Ece Aydemir, her husband's religion, Hamra her series and biography

Ece Aydemir, star of the Aslan family series. We have all the information available about her life, her lover, the series, the biography, a beautiful actress. The owner of the good and difficult roles. We know her date of birth, her religion, her height and her weight. Who is her husband or lover and the story of her personal and professional life.

Istanbul-born legacy actress makes her first steps towards art and acting. It started in 2017. A young girl dreams of a big career. And from her acting and performing the role, her talent appeared, and many viewers predicted her a great future.


What is Ece Aydemir's birthdate? 2001.
Age of Ece Aydemir: 20.
Religion Ece Aydemir: Muslim.
Her husband or boyfriend: not married.
Weight: 53 kg.
Height: 170 cm.
Birthplace: I was born in Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
What is the academic qualification? Her academic qualification is that she studied creative drama in front of the camera.
When did she start her artistic career? She started her artistic career in 2017.

Ece Aydemir Biography Secrets and Her Life Story

Serial actress. Born in Istanbul in 2001. Her height is 1.70 meters and weight is 53 kilograms. Ayla Elves studied creative drama in front of the camera. Since 2017, she has started acting in TV series.

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Ece Aydemir

Ece Aydemir, Her Husband, Children, and Personal Life

A TV actress, born in Istanbul in 2001, she is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 53 kilograms. Ayla Elvis studied creative drama facing the camera. Since 2017, she has been acting as an actress in a TV series.

Series Ece Aydemir

Her first appearance was through the series "Aslan Family" and his story began when Burko's father escaped from the police and after the latter took control of his bank accounts and lived the house in the only place where she could go was a farm she inherited from her father, where she was not present in her life. However, Murad lives on this farm with his parents, grandmother, and three brothers who don't think of giving up their home so easily.

The series “My Family Aslan” talks about “Fedat”, and his wife “Khadija”, his mother “Khairia” and his three children who have been living on the same farm for 30 years. Their middle son “Umut” had gone to a place in the arrangement, but he is visiting his family all the time. . With the exception of the younger brother Mutlu, everyone has a livelihood. Fedat, who is proud of his children, resides on the farm in peace and tranquility.

The role of Ece Aydemir in the Aslan family

"Borgo" is the daughter of verbal man "Typhoon Olgon", the only spoiled one, while "Borgo", who thinks that the credit card is a magic wand, resides in the most extravagant thing that a person can imagine. She cancels out her father’s accusation of a crime and flees outside Turkey. She has her roads intersecting with Aslan’s family because the investigator who bears responsibility for her father’s case is the family’s first son, Murad.

Ece Aydemir movies and TV shows

The first Turkish cinema movie I participated in was "Nothing Like This - Olmaz Böle Sey". I also participated in the Aslan Family Farm series, the My Aslan family series revolves around the Aslan family, which consists of 7 characters, as Fidat lives with his charitable mother and his wife, Khadija, and his four sons, and Fidat works as a farmer, and Khadija is a housewife close to her work on the farm. She raises chickens and sows vegetables, as for Fidat's first son, Gaiter, who works as a radiologist, and has a tired personality; That is why all his attempts to find a girlfriend fail.

As for the second son, he is Murad, and he is a young man in the prime of life at the age of thirty, who works as a police officer, and is distinguished by intelligence, goodness and idealism, and he pays attention to the smallest details, and although others see him very hard, God is in the truth of the matter soft-hearted, and he cares about his family, And he has their confidence, as everyone turns to him to take his advice, and the 3-year-old is an aspiring journalist, called Umut, and he loves his job so much that he can bear any risks that he faces throughout the implementation of his work.

The fourth son of the Aslan family is Mutlu, a young man who rules most of his time with his parents and grandmother on the farm, and despite his fierce intelligence, he does not use it except for his benefit.

With the passage of the facts, the life of the entire Aslan family is transformed, and this is when a young girl named Borgo claims that the farm belongs to her, and Borgo is a beautiful university girl, and the daughter of a wealthy man, who lives with her father and wife in a huge palace, and despite her ideal age, she changes as soon as the accusation is completed Her father is corrupt and escapes from the security services, leaving the country, without telling his daughter anything, so that Borgo will live a life of loneliness afterwards, where her father's wife appears with her new friend, and all the bank accounts and the house in which she lives are placed under the hands of the security services, and finally she takes refuge on the farm after she finds an old telegram. From her father, she reports that she owns her, so that she takes possession of the conflicts between her and Aslan's family.

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Star of the Aslan family series
Ece Aydemir's birth date? 2001
 lover Ece Aydemir
Religion Ece Aydemir is Muslim
Age of Ece Aydemir 20 
The role of Ece Aydemir in the Aslan family

Series Ece Aydemir

Ece Aydemir, Her Husband