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zeynep aydemir religion age husband a full report on her

Personal information about zeynep aydemir

Date of birth: March 12. 1979.
Now Zainab is: She is now 41 years old.
Her zodiac sign: Belong to the owners of Pisces.
The religion to which you belong: Islamic - Muslim.
Nationality you hold: Turkish.
Marital Status: Married.
Name of spouse or friend: not mentioned.
Sibling: Essen Aidemeyer.
Place of residence now: Istanbul.
Place of birth: Istanbul. Turkey.
Graduate University: Istanbul University.
Her Study: Art History.
Her job: Actress.
The beginning of her artwork: The beginning of her artwork was in 2009.
Her most prominent artworks: The Sea In My Heart series.
Her Artistic Activity: From 2009 to Now.
Eyes color: Her eyes are honey colored.
Hair color: brown.
Favorite clothes: dresses.
Length: 170 cm.
Weight: 52 kg.
Favorite hobbies: listening to music.
zeynep aydemir

Features of the genesis and life of zeynep aydemir

zeynep aydemir is a famous Turkish actress. Born in Turkey in Istanbul in 1979. From a Muslim father and a Muslim mother. Zeynep lived a luxurious life in a family full of love and tenderness. Which helped to form her inimitable personality. Zain loved acting since her childhood. so she always dazzled her family with her attractive style and treatment. Well.

She worked from a very early age to become a famous artist. She studied the history of art at Istanbul University and after her graduation she worked on studying acting and mastering his work. movements. influences and impressions. and how she could reincarnate the character. so she received training from the Kenter Theater Institute. her first appearance was in 2009.

She has one brother. Essen Aidemir. who is fifteen years her junior. and it is said that Zainab loved acting and wanted to join his world because of her love for Issen. she also received the teachings and style of drama from Ayla Elgan.

Artist Zeynep Aydemir's Life Origins

Zainab began acting for the first time on the Kenter Theater. and participated in her first dramatic work in 2006 in the series Deli Duran. Since the beginning of her appearance on the Turkish screens. Zainab has worked to leave behind a great audience that encourages her to continue and excel.

So she has presented many roles on the Arab and Turkish screens. She has also done many theatrical. cinematic and dramatic works. and participated in the historical series The Resurrection of Othman.

Zeynep Aydemir's husband

Zeynep aydemir married the young man she loved. amid a huge ceremony that included many family. Relatives and friends. and she also shared pictures of the wedding through her personal accounts on social networking sites.

many of her followers blessed that good marriage. Zainab knows her kindness and her style sheet. A social figure. zeynep aydemir follows millions of people on her Facebook and Twitter pages from around the world.

Awards won by zeynep aydemir

Awards won by zeynep aydemir
Zeynep aydemir and her sister Essen swept Turkish cinema and drama series. because they presented multiple roles through which they achieved great success. and they had their own audience. who did not miss an opportunity or opportunity except to share it with him and no work of art unless they followed it first.

But they are waiting for everything that is presented emptyly Patience. Esen Aydemer is the main actor and the initial unemployment of the movie Rövaşata in the coffin, and the film achieved a great success. which made it ranked among the best films of the year.

The film won the tenth Orhan Arıburnu award for acting, and that award came after the death of Esen. who hastened death after being defeated by cancer Zainab received the award on behalf of her sister. Who had passed away since 1999.

The work of zeynep aydemir series

Zeynep aydemir embodied many characters during her artistic works. and her talent and mastery helped her to work on the success of all her works of art. Zainab started like any young artist from scratch and did not depend on her sister's help for her.

so she presented small works and secondary roles. and when the audience knew her. she started the starring roles Continuing to her. Zainab is distinguished by her cheerful face and cheerful spirit that stole the hearts of the audience through them. among the most important works presented by Najd: -

Actress zeynep aydemir portrayed two characters. Sedef and Selen. who were twin sisters in the series Love. which has been premiering on Star TV since 2013. and in 2014. Zeynep Ademir played Isra Karahan in the Tree of Life series on TRT 1. The Sea in My Heart series. The Sea in My Heart. which was broadcast in 2016 and is one of the most famous drama series that has been watched by millions of people since the moment it was released.

The series is directed by: Feliz Coca and written by Fonda Sitten. The story of the series revolves around a married woman who has life what makes her happy She got money and children and was enjoying the love of her husband. but after his disappearance. Everything changed, and she became sad and desperate until an inheritance appeared for her. Which became her lover and changed her life again.
The Artegirl series Diriliş Ertu 1rul 1. or as the Arabs call it. Osman. Which was shown in 2015 as it was broadcast on many Turkish channels.

It is a historical series mixed with a kind of drama that tells us about the true founder of the Ottoman state. as the series talks about the conquests of Muslims and the spread Islam. the series directed by Mattin Junai and written by Muhammad Bozdag and Attila Anjin. the events of the first part revolve around Artgrel and Halima. so the story begins when Artgrel goes to hunt in a meeting with Halima. her child and her brother and saves them from the Templars. then Artgrel takes her to the Kai tribe. From Engin Altan Doziatan - was Tashanir - Hulya Darjan - Sardar Gokhan - Hakan Vanli - Didem Balchen.

kalbimdeki deniz

The Sea series in my heart. kalbimdeki deniz. the King of the World series. One of the best comedy series that was produced in 2011. Directed by Dreu York and writer Kamol Kenon ergen. The series revolves around a young man who runs a pet store who is married when the father of his wife dies and leaves them a will. Then Episodes follow in a satirical comedy framework. With the participation of Oya Bashar. Shafak Sarz and Afrim Akan.

The TV series Aşkın Bedeli. produced in 2013 by Dus Gezginleri. is one of the romantic drama series. which revolves around a large family living together in Tel Gas. Episodes about the struggle over inheritance and property A young man named Aws gets to know a beautiful girl and he falls in love with her. He proposes to propose to her and faces many difficulties due to the refusal of the parents. He participated in the work zeynep aydemir - on Mert - Denise Bolchik. the series Strong Jobs - The King of the World series - Reality and Fiction - series As Sin.


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