Mert Firat religion, his sweetheart, series Info and Biography

Mert Firat, the young Turkish actor, detailed information about Emre Arsoy in the İntikam series, and he also participated in the Muhteşem Yüzyıl series and the Binbir Gece series, his religion and is he a Muslim or Christian, his age and date of birth, his sweetheart and his wedding, his series and the most prominent characters he presented on the screen and the beginning of his artistic career You can find all information about him and his personal life in this detailed article about his life.

Who is Mert Firat?

Date of birth: January 10, 1981.
Astrological Sign: Capricorn.
Age in 2020: 39 years old.
Place of birth: Ankara, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion Muslim.
Profession: Actor and Screenwriter.
Marital Status: Married to Actress Edel Furat.
Height: 181 cm.
The beginning of the artistic career: It began in the year 2000.
Years of activity: From 2000 until now.
 Mert Firat religion, his sweetheart


Turkish actor Mert Firat was born on the tenth of January 1981 and he is 39 years old and his astrological sign is Capricorn, he was born in the capital Ankara in Turkey, and he holds Turkish citizenship and holds the Islamic religion, Mert Firat is of Turkish, Circassian and Arab origins, and his father is Singer Nihad Furat, Mert is a television, theater and film actor who presented many varied artistic works during his artistic career.

Mert Firat Education

Mert Firat studied in high school and after he finished studying there he studied radio and television broadcasting in Sweden and then returned to his native Ankara and studied acting at the university, Furat graduated from the theater department at the university in Ankara and then obtained a master's degree in cinema and drama from Kadir Has University He founded a theater called “Moda” and “Das Das” theater in Istanbul and “Sanat Mahal” theater in Bursa, and then participated in many artistic works.

Marriage of Mert Firat

In September 2018, the Turkish star Mert Firat celebrated his wedding at Idil Furat, one of the women of Turkey and the daughter of a famous businessman, in the presence of an elite of Turkey's top stars as well as friends and relatives, and the engagement did not last for long. Turkish Handa Dogan Demir, as well as after Edel went through several emotional relationships, the most prominent of which is her relationship with the famous Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug, known as Muhannad, and Idil invited her close friend Didim Balchin to attend the ceremony and everyone wore masks to reduce infection with the Corona virus, and although some criticized the newlyweds for wearing the muzzle, however, Precaution to avoid infection.

Edel, the wife of Turkish actor Mert Firat, celebrated Mert's 39th birthday party and was keen on having a romantic atmosphere. I love you The post was impressed by Turkish actor Mert Firat and they exchanged congratulations on his birthday.

The beginning of his career

The Turkish actor Mert Firat began his artistic career in 2000 when he presented his first series entitled “Bora”, then participated in several various artistic works. Among the most prominent characters he presented is the character Emre in the İntikam series, in which the famous Turkish actress, Beren Saat, also presented the series. Titled Binbir Gece, which was very successful and his various artistic works followed after that.

Mert Firat in the series İntikam

The famous Turkish series İntikam, which was shown in 2013 and continued until 2014, participated in the series, the Turkish actor Mert Firat, in the series with the famous Turkish actress Beren Saat, which is a Turkish drama series adapted from the American series İntikam. By putting him in prison and accusing him of several false accusations, which led to a distortion of his reputation, so the daughter İntikam decided to her father after she had grown up. Esler who embodies the character of Rosgar Dinsji, the Turkish actor Basak Dashman who embodies the character of Deren Çelik and others.

The most important series of Mert Firat

He participated for the first time in a series called "Bora", which was shown in 2000.
The series "Binbir Gece", which was shown in 2006 until 2008, embodied the character Burak.
He participated in the series "Yoursuz Yurtsuz" in 2007.
The series “Kapalicarsi” which was shown in 2009, 2010.
He participated in the series "Bear Omor Distinguished" in 2011.
The series "Revenge", which was shown in 2013, in 2014, in which the character Emery.
Participated in the series “Serce Sarayi” which was shown in 2015.
The series "Love and Pride", which was shown in 2017, in which he played the role of Kinan.
He participated in the series "Small Crimes", which was shown from 2017 to 2018, in which he portrayed the character Sarhan Iksak.

Mert Firat movies are old and new

He participated in the movie "Iste Benim" in 2006.
2007 in the movie “Hayattan Korkma”.
He participated in the movie "Bashka Dildak" in 2009.
The movie “Atlikarince”, in 2010.
He participated in the movie "Bnei Onotma" in 2011.
The movie “Dedemin Insanlari” in 2011.
He participated in the movie “Devermidin Sonra” in 2011.
Film "Anotma Bani Istanbul" in 2011.
He participated in the movie “Kelebegin Ruyasi” in 2013.
The movie “Erkek Tarafi Testosterone” in 2013.
He participated in the movie "Water Fortune teller" in 2014.
The movie "Jess" in 2014.
He participated in the movie "Beer Farmes Bir Yokmosh" in 2015.
The movie "Paul Airme", in 2017.