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Tayanc Ayaydın Religion Age, his wife, TV shows and more

Tayanc Ayaydın, personal information about him, his name, his date of birth, his education, the beginning of his artistic career, his artworks, the awards he received, and more in a detailed report on the famous Turkish artist who performed many wonderful roles that he presented to Turkish television screens, and in The Arab world, the name of this Turkish artist has always been associated with distinctive young roles and a strong personality.

Details on Tayanc Ayaydın

Date of birth: 7-8-1979
Age: 41
Place of birth: Istanbul.
Astrological Sign: Leo.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion Muslim.
Education: Mimar Sinan University.
Specialization: Dramatic Art Department.
Profession: Actor.
Marital status: Married.
Wife's name: Bulush Kubuk.
Number of children: unknown.
Eye color: brown.
Tayanc Ayaydın Religion

Tayanc Ayaydın's Childhood and Life Story

Turkish artist Tayanc Ayaydın was born in 1979 in Istanbul of the state of Turkey, this famous artist presented a different set of Turkish works that made him famous in the entire Arab world. he possesses talent since childhood. and he has a permanent presence when presenting dramas in acting. with the participation of many The big Turkish stars in famous works that were dubbed into the Syrian dialect. and were shown on television screens in the country of Turkey and the entire Arab world. making the artist Tayanc Ayaydın keen to present a greater number of television works to the beloved audience.

Education in the life of Tayanc Ayaydın

Verification is the famous Turkish artist in high school and then completed his studies at Mimar Sinan University of Theater. he was keen to learn theatrical art and television series always. in addition to his talent that he grew up with. so he always sought to develop this talent through the works he presented to television. but acting did not prevent him. About his educational career. he always attended all educational lessons at the private university to learn theatrical art to study properly.

Tayanc Ayaydın worked in acting

The artist Tayanc Ayaydın. the Turkish actor. enrolled in the theater university to study everything about theatrical art. then he did postgraduate work and his start was on television in 2004. he presented a group of commercials that made him one of the most promising young faces. then he moved to present artworks with the participation of top stars The Turks. and the beginning of the artist Tayanc Ayaydın is considered a bright start. as he performed a series of works and series in just one year. and this is evidence of his great talent that made him get a large number of awards.

Tayanc Ayaydın series and his works

The artistic career of the famous Turkish artist Tayanc Ayaydın began in 2004 with his first appearance on Turkish television. he presented a group of dramas within one year for which he received a lot of cinematic awards. due to the excellence of the works and is still continuing until now to present his artworks in a wonderful way. The wide fame of these works made him an old audience that always watched his works that won the admiration of many of the audience. in addition to the admiration of senior Turkish actors who are looking for promising young faces. and the good fortune of the famous Turkish artist Tayanc Ayaydın that he came across a group of works with the top stars in One year. which made him famous for lightning speed.

Tayanc Ayaydın's wife

The famous Turkish artist Tayanc Ayaydın is married. but he did not say in any press reports or television programs about the name of his wife. he always prefers to keep secrets in his personal life. and he always displays his pictures on social networking sites on his own and does not want to show his wife or children on social media sites And he believes that it is better for any artist to separate personal life from his artistic life. in order to avoid any problems and so that his personal affairs do not become the talk of television or newspaper articles. and this matter always annoys any artist. so the famous Turkish artist Tayanc Ayaydın avoids him.
Tayanc Ayaydın's wife

Tayanc Ayaydın's series list

The Turkish artist presented a group of artworks that made him famous widely. and he performed many starring roles in these works. especially the television series that were shown on all screens of the Arab world. which made him one of the best young faces during one year of acting. and these works are:

The TV series “Al Amana” was presented in 2016.
television series "Song of Life". presented in 2016.
The TV series "Zaytoun" was presented in 2014.
television series "Red Love" was presented in 2013
The TV series "Memories" was presented in 2019. and was shown on television until 2013.
series "Lashra" in 2009.
The television series "Where are you from love" presented in 2009
TV series "The Market" was presented in 2007.
The television series "Sila". which he presented in 2006.
TV series "Alia". which he presented in 2004.
The famous Turkish series "Night Walk". presented in 2004.

Tayanc Ayaydın Awards List

The Turkish artist Tayanc Ayaydın has won many awards because of his artistic works that he presented on Turkish television and the entire Arab world. and these awards include the following:

He won the Best Actor Award at the 2008 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.
He won the Best Actor Award from the Locarno Film Festival in 2008. for his distinguished role in the Souk series and the TV series Trade Tale.

The role of the artist Tayanc Ayaydın in the series “The Market”

The famous Turkish artist Tayanc Ayaydın played a prominent role in the market series. which tells about the story of a family working in the carpet trade in a market. and this family lives a great period of problems and difficulties due to the debts accumulated on it from major merchants. and Tayanc Ayaydın comes in the role of a large merchant who saves them from these debts. He is co-starring with the artist. Mert Furat. and the famous Turkish artist. Necat Eischler.

The role of the artist Tayanc Ayaydın in the series “Al-Amana”

The Turkish artist Tayanc Ayaydın presented an important role in the series Al-Amana. which revolves around the story of an officer who works with love and sincerity. and his mastery of his work makes him implicated in a murder by mistake. and he grieves a lot because of this crime. and searches for any way to get out of this predicament. and meet him The artist Tayanc Ayaydın in the events of the series and presents the role of a young hero who helps this officer to reach innocence.

Tayanc Ayaydın Instagram Facebook Twitter

The Turkish artist Tayanc Ayaydın owns personal accounts on social networking sites. he is always keen to deal with the public through these accounts that he manages himself. and on them he puts all his personal photos. his artistic news. his dramatic works that he did before, and the new works that he does and these The accounts are:

The personal account of the artist Tayanc Ayaydın on the social networking site Facebook.
The personal account of the artist Tayanc Ayaydın on the social networking site Instagram.


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