Burcu Özberk, religion, husband, age & biography

Burcu Özberk, the heroine of the Muhtesem Yüzyil series, her religion, her age, a full report on her, her nationality, the roles she played and how quickly she stared, how her love life went, and what she said about her recent relationship, what are the qualities in her character, she is also (Malika) the hero of the Kimsesizler series and (Nazli) the heroine of the series Girls of the Sun .
Burcu Özberk

Burcu Özberk, the heroine of the series Muhtesem Yüzyil, is her religion

Date of Birth: December 12, 1989 AD.
Age: 30 years old.
Birthplace: Eskisehir, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish nationality.
Religion: Muslim.
Profession: actress.
Marital status: Not married.
Weight: 56 kg.
Height: 165 cm.
Hair colour: brown.
Eye colour: brown.
Astrological sign: Sagittarius.
Education Qualification: Studied at Ankara Governmental Institute at Hacettepe University.
The beginning of her artistic career: 2012 AD.
Her first work: Muhtesem Yüzyil series.

Biography and life of actress Burcu Özberk

Actress Burcu Özberk is originally from Turkey, where she was born in Istanbul on December 12, 1989, AD. She received her education until she reached the university level. She entered the world of theater and television. She loved art since her childhood. She dreamed of acting and a high position in the artistic community.
 So, she decided to join the government institute located at Hacettepe University in Ankara. She was always looking for any opportunity through which she could enter the world Indeed, she presented her papers in an advertising agency that performed her first experience on the screen, and this is through the role she played in the legendary series “Muhtesem Yüzyil”, where she embodies the character of “Sultana Jehan”, whose parents were “Sultana Khadija” and “Ibrahim Pasha Al-Barghali”. Who was in the ministry at the time, this role represented a big difference in her life and made her shine and appear in the artistic community and this made her eligible for selection to be the champion of the great artistic work “Daughters of the Sun” was her first championship in the world of television.

Actress Burcu Özberk's love life

Actress Burcu Özberk started her love life with a beautiful love affair between her and the artist “Birk Eitan”, who was co-starring with her in the series “Daughters of the Sun”, but she separated from him after a short period and none of them released any information about this relationship or the reason for the separation.
After a while, this relationship was linked again with the artist “Arsan Doro”, who was participating with her in the wonderful series “The Wonderful Groom”, and this emotional relationship also did not work, and he did not disclose any information about her.

During the filming of the new movie “direniş karatay”, a new love affair developed between her and the hero “Albiran Dumyaz”. This relationship was very strong at first, but this relationship failed as did the previous relationships. In one of the statements of actress Burcu Özberk, she gave the press many hints that It states that the reason for the failure of this relationship in particular is betrayal, and these hints were its emphasis on the issue that falling in love is one of the most stupid things and that it makes a person without will and has no thought or awareness of anything, and if she was betrayed one day, she expels this person From her life forever, and this is because she changed the one she loves in a severe way, and therefore the media considered this statement as an official confession from them that the reason for the failure of this relationship was the betrayal of the artist Iberan to her, especially since the announcement of this separation came from the side of the actress Borgo at the same time that the artist decided The Iranians remain silent and do not disclose any information.

Burcu Özberk, the heroine of the series Muhtesem

Actress Burcu Özberk and the first starring in Daughters of the Sun

Emra Kenai and Efrem Alasya participated with her in the tournament, and they were joined by the wonderful Tolga Saritas, accompanied by Berk Atan and Handa Archil.

The events revolve around a woman working in the field of education whose husband left her and her three daughters. This woman married another named “Farouk” and they thought that life smiled at them. Farouk appears in the form of a man who met Hassan, who loves his wife and daughters, but with the passage of events Farouk appears in his truth and reveals secrets inside The family, which contradicts the fact that this family was perfect in one day and things develop and the girls know that Farouk had assaulted her mother when she was young and he is the father of two of the three daughters, Nazli and Sereen.

Absolute starring and actress Burcu Özberk

This series is one of the type of romantic drama series, which got great success and the admiration of the viewers, and the actress Borgo was creative in her performance and amazed everyone.
The events revolve around the character of “Malika”, a young girl who comes to the city of Istanbul, after she was able to convince her family that she could live alone in the city, and she told many lies so that she could do this. The beginning of the story is that Muhammad had to make a settlement between him and Laura so that Malika would not speak. In front of his family and his uncle, Muhammad plays the role of the groom in front of Laura's family while the family moves home, and there is a development in the events in a beautiful comic way, which revolves around the judiciary and trying to solve all the lies that occurred from them, and this was his main goal to get rid of the feeling of torture of conscience.

Actress Burcu Özberk and TV series Afili Ask

Actress Burcu Özberk embodies the character "Aisha" in this wonderful series. This character was a wonderful girl with a beautiful heart. She is still in her early twenties. She was considered an angel. She does not like problems and does not put herself in any environment with problems, as she does not want anything in This world is nothing but meeting with the person she loves. Throughout her life, she took many stabs, some from the family and others from the person she loves, until the time came when Aisha decided to defend herself and lie. She did this in order to correct what was destroyed in her life, but then She changed her whole life.

Traits of actress Burcu Özberk

She has many qualities of freedom, and she is always in a state of change, she does not like stability, and he knows that when she is anywhere, she draws all eyes to her, loves independence, has an open mind, does not like to be restricted or follow a fixed approach, loves simplicity, always has the ability to change The schemes are at the last moment and turn them into something better. She does not take instructions from one of her decisions. She always comes out of her mind. The number of people who follow her on the Instagram application reaches more than three million, and this is considered as strong evidence of her brilliance and fame with her reaching the dream of success in the artistic community.

Actress Burcu Özberk's love life

The most important work of actress Burcu Özberk

Muhtesem Yüzyil - Daughters of the Sun - Kimsesizler - Aslan My Family - The Wonderful Century - Almond Candy - Afili Ask - The Resistance Karatay.