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Pelin Ermis religion, age, husband Information and Biography

Who is Pelin Ermis?

Pelin Ermis religion, age, husband

Date of birth: She was born in August 1982.

Astrological Sign: Leo.

Age in 2020: 38 years old.

Place of birth: Izmir, Turkey.

Nationality: Turkish.

Religion: Muslim.

Profession: Actress.

Height: 160 cm.

Eye color: Light brown.

Hair color: Light brown.

Martial status: single

The turkish actress Pelin Ermis, presented the role of Kulthum in the series Adını Feriha Koydum, her religion and is she a Muslim or Christian, her age, date of birth and astrological sign, her husband and whether he is from the Turkish artistic community or not, the beginning of her artistic career and the most important works of series and films, her distinctive roles, information A character about her, her life and some photo albums of her.

Pelin Ermis and Biography

Turkish actress Pelin Ermis was born in August, in 1982, her astrological sign is Leo, and her age is now 38 years old, Pelin Ermis is a film and television actress born in Izmir, Turkey. She was linked in 2010 with Turkish actor Ugur Karabulut, but their relationship did not last long and they separated In the same year.

Pelin Ermis' artistic career begins

The Turkish actress Pelin Ermis began her artistic career in 2007 when she presented a role in the series “Vazgeç Gönlüm”, then participated in the famous Turkish series “Aşk-ı Memnu” which was shown in 2008, and then her various artistic works continued and made an important role in the series The successful Turkish “Adını Feriha Koydum”, which was shown in 2011, in which she embodied the character of Kulthum and then rolled her series.

Pelin Ermis in the series Aşk-ı Memnu

Aşk-ı Memnu is one of the most famous Turkish successful series, the series was first broadcast in September 2008, the series ended in June 2010, Aşk-ı Memnu is a novel by Halid Zia Ushakligel as it was written by Eiji Yırenc, the king of Genç Ihsanoglu, who is directed by Hilal Saral, Barış Yüş, the series achieved great success since the beginning of its presentation, and despite the criticisms against the series and the team, it succeeded remarkably not only in Turkey, but its success extended to the Arab world when it was dubbed into the Syrian dialect after that.

The series is a Turkish, romantic, social, drama, series, adapted from a famous Turkish novel of the same name, the series revolves around the businessman Adnan Bey Zyakil, who passed away his wife and left him a son and daughter, and decided to marry 11 years after the death of his wife, he married Samar Yuri Ihsanoglu, a beautiful young woman who is many years younger than him, moves to live in the house of Adnan Bey Ziyakil, her husband, and lives with his family consisting of his son Murad, his daughter Nihal and his nephew Muhannad as well as the nanny of the children and some servants.

Muhannad falls in love with his uncle's wife Samar, and then she falls in love with him after that, and an emotional relationship begins between them without noticing anyone from the family and their relationship continues in secret and the events follow in a dramatic thrilling framework until this secret is revealed at the end of the series, the young Turkish actress, Pelin Ermis is the role of a girl named Jamila, who is the daughter of the chief butler, Mr. Suleiman, and his wife, Shahira. She falls in love with Bashir, who works as a driver for the family of Adnan Bey, but Bashir has his heart attached to the love of Adnan Bey's daughter Nihal, Jamila hates Nihal because Bashir loves her.

The team of the series Aşk-ı Memnu

The series stars the Turkish actor, Kivanc Tatlitug, who embodies the personality of Muhannad, the Turkish actress Beren Saat who embodies the character of Samar, the Turkish actress Nabih Chahreh, the Turkish actress Pelin Ermis who played the role of Jamila, the Turkish actor Selcuk Yuntam, the Turkish actress Hazal Kaya who embodied the character Nihal and others The series has won dozens of awards, as it is considered one of the best Turkish drama series, and it has also made huge profits, especially when it was dubbed into the Syrian and shown in the Arab world.

Pelin Ermis in the series Adını Feriha Koydum

The famous Turkish series Adını Feriha Koydum is a Turkish romantic drama series that was produced in 2011 and was broadcast for the first time in January 2011 and ended in June 2012, the series written by Meles Seflik, Sirma Yanik and directed by director Paris Yus, the series was shown on Three parts, and it has been dubbed into Arabic with the Syrian dialect.

The series revolves around the beautiful, beautiful girl Fariha, who belongs to a poor family, and her father works as a guard in a high-end building. Her mother works as a maid for the wealthy in the same building. Her mother named her Fariha because she wished that the name would return to her with joy and happiness throughout her life, but when she joined the university she collided with Fariha With a society completely different from what she lives in, all the students are from elegant and wealthy families. Fariha is forced to lie and say that she is from a wealthy family as well. Amir loves her, the handsome and beautiful young man who is loved by many girls and is one of the richest families in the country.

Fariha also falls in love with him. Events continue until the secret is revealed and everyone knows that Feriha is from a very poor family. The series stars the Turkish actress Hazal Kaya, who embodied the character of Feriha Yilmaz, the Turkish actor Chatay Olsoy, who played the role of Amir Sarrafoglu, the Turkish actress Pelin Ermis Who embodied the character of Kulthum, the Turkish actor Youssef Akgun who embodies the character of Koray, the Turkish actor Metin Chikmez who embodied the character of Freiha's father, the Turkish actress Fahid Gordum who embodied the character of Feriha's mother, the Turkish actress Sida Atis who embodied the character of Handa and others, the series achieved great success.

Pelin Ermis Series

Although Pelin Ermis did not present many works of art, she was distinguished by her secondary roles, the young actress participated in some Turkish series, namely:

She participated in the Turkish series “Vazgeç Gönlüm” which was shown in 2007 and is her first participation in Turkish TV.

She participated in the famous Turkish series "Aşk-ı Memnu", which was shown in 2008 and continued until 2010, in which she embodied the character of the girl, Jamila, daughter of Suleiman Effendi, the chief of the butler and Shahira.

And she participated in a distinguished role in the successful Turkish series “Adını Feriha Koydum”, which was shown in three parts from 2011 until 2012, through which she embodied the character of Kulthum.

She participated in the series “Hangimiz sevmedik” which was shown in 2016 and it is a romantic drama series.


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