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Burcu Kiratli, Maui the heroine of the series Maui and love, her age, her husband, her series, information about her and photos, all this and more we will talk about today, and we will show the most important personal information about the beautiful actress Burcu Kiratli, and we will tell you the secrets of her personal life, and we will stop to mention the Stations of

Who is Burcu Kiratli ?

Age: 31 years old
Date of birth Burcu Kiratli : Fourth of July 1989
Astrological Horoscope Burcu Kiratli: cancer Tower
birthplace Burcu Kiratli : the city of Antioch, Turkey
Nationality Burcu Kiratli: Turkish
Religion Burcu Kiratli : Muslim
Burcu Kiratli academic qualification: obtained the final graduation certificate from the Faculty of communication of yeditepee University
Burcu Kiratli marital status: Married to famous singer Sinan Aksel
Profession Burcu Kiratli: actress in television and cinema
Burcu Kiratli started her acting career in 2009
most important works of art: the series of artgrul, artgul, the series of shelter of love, love and what in.
The most important cinematic films: fable film, water film and fire.
The most important awards she has received in her artistic career: the Golden Palm award, the Queen's prize for scientific and digital media.

Biography of actress Burcu Kiratli

Young Turkish actress Burcu Kiratli was born in the Turkish city of Antioch, on July 4, 1989, received her primary education at the primary school of Ata college, received pre-secondary education in Bjk, finished her secondary education received in bebek yeni yidiz, received a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Communication Department of visual communication from yeditepe University, Burcu Kiratli she received an actor's education from the Jezin waves Academy of Performing Arts, worked as a permanent actress for two years, participated in many plays, films، She has performed many different and varied roles, and has succeeded in embodying them all unrivaled success, and has won many awards for her work, and still dreams of embodying more distinctive roles and winning more awards.
Burcu Kiratli husband

The beginning of the artistic career of Turkish actress Burcu Kiratli

She started her artistic career since she was a student at the university, she performed short films, then moved to work in the plays (Mustafa Kemal) and (guzlaremi kabarem), and she was known in many Turkish countries, began to participate in television series and her first acting roles were in 2010 in the series known as “var var hyat” and then just started to participate in many Turkish
The most important works of the young Turkish actress Burcu Kiratli

television works and series

Private and beautiful
Ur Astori
Var VAR hyat with its multiple parts.
Historical series for the epic resurrection of The ago, where she played the role of Gokce production in 2014.
She played the role of blue in the series Love and blue which aired on the popular TV channel ATV
And achieved a high viewership.
She played the role of Mavi in the series adoration and Mavi .
The series shelter of Love was produced in 2013.
Evaluated the role of Elif in TV series bizim Hicks which was produced in 2015
Second Turkish feature films
Elif movie
Movie water and fire, which was produced in 2013
Reaction film production 2015
The 2015 film fable, for which Burcu Kiratli won the Best Actress award.

The most important awards won by actress Burcu Kiratli

The young Turkish star Burcu Kiratli has received many awards, due to her performance excellence and ability to perform various roles spontaneously and professionally. :

Angel Award for digital media
She won the Best Actress award for her role in the Turkish film fable.
Burcu Kiratli was awarded the Golden Palm Award as Best Actress for her role in the series "ashq and Mavi", which achieved unparalleled success and achieved the highest ratings among Turkish and Arab audiences.

Secrets of personal life for the young actress Burcu Kiratli

Because the audience of actress Burcu Kiratli loves to be constantly up to date with the latest news of both her artistic and personal, we now offer you secrets from Burcu Kiratli's personal life.

Burcu Kiratli strongly believes in love, sees love as the primary motivation for success, tends to quiet family atmosphere, adores life of stability, and adores children very much.

Burcu Kiratli husband 

The young actress Burcu Kiratli married the famous young Turkish singer Sinan Aksel after a beautiful and strong love story, the two stars live together the happiest days of their married life, are keen to attend social and artistic events together and take memorial photos together, but they have not yet had children.

There have been strong rumors of Burcu Kiratli's separation from her husband singer Sinan Aksel due to Burcu kiratli's intense jealousy over her husband, especially from Axel's admirers who haunt him everywhere, but the young artist (Sinan Aksel) denied the rumor of his separation from his wife (Burcu Kiratli) stressing that they live together a continuous love story, and that

The beautiful actress Burcu Kiratli was paired with her famous singer lover Sinan Aksel at the Turkish consulate in Amsterdam, Netherlands on New Year's Eve, and the audience of Burcu Kiratli and Sinan Aksel traded viewing and sharing wedding photos on social media.
Burcu Kiratli

Instagram Burcu Kiratli and Facebook

The young Turkish actress is interested in communicating with her audience through her personal accounts on social media sites, where she surprises her fans with many different images and distinctive views through her personal Instagram account, and also seeks to share her artistic news, and to poll the opinion of her fans in her artistic roles in films and series through her personal accounts.