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Leya Kırşan Religion, Series, Information & Full Report

Date of birth is: May 23, 2008, AD.
Omar Leah is currently: she is 12 years old.
Her astrological sign: belongs to the owners of Gemini.
Religion to which you belong: Unknown.
Nationality you hold: Turkish.
Marital status: single.
Name of spouse or friend: not mentioned.
Place of residence now: Istanbul - Turkey.
Place of birth: She was born in Istanbul.
My college graduated from: It's still young.
Study: She is studying at the elementary level.
Her job: Actress.
Beginning of her artwork: in 2014.
Her earliest artwork: Hayat Yolunda.
Her most prominent artwork: The Al Ostoura series.
The Latest work: Tuzkoparan in 2020.
Her Artistic Activity: From 2014 to present.
Languages: Turkish.
Her eye color: Blue.
Hair color: black.
Favorite clothes: Baby dresses.
Length: approx 135 cm.
Weight: Approx 29 kg.
Favorite hobbies: acting.
sport: Not mentioned.
Favorite Actor: Saygin Soysal.
Leya Kırşan Religion

And Leya Kırşan's Biography

Leya Kırşan is known and known a lot as Lily Kirsan, and she is a young girl who was not fifteen years old, but she is a talented girl who, despite her young age, managed to achieve many successes. Practicing artistic work when they saw her as a model for the ideal child. Leah studies in elementary school, participated in many school roles, and presented in one of the talent discovery competitions and her share was to win and excel, she passed all the tests and got the title of the talented child, and then gave the first TV show In 2014, she achieved the fame that she and her parents had dreamed of.

Leya Kırşan and her life story

Leah began her artistic career for the first time in the series On the Way to Life, which was famously known as Hayat Yolunda in 2014, and this work is the beginning of her artistic debut. The features that made her first test are beauty, genius, cheerful spirit, wit of blood, her ability to face the world of cameras and lights without feeling awe, fear and tension, then Lia rolled many roles and her parents helped her in choosing the appropriate roles, and in training her well to perform the character well. It looks like normal.

Leya Kırşan Instagram, Facebook and Social Media

Leya Kırşan's smallness did not make them an obstacle to reaching her dream, but rather helped her to be one of the distinguished people whose names are mentioned in books and magazines that the media and social media talk about, so she became the talk of the whole world and her Instagram account witnessed up to 50,000 thousand followers Different countries, and children want to be like her and want to benefit from her experiences, Leah's face has become the most visible on social sites, with lighting cameras that she does not hide from her wherever she goes.

Awards won by Leya Kırşan

Leya Kırşan presented many dramatic works of art, which made her a star of the TV screen, and her innocence, beauty and prowess in performing roles swept the hearts of her followers, which made her get the title of the most beautiful and best child of 2014.

Despite her young age, she was classified in the list of the richest child in the world. Her accounts in banks reached more than $1 million - almost $5 million, and last year her balance exceeded nearly the net value of the previous year $100,000 - 1 A million dollars, the salary she receives is not mentioned in every television work for her, so these secrets are unknown until now and no one has declared them.

The movies are Leya Kırşan TV Series

Leah, despite her young age, embodied many difficult roles, which made her the title of the youngest talented artist, among the works presented by Najd

The Tuzkoparan series, which was shown in 2018 and is one of the most famous drama and fantasy series, revolves around a group of children, including a child called Two, who suffers from excessive sensitivity on the chest, who grew up in Istanbul, but his family decided to leave the city and return to the village to limit the spread of air pollution. He practiced the hobby of shooting, The series was first shown on the Turkish TRT channel, the series was directed by Aulas Cihan Simsek and Levent Kar, produced by Yakan Ozcanli and written by Hamamji, the heroes of the series Özgür Ege Nalcı in the role of Mette, Yusuf Gökhan Atalay in the role of Uncle Salih, Burak Kut, the father of Miti, Burcu Altın, the mother of Miti , Leya Kırşan embodied the character of the child Elif.

  in 2017

The 2017 series Petit Abdul Hamid is one of the historical series mixed with a kind of Turkish drama, the series revolves around Abdul Hamid II, the last sultans of the Ottoman Empire, the series directed by Sardar Akar and written by Osman Bodur and Ugur Yuznok, starring

Bulent Inal played the role of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, Ozlem Junker played the role of Sultan Bidar Qadin Effendi's wife, Bahadiroglu as Tahseen Pasha, Saijin Soysal played Theodor Herzl, Izji Ayuboglu played the role of Queen Ihsan, Akin Akinuzu played the role of Omar, Haqan Boyav body The role of Mahmoud Pasha, Gorkan Uygun played the role of Khalil Khalid, the child Leya Kırşan.
Leya Kırşan and her life story

The legend series, which was shown in 2017, the episodes of the series revolve around the story of a legendary man in a basketball game who has two daughters, Zainab and Melis, whose wife dies, so he tries to build his life and adapt to the situation without his wife, the series directed by

Basak Soysal and Devin Yalkin, produced by Ice Durmaz and Ebru Sakal, starring Leya Kırşan in her portrayal of Zainab and the star Erdaloglu as Tariq Aksoy, Gökça Bahadur Jaid as Bahar Karguz, while the star Mila Ada played the role of Melis, who is Zainab's older sister.

The Yves Doos series (Return Home) was launched from the beginning of 2015-2016 and is one of the thriller and crime series, which revolves around a group of questions about love, loss, pain and revenge, it co-starred

  Leya Kırşan Information

ilsad Çelebi in the role of Leyla, Cansel Elcin presented the role of Yusuf, Tardu Flordun personified the character of Kürsad, Ipek Erdem who presented the role of Canan, Leya Kirsan as Elif, Gürbey Ileri participated in the role of Aras,

Zeynep Özder as Pinar, the series directed by Volkan Kokatürk and written by Aziz Tuna, Selim Benier, and Ali Demeler.

The series Maral: En güzel Hikayem, presented in 2015, revolves around an ambitious young girl who wants to complete her studies and due to poor living, she works in the Luna sweets store. Between them, the young man who stands on a part of the sweets, acceptance and love, the series directed by Denise Kulos and produced

Arzu Egmir, co-working with Ahmed Olgun Soner, Elvan Boran, Furat Al-Tunmi and Leya Kırşan.

The Way of Life series, 2014, revolves around a group of doctors inside a hospital who play their roles in a comic irony.


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