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Who is Birkan Sokullu? girlfriend Age, Height, Bio

Birkan Sokullu his religion, age, love of basketball and art and his beginning and marriage to the actress Asli Inver and the reason for the divorce and his entry into the world and the fact that he is associated with a star of Turkey and a full report about him and some beautiful pictures.

Short information about Birkan Sokullu

Nationality Birkan Sokullu: Turkish nationality.
Birthday of Birkan Sokullu: October 6, 1985.
Birkan Sokullu Astronomical Tower: Libra.
Birkan Sokullu Birth Shop: Istanbul, Turkey.
Wife of Birkan Sokullu: Asli Inver.
Date of marriage Birkan Sokullu: 2012.
Divorce date Birkan Sokullu: 2015.
Qualification for Birkan Sokullu: Radio and Television Programming Course at the University of Maltbe.
Birkan Sokullu's Artistic Beginning: 2008.
Career Birkan Sokullu: Actor- Model - Former basketball player.
Birkan Sokullu's Most Famous Works: The Song of Life.
Birkan Sokullu length: 184 cm.
Birkan Sokullu


Personal information and his life story

Birkan Sokullu is a young Turkish actor and artist who managed to prove himself among his young competitors born Perkan on 6 October 1985, he was born in Libra, now 35 years old, born in the capital of Turkey Istanbul studied at the University of Maltibe, Turkey in the field of radio and television and loved basketball and was one of the most important players of the basketball team until his feet were injured during the game for ten years and stopped injury when he changed the course of his work and his life completely began In working as an advertising model and was able to prove himself in this field he got the award for best model for advertising in 2013 after which he entered the world of acting and succeeded in it and participated in many works and drama series and romance and was able to become one of the most important and most famous stars of this generation of his works the series song life, which was shown in 2016 married in 2012 from the beautiful actress Asli Inver unfortunately did not remain this marriage for a long time and divorced between them in 2015 But they have maintained their friendship so far and now he has an emotional relationship with Dylan Deniz, a hero of The Sultan's Harem.

Birkan Sokullu and Dylan Deniz

Actor Birkan Sokullu married the beautiful actress Asli Inver in 2012 but unfortunately after their incompatibility was quickly amicably separated in 2015 to keep the friendship between them until now but after the divorce circulated a lot of rumors about the two parties and the most widespread rumors are rumored an emotional relationship between Birkan Sokullu and the star of Turkey, actress Dylan Deniz but there is no response to these rumors either from Dylan or actor Birkan Sokulkul Until the picture of the two stars was taken through the lens of the paparazzi, the two lovers in a restaurant were having a romantic dinner and it was clear to them the nature of the relationship that brings them together although there are no statements of them on this matter, but the picture was conclusive evidence about this, this emotional relationship is not the first for the artist Birkan Sokullu of the beautiful artistic center,
The first of his relationships is the only official marriage and announced is his marriage to the beautiful actress Asli Inver, which did not result from His marriage of any children and after their divorce was linked to jamila of the stars of Turkey, a hero of the series Harem Sultan actress Perak Tzunatash, who embodied the role of Sultanmehronisa in the series, but the relationship was not completed between them, and then he was associated with the actress Dylan Deniz, who is his current lover, who was also associated with the actor Farqan Andesh but separated soon and at the artistic level of the lovers Perkan and Dylan Faberkan his last work in the turkish drama is a series in front of the star Sinim Kobesh, who was also associated with the actor Sineael Andesh, who separated soon and at the artistic level of the lovers Perkan and Dylan Faberkan. Called Face to Face, Dylan's latest work is a series starring Arras Bulut Inmle, which is called The Pit Series.

Birkan Sokullu's arrival in the world and the failure of his marriage

The news of the divorce of actor Birkan Sokullu to his wife, the beautiful actress Asli Inver, angered many of her fans and followers, which sparked rumors about the reason for the divorce and the reason that sparked the rumors is that the marriage was the result of a strong love story that brought them together for a long time. That existed between them and the two parties will not come out between the context of mutual respect between them and in the context of the work Birkan Sokullu was able to succeed until reaching the world so it was agreed between him and one of the international production companies in Hollywood to participate in the starring of a global film produced by the company and that the film is about to be filmed in Portugal, the scenes will be in different countries such as Istanbul Turkey, Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. The Turks were the best actor Birkan Sokullu for his high abilities that suit a universal film such as this film and also because he is fluent in English and is a requirement of the film so he was the most suitable actor of the youth of his generation as his latest works have met a very popular and great success such as the series Laith and Nora and the series Secrets of girls.

The coincidence that brought Bergan and I prayed.
After a long period of divorce Birkan Sokullu and Asli Inver and after they found love in another person and announced the engagement to him came coincidence brings Perkan and his lover and original and her lover famous pop singer in a restaurant in Turkey. While Asli Inver and her lover were eating inside the restaurant Birkan Sokullu and his lover also entered the restaurant Birkan Sokullu and his lover also without knowing the presence of the original inside the place but when surprised by the presence of his ex-wife left the place immediately without thinking and of course it was sudden and confusing for also originally left the place and left the place also Quickly after them.

Film and series

Small Secrets series in 2010 - The Little Woman series in 2008 - Face to Face in 2018 - Innocent Dreams in 2010 - Series song of life in 2016 - series Angels bless in 2010 - Elif series in 2008 - Series Abyss in 2012 - Said and Shura in 2014 - Series Secrets of girls in 2013 - series Fatih in 2013 - series family story in 2019- Abı Hayat - Brother Life in 2022.

Photo by Birkan Sokullu

We present you with a collection of pictures in which the young Turkish actor Birkan Sokullu is shown with his handsomeness and his special beauty and elegance as a model and model advertisements and some pictures of his works of art and pictures of his ex-wife, the beautiful actress Asli Inver, and a collection of pictures that bring him together with his new lover, the heroine of the series Harem Sultan.

Birkan Sokullu

the actor Birkan Sokullu


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