The story of the series Ada Masalı (Tale Island)

The story of the Turkish series Ada Masalı Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan have gathered in a new Turkish series under the name "Ada Masalı" to meet the beauty in one series, which is scheduled to be shown in the summer of 2021. Ada Masalı will be a new romantic summer series that brings together two of the most beloved and famous actors in the Arab world. The story of the Ada Masalı series tells about a love story between Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan in strange and special circumstances. Will this love story succeed?

Turkish series Ada Masalı

We will have fun this year with a work under the name Ada Masalı i.e. Island Tale. We expect great success for this work, which includes a list of work that is respected and has a large audience in the Arab world and the world. The story of Ada, or Ada Masalı, also stars Aicha Turan and Alp Navruz. The two are joining the series, call my boss as guests. Knowing that they have the same channel, which is star TV, means just promoting their series, for sure.

Trailer for the series' Tale Island

Ada Masalı's first promotional trailer appeared with a refreshing romance. The two appear on an island directly overlooking the sea. And they show signs of love and vermin. How was the beginning of their knowledge and what events that brought them to that island. Not much came out from this first commercial, and we made sure we started filming the initial episodes and picking the rest of the cast.
Alp Navruz and Aisha Turan in the series

The story of the Turkish series Ada Masalı

When we hear the name Alp Navruz, everything that comes to our minds is a strong romantic love story, as this commando actor is usually. Despite enduring many tragedies, violent events and interesting events. Will Ada Masalı's story be like his love stories? As for those narratives and scenarios, they will change in order to show the father in a new and different way.

But from the first promotional announcement, a violent love story appears with an amount of raging feelings and has many powerful stars on the art scene in the current period. Ada Masalı will be the subject of a love story in the series. Ada Masalı known as the summer series, belongs to the love and drama genre. Let's get to know the rest of the action players and a lot about them.

Staff and heroes of Tale Island

A Turkish-made drama and love TV series directed by Ay Yabim and directed by Ali Bilgin. But who are the actors of the series Ada Masalı? As the lead role in the cast of Ada Masalı Alp Navruz Acha Aşın Turan.

Island tale among players Ipek Tinolkay, Nihan Buyukjak, Bulent Kulak, Jim Anil Edge, Beryl Bozam, Ozge Demirtel, Rami Narain there are also important names such as Eylül Ersöz and Bedia Ener.
We recall that among the works of Aisha Ishin, the series The Hami, one of the dramas of panic, science fiction, romance and movement, with an abundant amount of excitement, the stars of effort gathered to present a successful series with a large amount of excitement, the events of which revolve around the protector, he is a young man in the prime of life easy, and passed away Meniyeh is his father, and at that time he knew that he was not his father, and that he was from the Hammen to the city of Istanbul, and on top of him securing the town from the evil immortal, the drive in diseases and disasters in Istanbul, 
the debate between good and evil begins during the effort episodes, the effort succeeded from its first episodes, and filmed The second season was also from it. The sports competition participated in it (Chatay Ulusoy - Hazar Ergulu - Okan Yalabek - Muhammad Kurtulus - Yorder Okur - Fatih Dunmez). As for Layla's role, she plays the role of secretary to the immortal actor (Okan Yalabek), just as she is the beloved of the protector actor (Chatay Ulusoy) ), And you will fall between them.

Alp Navruz in Tale of an Island

He loves acting as he contributed to the abundant amount of plays on the school theater, and dazzled his colleagues and teachers with his performance with distinguished specifications and helped him to develop that talent, in order to gain experience in the future, and I like to grow that talent, so he went to exercises to develop his performance in acting.

Although his studies are far from that field, but he chose the effort by acting, just as he also devoted himself to writing, writing, writing poetry and short stories. In the wake of this, he became gifted with it during his school stage, despite his strong interest in art and acting he also liked sports. March sports archery, swimming and games The intensity, including kickboxing and wrestling, Alp insisted that art be studied after she left the university and trained by distinguished coaches, and the effort began as an advertising model and a model.

He studied Turkish language and literature at Yildiz Technological University, although his love for acting and art is immense. He did not study it at the university, then he chose to acquire acting exercises and lessons in it instead of entering the acting institute at a university. Throughout his university studies he learned writing and wrote a large number of stories and became fond of writing Poems, he joined the theater troupe at the university to develop his talent for acting on its hand. I was particularly interested in sports. He lost. He practiced a lot of sports such as swimming and archery, and games of intensity such as cupbox.

Aisha Ishan Turan is the heroine of the island's story

She became interested in acting and violin at a premature age. Despite her young life, however, she contributed to a large number of important television actions. Aisha Aishin was known in the Arab world throughout the character of Reham, which she presented in the famous Turkish series “Atheer Al Hob” Ruler of Ibana on mbc4. Her presence in the world at that time was 18 years and thus she won a brilliant victory by participating in the competition of the successful Turkish series "The Brown Rose", which is evident in the homeland. The Arab name is "Ward and Thorn".

In 2017 Aicha scored a huge success at the hands of the first absolute competition in the series "Maryam". At the hands of her portrayal of the main character Maryam. She is a Turkish Hassan who has become a well-known and famous face due to her various acting skills in the varied Turkish dramas, especially in the drama series (The Dark Rose), and she is enjoying great fame, with more than millions of followers on Instagram and more than seventy 1000 followers on Twitter. Ayça Ayşin Turan is a very romantic person since she was slim and she is friendly and hates people who do not respect nature and do not like gossip. And since she was little, she loves art just as she tends to play the violin.

Alp Navruz and Aisha Turan in a new Turkish series

Both stars Alb and Aisha have very large audiences and followers. Bringing them together in one action is a huge success for a work product. And it has managed to attract the number of viewers from now and since the first announcement of the series. A good choice for those in charge of the work. We wish them success and that the series will be as much as the love and followers of both stars.

Note that the latest work of "Alp Navruz" is the series "Phoenix." It was a fairly successful series. And ended when the first season. One of the D-channel dramas for the new season, the channel seeks to acquire the most intense episodes of the series, which made it acquire a limited number of solid television acts to enter the seasons in an attempt to capture a high level of insight, as the race that year is protective and intense, the phoenix or the emerald phoenix is ​​a person from the procedures Which was able to acquire the right to display it for the first time and we aspire to be a strong work, the illusion that if the series is released under that name, the story of the lovers who will get their loved ones as a result of enormous conflicts will be told, regardless of the rate of obstacles, the overcoming of it continues with patience and effort, like a bird Phoenix is ​​present behind the mountainous area.

The story of the Turkish series Ada Masalı
Ada Masalı (Tale Island)