Berk Atan religion, wife all series, movies, information and biography

Berk Atan and his wife all series, movies, information and biography, a lot of information about Berk Atan series and movies and his wife and his lover and his religion.

Who is Berk Atan? 

What is Berk Atan's birthday?
September 26, 1991.
What is the age of Berk Atan?
29 in 2020.
What is Berk Atan's place of birth?
Born in Izmir, Turkey.
What is Berk Atan's nationality?
Burke is Turkish.
What is the Religion of Berk Atan?
His religion is probably Islam.
Who is Berk Atan's wife?
He's not married yet.
What's his weight?
75 kg.
What is the length of Berk Atan?
185 cm.
What's an astrological tower?
What is an academic qualification?
His academic qualification is fine arts representation department.
When did he start his career?
He started his career in 2013 and since then he has not stopped.
Berk Atan religion, wife all series, movies, information and biography


Burke is one of the stars of Turkish act, which is watched by millions of viewers around the world, he is closer to the hearts of Arabs as well and remembers him a lot in many roles, to talk about his beginning, the artist was born in 1991 in Izmir and spent his life there. He chose to study acting at the Faculty of Fine Arts because of his love of acting and his passion for it, before entering the world of acting was a well-known model, and he won many awards and titles that raised his value, contributed to the same competition and won the largest position. One of his most recent television works is The Mountain Of Gonul.
Burke is one of the stars of Turkish act

He has been featured in the field of fashion shows, and has contributed to a Turkish series called "Golden Mountain Region", which was screened in 2013, so the series has helped him to fame. In 2015, Burke starred in the youth and drama Series Girls of the Sun, which starred him in Turkey and the Arab world as Savash Murtoglu. After this he got up to star in the series Sabra O My Heart but the series was disrupted after the show of 13 episodes of it due to the decline of the reiting.

 Berk Atan's Wife

It turns out that the new lover is Sim Oklar, found attan, who left Simge Birben shortly after, happiness. It was alleged that the common name of the last period had a love affair with university student Sim Oklar. The couple, who said they had been together for about a month, also lived together out of sight.
 It was said that he had a love affair with the Turkish actress (Borgo Ozberk), who participated in the sports competition in the series Girls of the Sun, and of course the safa did not leave them until I asked them many questions about their relationship with each other, but they deny that link and say that they are only friends. He is already a great artist, but he also won the title of "The Promised Future", and the following year he contributed to the same match and won the biggest position.

Berk Atan contributed to the popular youth and drama series "Female sun" and in 2015 the series is a series that has shown its fame in Turkey and the Arab world as the famous "Savash Murtoglu". In 2017, he competed in the series "Skin ya Mehiti" as one of the main protagonists of the series category as one of the best episodes of the series 2017 Perak Atan stood on his feet by portraying Atef Chanal in that series, which also starred Jansal Elchin, Aegean Aslo, Nelai Deniz and Equipe Aidan.

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Berk Atan and his acting start

His artistic debut was through the series Blue Wave, for the sale of "Altındağlı" adapted from the world-famous American series The Sopranos starring Shafq Sezer, Edmir Akbash, Handy Ataisi, Pachak Sayyan, will start tomorrow evening on Show TV.Pachac Saiyan and Shafik, who played the husband and wife in the series, a press conference. Shafq Sezer, who reflected mafia leader Tony Soprano in the television series The Sopranos as Ekrem Altındağlı, defined the theme of the series as "the story of the Altındağlı family, which develops in and around commercial life". Sezer said he was crazy about his role in the series and that's why he went to a psychiatrist, Sezer said: "I went to the psychiatrist once in real life. I couldn't wake up for 60 hours because of the medicine he gave."

He expressed that with Hande Ataizi, who plays the role of psychiatrist in the following chapters, they will increase sincerity because of the role. Pachak Sayan as Kanan Altendaghly said she was a fan of the original version of the series after she introduced the definition of "addictive TV series" and said, "It excites me to be a part of the series that I watched with great passion."
He then appeared in the series "Everything Is Fine" and was a big role, a Turkish police and comedy series that airs on Show TV. After broadcasting 18 episodes of the series, it was decided to stop broadcasting when the work of Show TV was renewed, but was later cancelled and many characters were removed from the series and a new name. He began to follow up on his subject. According to the scenario, in episode 19, all professional police students and their teachers were expelled from the school because they did not notify the foundation manager and the general manager of receiving training at the hotel and set up a company that everything is ok for security. His adventures now continue in this security company. In the final episode of the series Selgoq and Jasmine decided to marry, and the series ended unexpectedly on September 29, 2013.

Salah Martoglu in Güneşin Kızları

Güneşin Kızları is a Turkish youth drama series produced in 2015, starring actor Emre Kinai, Efrim Alacia, Tolga Saritash, Borgo Ozberk, and Handa Archiel on Turkish channel Canal de Turkey on June 18, 2015. Dubbed in Arabic and shown on Mbc4 on November 20, 2016.

Salim in The Tears of Jannat

The handsome actor co-starred in the series Tears of Jannat, a drama series produced in 2017, starring the actor Israa Ronbar, Mila Ada, presented on THE TURKISH ITV channel on September 24, 2017. The series consists of 36 episodes, which ended on June 17, 2018. Dubbed in Arabic and shown on Shahid Net on June 1, 2019

Berk Atan News

The Turkish media have circulated that there is a friendship with Youssef Jim and that this relationship was the main reason for the failure of Youssef Jim's relationship with his lover because his girlfriend was jealous of him because he was spending all the time with him.
He was also seen with his girlfriend, Sim Ukar, in one area of Turkey, both of whom were incited not to appear on camera and were wearing jeans and a face-mask jacket.
One photographer confirmed that they had entered a bazaar in the area together and when they went out they tried to hide their faces from the camera, which puzzled many media professionals because they were known to have been living a love story for seven years.
Journalists at Istanbul's famous Zorlu Mall saw him and said he had come to the mall to meet a friend, and Berk Atan said he was now preparing to film a new work to be broadcast in September.
Berk Atan News