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Sercan Badur, information about his religion and whether he is a Muslim or Christian, his age, date of birth and astrological sign, his series and the most prominent personalities he presented, complete information about him and his personal life and the beginning of his career in acting and his television work through a complete report on him.

Who is Sercan Badur?

Date of birth: October 1990.
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim.
Astrological Sign: Scorpio.
Profession: Actor.
Height: 175 cm.

Biography of Sercan Badur

Turkish actor Sercan Badur was born in October 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey, his astrological sign is Scorpio, he studied in the theater department at Mimar Sinan University and graduated from it and worked in the theater since 2010, and he also participated in some commercial advertisements in 2008, He presented a bunch of successful TV series.
Sercan Badur religion

Sercan Badur makes his acting debut

Turkish actor Sercan Badur started his acting career in 2007 when he participated in a movie called “Late”, then presented a series of TV series and became famous in several distinct roles, the most important of which was the role of Jihad in the famous Turkish series “War of Roses,” and his television work followed after that.

One of his most famous roles is his role in Gullerin Savasi, which was produced and its show began in July 2014 and its second season was shown in February 2016 and the series met with great success, the story of the series begins with the death of a rich class person, the father of Tulip Sipahi, who embodies his role The Turkish actor Sercan Badur, Tulip was living outside Turkey, and when she heard the news of her father’s death, she returned to Turkey to attend the funeral ceremony, as well as to take care of her sick brother, Jihad Sepahi, and bear his responsibility after her father.

Tulip’s return to Turkey awoke the love of Doctor Omar in her heart. The war of roses carries the meaning of the beautiful rose tulip. The one who works as a skilled fashion designer, Gauri, the second rose who lives in a small room inside the palace with her family who works in Tulip Palace and dreams that she will be like her one day, but the war comes when Gori begins to love Doctor Omar and the two compete for Omar’s heart, and the events follow.

Turkish actor Barış Kılıç, who embodies the character of Doctor Omar, the Turkish actress Damla Sonmez, who embodies the character of Gori, the Turkish actress Janan Argodar who embodies the character of Tulip Sepahi, the Turkish actor Sercan Badur, who embodies the character of Jihad Sepahi, the sick brother of Tulip and others, participated in the series. The series is based on the Syrian dialect and consists of two parts and has been classified as a romantic drama.

Sercan Badur in the series Our Lady of the Farm

The famous Turkish series, Our Lady of the Farm, is a Turkish romantic drama series adapted from the novel of the famous Turkish writer Orhan Kemal. It has been dubbed into the Moroccan dialect and titled “Don't forget”, and it has also been dubbed into the Syrian dialect. The series has been broadcast on several Arab channels and won great success. The series is written by Zolkov Yusel, and directed by Faruk Tiber, the series revolves around class disparity in the city of Adana within Turkish society. The poor class works in the palaces and homes of the wealthy politicians class, and despite the difference between them in everything, but love unites them against their will. The series was first broadcast on Turkish screens in September 2009 and was last broadcast in June 2011.

A group of the best Turkish actors participated in the series, they are the Turkish actor Mehmed Aslantuk who embodies the personality of Montaser, the Turkish actress Ozgu Namal, who embodied the character of Kholoud, the Turkish actor Kaner Senderok who embodies the character of Kemal, the Turkish actress Ebru Ozcan who embodied the role of Khadija, the Turkish actor Muhammad Shafiq Which embodies the personality of Samir, the Turkish actress Tokchi Ursay who embodied the role of Kenza, the Turkish actor Sercan Badur, the Turkish actor Haqan Boyav who embodies the personality of Rashid, the Turkish actor Fikret Kochkan who embodies the character of Imran, the Turkish actress Ephrem Solmaz who embodied the role of Intissar and others, the series achieved success Great at the Arab level, especially in the Arab Maghreb.

Sercan Badur- Umut in Masum Degiliz

Actor Sercan Badur won the starring role in the series “Masum Degiliz”, which is one of the most famous and most wonderful Turkish series, in which a group of top Turkish stars participated, and it is a dramatic work. The series revolves around some companies and some friends who are the focus of events. The series was produced and presented in the second half. From 2018, the story of the series tells about a group of five friends who have been in relationships since they were classmates. Events take place and years go on and many situations happen to them that change their lives and reveal secrets from the past that make them friends and enemies, and the series is directed by director Levent Turkan.

Elite of Turkey’s top stars participated in the series, including Turkish actor Uraz Kaycilaroglu, Turkish actor Amir Suikan, Turkish actress Damla Sonmez, Turkish actor Auchan Kakir, Turkish actor Gizem Denizchi, Turkish actress Seda Olguner and others, the series has achieved great success since it began its showing It was also shown on Arab screens and was also successful in the Arab world.

The Sercan Badur series
He participated in a series called “The Spirit of the Age” which was shown in 2008.
In 2009, he appeared in the series "Our Lady of the Farm".
He participated in the series “Love Under Fire” which was shown in 2013.
He appeared in the series "War of Roses", which was shown in 2014 and continued until 2016, and through which he presented the character Jihad Sebahi.
Participated in the series “Istanbul Streets” which was shown in 2016.
Starred in the series "The Sultan's Harem", which was shown in 2016.
He also participated in the series "We are not innocent", which was shown in 2018.

Sercan Badur Movies

A movie called "Late", which was shown in 2007.
He participated in the movie "The Butterfly", which was shown in 2010.
He also participated in the movie "The Unicorn Season", and then participated in the movie "Core", which was shown in 2016.
Then he participated in the movie “Tight Dress”, then he participated in the movie “Goodbye Writer” which was shown in 2012.

Sercan Badur makes his acting debut

Biography of Sercan Badur