the great series Muhtesem Yüzyil, in which he was playing the role of the tenth Sultan of the group of Ottoman sultans, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The series was telling the story of Sultan Suleiman and his private life.
She co-starred with Khaled, the great actress Maryam Orly, who was of Turkish origin and with German citizenship, and she played the role of Sultan Suleiman's mother, actress Nabahat Jahra.

The series was a great success and won many artistic awards due to its wonderful performance and attractive story that made millions of viewers follow it.
A major dispute occurred because the series did not deal with the period of Turkish rule and called on the Turkish parliament to stop showing the series without modification or additions, and the show continued without any problems.


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