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Beren Gokyildiz Religion, Age, and Series, complete information

Beren Gokyildiz, the Turkish child actress, her personal life, age, artworks, series, movies, date of birth, hobby, career, awards, and more in a full and detailed report on the talented actress Beren Gokyildiz, who is famous in the Turkish artistic community With intelligence, fun, and distinctive talents that she presented through her works.

Who is Beren Gokyildiz?

Date of birth: 9-29-2009.
Age: 11 years.
Place of birth: Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkey.
Astrological Sign: Libra.
Education: Primary level.
Eye color: brown.

Biography of Beren Gokyildiz

The famous Turkish girl Beren Gokyildiz was born in the city of Istanbul in the state of Turkey, born in 2009, this girl grew up from her childhood to love acting, and her talent was discovered by her parents despite her young age, she won the admiration of the audience and presented successful roles on Turkish television. which made her get Many television awards because of her distinguished talent. she presented a great role in which she won the championship. 
which is the famous (My Mother) series that was broadcast on Turkish channels. and was dubbed into the Syrian dialect and was shown in the Arab world. and she also gained fame in all countries of the Arab world because of this series. Discerning.
Beren Gokyildiz Religion

Beren Gokyildiz acted

Actress Beren Gokyildiz. the Turkish child who presented distinguished works. in which she played the role of the smart child. began acting in 2014 and won the Best Child Actor award in 2016 because of her distinctive talent. as she is still in the elementary stage. the first appearance of this young actress Beren Gokyildiz was in the famous Turkish series (My husband's family) It is one of the series that was shown on Turkish TV. especially on Fox TV.

She presented the role of the girl with a successful performance and showed her outstanding talents. and she also won the admiration of the viewers despite her childhood and young age. after which she got a heroic role in the series (My Mother) and she is involved in the series the famous Turkish actress Cansu Dere. and this series received a high viewership on Turkish channels and in The Arab world. which made it the start for Beren Gokyildiz in her artistic career.

TV series actress Beren Gokyildiz

The young Turkish actress Beren Gokyildiz presented distinguished works of art in which her creative talent appeared. These roles are:
My husband's family series in 2014.
My mom series. 2017.

Hobbies of actress Beren Gokyildiz

Actress Beren Gokyildiz prefers acting, and horseback riding is one of her best hobbies. She also loves watching cartoons and cartoons. and also prefers to play sports. especially swimming in the gym. She also loves singing and does it most of the time. and prefers singing (karaoke). as you prefer. Pets are like cats. they take care of them a lot. learn a group of ballet dances and spend most of their time in them.
Date of birth: 9-29-2009

So much about Beren Gokyildiz

There are some secrets that most of the audience of actress Beren Gokyildiz do not know. She loves acting a lot. but for her, it is an easy thing. but the most difficult scenes that she has been performing for a while is difficultly crying. but when in fact she was crying severely and no one could stop her crying. Beren Gokyildiz's mother follows the official websites responsible for her daughter's work and pictures. as she manages and manages her artistic works. and the number of followers on the official pages of Beren Gokyildiz has reached 500,000 followers despite her young age. but her acting work has made her a famous artist. And this does not affect her studies. as she is always regular at work and study and organizes her times well.

Religion of Beren Gokyildiz

The child Beren Gokyildiz said in one of the press interviews that she is a Muslim who loves to act very much. but her main roles have a set of advantages and disadvantages because she tries to make her best efforts to become an artist when she is old. and besides acting. she practices some of her favorite hobbies such as singing karaoke at many times. and she participates. This singing with her friends. and these hobbies are the most enjoyable thing for her. and she loves theater a lot and thinks about theater acting and considers it a game and not an art that must be done. and she also enjoys seeing horses and always goes to the horse stable to watch and enjoy the horses.

The role of Beren Gokyildiz in the series Mom

The talented Turkish actress Beren Gokyildiz made her first artistic role in the series (My Mother). which was shown in 2016 with a group of stars. She did not love her child and did not take care of her. she was married to a middle-class man who treated her very roughly. beat her and made her work until she came to him with money. the child was Malak Zakia. she tried to find another family to adopt her and take care of her. but she did not reach her goal. until her school learned ( Zainab) with this matter and the child Malak began to draw close to her and agreed together to flee. until the teacher raised her on sound grounds. but some problems began to appear. and Malak disappeared and her mother began to search for her with the emergence of many problems.

The role of Beren Gokyildiz in the series My Husband's Family

The child actress Beren Gokyildiz presented her creative role in the drama series "My husband's family" with the Turkish artist Bogra Gulsi. and he played the role of her father. and the Turkish actress Lily Lydia. who acted as her teacher. He also searches for him. she tells him that she is his daughter. but he does not acknowledge her. deny her. and does not want to meet her. but after a while the feelings of parenthood begin to appear. their life does not go on well and many problems appear that hinder their lives together.

Awards received by Beren Gokyildiz

Actress Beren Gokyildiz won valuable prizes due to her childhood and distinctive talent that she showed during the roles that she presented to Turkish television. she was chosen to obtain these awards after the series of series she presented with all brilliance. and in which she presented the role of the smart little girl who loves her family very much. and these awards are:

She won the 2015 Istanbul Media and Development Award for Most Excellent Acting in the Children category.
She also won the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Child Actress in 2016.

Official websites of artist Beren Gokyildiz

Child actress Beren Gokyildiz has personal accounts on social media. and her mother manages these accounts and adds information and pictures to them, namely:

Her website is at
Her official website at
Religion of Beren Gokyildiz


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