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Asli Enver Who is she?

Born: May 10, 1984.
Age: 36.
Place of birth: London.
Nationality: Turkish.
Occupation: Actress.
Marital status: Married.
Husband's name: Perkan Sokolo.
Asli Enver


Asli Enver was born in London in 1984, and she is the second daughter in the family, her mother was from Turkey, but she traveled to London to study, her father was Turkish, her father was Turkish, and she grew up with a big love story, married the father and mother in London and had an original child there, she lived in London until she reached the age of 12 years and then moved back with the family and returned to Turkey to settle there, and continued her career in education, and she never thought about acting, her father was always seeking to represent, her father was always seeking to His daughter became the best thing during school, and he always encouraged her to do so, and also her mother loved art and cinema, but she asked her daughter to complete her school life first and then move on to the beginning of the artistic process afterwards.

Education and study

Asli Enver began her education in London, where she attended primary school until the age of 12, in schools in London, then moved with her family to Turkey and completed her education until she finished high school and joined university, studied at the Beer Institute of Fine Arts, at The University of Halish and specialized in the theatre department.

She was a fan of art since the beginning of university, she wanted to develop her talent and found it by studying theater art in the university, and she was participating in some theatrical performances during the study, and those performances were in front of the audience and some committees that witnessed her excellence and talent, and that was psychological support for her during the period of study, and remained in the course of education until she graduated from university, and looked for an opportunity to enter the world of art and drama she liked more television and cinema, and did not offer many plays During her artistic career, she was content with some theatrical performances during the education phase.
Actress Aslı Enver began

Started with acting

Actress Aslı Enver began her artistic career after graduating from university, and when she got a role in the short series Setcom, the duration of this role was only two minutes, and this series was shown to the Radio and Television Corporation of Turkey, this start for her, a group of directors and critics saw this short role and many of them expected that this actress has a great talent.

She can also present important roles if she gets a special opportunity, and then the actress Aslı Enver was nominated for a role in a short film, which is the movie "Ainh", which is a simple role did not exceed more than minutes, but she worked hard in it a lot to reach the best, and that was her ambition until she reached another chance in the television drama, a role in a television series called "Science of Life", a very good role in this series, but she did not get the title yet, and then After that, the actress Aslı Enver participated in a youth series, embodied the role of "Mina" in the series "Willow Years", which is shown on Turkish channels and this series was dubbed into the Syrian dialect and shown on Arab television.

Since then, actress Asli Enver became famous and her talent reached a lot of audiences, then the roles rolled to the actress Aslı Enver and presented many of them and there was something on Turkish television channels and another shown on Arab television channels, until she reached the starring role in the series "Smini Hijran" and was the first work in which she participated in a heroic role, then presented another set of starring roles, the most famous in the Arab world the series "Bride of Istanbul" which achieved tremendous successes due to the distinguished team.
actress Asli Enver became famous

Asli Enver birkan sokullu

Actress Asli Enver married Perkan Sokolo on July 13, 2012, after a love affair that lasted for a while and ended in marriage, and this marriage was not completed much later, and the divorce was announced in a statement issued by her lawyer, in August 2015.

On the birthday of actress Aslı Enver there was the young singer "Mourad Boz" and he announced his love for her in front of everyone, through a song he gave her and then confessed his love again in a tv program saying: "Love has no choices, I am very in love", and then brought them together a film that was shown on the screens of cinema, and in 2016 this film called "My Brother I".
aslı enver birkan sokullu

The heroine of The Bride of Istanbul

The series of Bride of Istanbul counted one of the famous Turkish series that was recently shown on Turkish channels and was dubbed to the Syrian dialect and presented on Arab television channels, in which the actress Aslı Enver participated in a special role and revolves around "Soraya", an actress originally, a girl living in Istanbul lost her father and mother since a young age and lives with her aunt, loves life and sings in restaurants and plays the violin, then she meets a young man named Farouk, the son of the rich family, and falls in love with her, but his mother is asking her to marry, but his mother objects to this The girl begins the war and the conflicts flare up between them.

Series Asli Enver

Actress has participated in a series of film and television works counting the most famous dramas of the following:
Participated in the series "Science of Life".
She also presented the series "Willow Years", which embodied the role of "Mina".
Also participated in the series "The Lost".
She also presented The Silent Stoorem, portraying the role of "Aho".
Participated in the series Samini Hijran, and played the role of "Hijran".
I presented the series "Be Happy, This Is Enough For Me", which has achieved great successes on Turkish television.
The series "Winter Sun", in which the actress Aslı Enver portrayed the role of "Nissan".
She starred in the series Bride of Istanbul, which portrayed the character "Soraya".


Actress Aslı Enver has participated in a number of films, although it is simple, but she has gained a great reputation for being famous:

Is we okay?
    "My Brother I", I embodied the character of Zainab.
    The other end of the action movie from (dor) "Aegean"