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Gokhan Sahin age, religion, lover, information about him

Who is Gokhan Sahin

Date of birth: September 14, 1994
Age: 26 years
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
Marital status Single
Profession: Actor
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Beginning of artistic career: 2012
Artistic age (years of work in the artistic field): 8 years and he is still working in the field of acting
Most important works: The series Zahrat Al Qasr, played the role of Ali
Hobbies: Loves to raise pets, especially cats and dogs.

Gokhan Sahin's childhood and life story

The young Turkish star. Gokhan Sahin. has a high degree of handsome and attractive. and he has attracted the attention of the masses due to his extreme handsomeness. artistic talent. and outstanding acting performance. artist Gokhan Sahin is about 160 cm tall. weighs about 62 kg. and has thick. soft black hair. and two eyes. Wide black eyes. he has a charming smile, and he enjoys a distinctive view that made the masses of the Arab world melt in love with him.
Gokhan Sahin age

Gokhan Sahin series and works

Although his artistic career did not exceed eight years. he participated in many Turkish drama series and among the most important and most famous works in which the artist participated in the starring Gökhan Sahin:

Kucuk Gelin. a 2013 series. in which he played Ali Zahra's husband.
The air novel series. produced in 2014
Banat Al-Shams series. which was produced and shown in 2015
A series in the interior. which was produced in 2016
Police and thieves series.

Artistic career of the artist Gokhan Sahin

One of the most prominent artistic stations in the star Gokhan Sahin's artistic career is his role in the series Zahra Al-Qasr. the body of Gokhan Sahin. the role of Ali. and he was able to attract the audience and critics to him. so that he was known in the Arab world as Ali. the events of the series revolve around a 14-year-old girl. Zahra. who Her role was embodied by the beautiful Turkish actress (Kagla Simsek). whose father will force her to marry Ali. the wealthy young man whose role is the star (Gokhan Sahin).

Zahra moves to the palace to find herself treated with severity and cruelty from all the palace. and she decides to escape from the palace. and she meets Zahra discovers that she is carrying a child from her husband Ali. her mother marries Adnan. who treats Zahra and her mother the worst treatment. and Zahra tries to escape from her mother's husband. Adnan. and events continue to escalate until Zahra meets her husband Ali again. to follow the surprises.

Produced in 2013. the series consists of five parts. and has achieved high viewing rates since it was shown on screens. and has been dubbed into Arabic.
Artistic career of the artist Gokhan Sahin

Each of the following stars participated in the Kucuk Gelin series:

Kagla Simsek who played the flower.
Gokhan Sahin. who played the role of Zahra's husband Ali.
Avoc Shin. who excelled in the role of Adnan.
Orhan Simsek. who played the role of Ezzat in the first part.
Paris Chikmak. who played the role of Ezzat in the second part.
Atmaka Devrim as Fatima
Asma. who is the personification of Grandma Lauren

Gokhan Sahin in the successful TV series Girls of the Sun

The Turkish artist Gokhan Sahin presented a distinguished role in the Girls of the Sun series. and Gokhan Sahin stated how happy he was to play his role in this series. as he stated that the series combines social and romantic youth drama. and the artist Gokhan Sahin stated that the scenes of work were fun and an atmosphere of The joy and familiarity between the members of the work. and the series Girls of the Shams is a social drama. youthful. romantic work that revolves around a woman in her forties. who works as a teacher. who has three daughters whose father has left. and the mother marries the famous rich businessman Farouk. and the events of the series follow to reveal the secrets of each individual In this family.
Shams begin to feel remorse for her acceptance to marry Farouk. and the series Banat Al-Shams has participated in the following:
The Turkish artist. Emre Kannai. who played Farouk Shams' husband.
The beautiful artist Ephrem Alasya. who embodied the role of the beautiful lady's sun.
And the star Handa Archel embodied the role of the eldest daughter of the beautiful lady Shams. named Celine. who is distinguished by a fun social personality
Borgo Özbek played Nazli while she twins Celine. but she has a manly character that creates a lot of problems.
Actress Mirai Akai presented the role of the youngest daughter “Abeer.” who. despite her young age. was distinguished by wit. intelligence and awareness.

Gokhan Sahin stars in the police drama series "Inside"

The artist Gokhan Sahin presented a very distinguished role in the thriller and suspense series “Inside”. adapted from the interesting police movie. The Adventurers. The episodes of the series “Inside” take place when the director of the police department offers the hero of the series. called “Serbs”. to join the mafia gangs. in order to help The policemen caught the gang members. so “Serbs” agreed so that he could capture the leader of the mafia and take revenge for his brother who was killed by the mafia leader. and the events followed. so that “Serbs” discovered that his brother was not killed. but after a long struggle and interesting events full of excitement. and he participated in the series starring “ Inside “many stars:

Ulusoy who presented the role of Serb Yılmaz
Aras Bulmut Enemy. who presented the role of Mart Cardag. who will reveal that the events will reveal that he was originally Umut Yilmaz. the younger brother of Serbia
Bansu Soral as King
Damla Gulayi. who provided the role of Elam
Mustafaoglu. who introduced the role of Police Director “Director Yusef”.


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