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Some details about Miray Akay

Date of Birth: On the 17th of July 2000 AD.
Place of birth: Miraslava Kosyeva, Turkey.
Age: 20 years.
Nationality: Holds Turkish citizenship.
Father's nationality: He holds Turkish citizenship.
Mother's nationality: She holds Ukrainian citizenship.
Her family members: made up of father, mother, sister and brother.
When did you start acting: At 10 years old.
The most important role that brought her fame: when she played the daughter of actress Tuba Bicoston.
Religion: Muslim.
Academic qualification: She is still teaching at Mimar Sinan School for Beautiful Acting.
Profession: Actress.
Marital status: engaged.
Boyfriend's name: Atila Dogokan.
Date of engagement: the year 2019 AD.
Astrological Sign: Cancer.
Length: Approx 50 cm.
Weight: 165 kg approximately.
Eye color: green.
Hair color: brown.
Color: Red.
Animal: cats.
Food: Grills.
Drink: lemon juice.
Sport: swimming - golf.
Beginning of her acting career: in 2010 AD.
Miray Akay

Miray Akay Biography

She is an actress of Turkish origin, born in the city of Miraslava Kosyeva of the state of Turkey, but her birth was in the city of Ukraine on the seventeenth of July 2000 AD. Her father holds Turkish citizenship, but her mother holds Ukrainian citizenship. Her family consists of four people, and they are her father, mother, sister and brother. Furthermore, her sister in 1993 A.D. As for her brother, he was born in 2002 A.D. She returned to Istanbul in order to live and receive her education. She finished her primary and secondary studies at the Basilevir Ali Haider School in Istanbul, but now she is receiving her university studies that she chose to obtain in the Architecture School Sinan, the beautiful actresses, began to fame for 𝙼𝚒𝚛𝚊𝚢 when she was at the age of three years, where she first appeared in some works and advertisements for the world of trade and music clips, and then she decided to change her name from Miraslava to the current name Miray Akay.
when she akids

Miray Akay When I reached the age of ten years, I started to launch in the atmosphere of acting and enter the acting milieu, where I participated in many works with important roles and was able despite her age is still young, but she achieved distinguished and great successes and won many awards in festivals International and local actress as the best distinguished and brilliant actress over other Turkish actresses. 𝙼𝚒𝚛𝚊𝚢 was famous for the work of the character of the daughter of the star Tuba Bekoston in the Turkish action drama called 20 Minutes.

She also participated in the starring in the butterfly dream and the whale movie, as well as her participation in the controversial film, which won many international awards, “My Aunt Comed”, the film My Aunt, the series, Güneşin Kızları, in the role of the younger sister “Berry” and the series Unending Song and many other works.

Actress Miray Akay in the series Güneşin Kızları

This series talks about a woman named "Gunes", a 35-year-old woman who lives in Izmir with her three daughters and has twins, Celine and Nazli, between the ages of 15 to 17, who works as a teacher in a school whose husband left her alone with her brothers and children.

One day she meets a person called “Haluk” and falls in love with him as he also shares the same feelings with her. Then she decided to marry him and went to Istanbul with her daughters and lives in Haluk Palace in this case. The daughter Celine is very satisfied with this progress in her life. As for Nazli, she is not satisfied with this. The decision, therefore, is trying hard to find what is in the life of Haluk of dark and great secrets, as there is also “on” Ibn Haluk, as he is also not satisfied with welcoming these guests, and Celine is considered a new competitor who always tries to defeat them, and from here events develop more and more with an atmosphere of suspense And drama.
Actress Miray Akay in the series Güneşin Kızları

Miray Akay her lover and personal life

The actress 𝚊𝚔𝚊𝚢 is associated with Turkish Dojukan Yılmaz, and this engagement took place in 2019 AD after a relationship that lasted for about four years, and some allegations about their engagement have appeared that this engagement has been annulled, which leads to the anger of the “idle” because of these allegations and says on his page Personality on Instagram, I do not know how our culture became in this way, but I was alarmed when I read these comments in some pages and magazines which state that there is no longer any relationship between me and Mirai.

But after these allegations, the duo managed to deny everything that was uploaded to these pages, saying, "We have a request from you that this beautiful bond be kept away from your bad mouths only."
They explained the relationship that they had between them since they were children, and they are not supposed to tell all their personal matters to people. They also said that this relationship was a secret between them and their families only.

Her role in Bizim Hikaye

Actress Mireille liked this wonderful role, as it is close to her and her true personality very much, and she gave some words to the viewers saying that they are waiting for an upcoming star with a strong appearance that has a presence and consistency in embodying the roles.

The events of this series revolve around a character called "Velez", who is a young girl who was forced by society to care for her five younger siblings since her mother and father left her, who calls Fikry, an alcoholic man who causes many problems for his family from a time to time and despite the fact that they struggle to live In a poor district of Istanbul, the six sisters try to take care of each other with joy.
Feliz believes there is no place for love in her life until she meets someone named "Parrish" this young man who does everything for her and her family only to win Philly's heart.

Works of the Turkish actress Miray Akay

The Butterfly Dream - The Whale Movie - The Auntie Has Come - The Homecoming movie - My Name Gultab series - Güneşin Kızları - The Endless Song series - Returning Home _ 20 minutes _ Sea Fish _ Turkmali _ Never ending _ Song _ Naked truths.