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serkan altunorak Religion sevgilisi, wife, report and bio


Who is Serkan Altunorak, who presented the character (Bulent), the hero of the series “Bridges and the Beautiful,” his religion, nationality, age, personal life, emotional life, beginnings in his artistic career, and the most important works that he participated in before his appearance in the absolute championship, in addition to a bouquet of the most beautiful pictures For the handsome artist who is now the darling of girls around the world.

Personal information

Date of birth: 24 - 12 - 2020
Place of birth: Ankara - Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Years of work: From 1999 until now
Residence: Istanbul - Turkey
Age in 2020: 44 years
Eye color: Light brown
Hair color: brown
Talents: acting - drawing
Academic qualification: Graduated from Hacettepe University, then from Mimar Sinan University

serkan altunorak biography and life story

 "Bulent" is the name known to the public in his role in the Turkish series "Bridges and the Beautiful", one of the most famous and best-known Turkish drama actors ever. Serkan was born in Ankara on the twenty-fourth day of December 1976, Serkan is now 44 years old. “The year 2020, and he loved art and acting from a young age, but Serkan did not pay attention to this talent when he was young, rather he was placing his greatest focus on drawing, so Serkan was talented in drawing since his childhood,

When Serkan Altunorak finished high school, he did not forget his love for art and acting and decided to present the matter to his parents, but his father refused during this period, believing that acting is not a guaranteed job that guarantees him happiness, it did not end here at Serkan when he studied at Hacettepe University, he decided After that, going to Mimar Sinan University to major in fine arts, Serkan decided not to give up his dream of acting.

serkan altunorak annesi
Serkan altunorak lived most of his life in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and studied there until high school, and Serkan moved to New York City in the United States of America to visit his brother, who was living there at that time, when his artistic beginnings became serkan living in Istanbul and settled there, and is considered a Serkan One of the most mysterious actors, who does not like to talk much about themselves, but likes to do his work quietly.

serkan altunorak

Much about Serkan Altunorak

Serkan's character is completely different from what he appears in front of the camera and on television screens, Serkan's nature is that he is quiet and shy, he hates appearing a lot in front of the cameras or in television programs, even he deliberately when he goes abroad not to draw attention to him so that fans do not gather around him, he loves Serkan Everything is calm and gentle, he likes to go to parks and places of lakes, loves to have coffee and listen to soft music, so there will be a person whose nature differs from being a well-known artist.

Being a handsome young man who has many fans not only in Turkey but around the world, rumors abound about Serkan and about his emotional relations, or about his connection, so that many rumors have been spread about his association with the stars he worked with in his series, but until now Serkan has not announced Anything related to his relationship or marriage, and about love and emotional relations, serkan stated that he loves the smart girl, there is no ugly girl on earth, but the smart girl is more attractive, and he also stated that he tends more to girls with a light shade, as he is a person who is lover of life and always optimistic.

Much about Serkan Altunorak

serkan altunorak and his acting debut

Serkan did not succumb to his father’s objection to entering the world of art at the beginning, but he tried in various ways until he was able to study theater through the Institute of Fine Arts, and Serkan kept looking for any opportunity to prove his existence and his great artistic talent. He kept trying in various artistic fields until he did “dubbing” Cartoons in Turkey,

His talent was discovered for the first time, and he participated in his first work in 1999 titled “Behind the Scenes Together” and since then, Serkan has been known among the Turkish public as a handsome young man who carefully selects his roles.

serkan altunorak kimdir?

Despite being a well-known actor not only on the scale of his country but on the level of the whole world, Serkan is a quiet person who does not like the limelight, but always feels proud to be a likable artist, he says that despite being a person who does not like crowds, he likes to meet People around him to take pictures with him, and he always follows the audience's opinions about him and his artwork.

serkan altunorak dizileri

After his first participation in the series "Behind the Scenes Together", Serkan drew close attention to him, whether by directors, producers or the audience itself, which made him participate in many famous Turkish works. In 2006, Serkan participated in the movie "Rain Time", then Serkan participated After that in the series “Jumidan”, and in 2008 Serkan appeared in a role that caught all eyes in the movie “The Fall”, which was shown in Turkey, and it was a great public success.
In 2009, Serkan did not stop presenting various and varied works. He participated in the series "The Angels", then in 2011 he participated in the series "Suspicion", followed by the series "Sins".

serkan altunorak boyu

Being a talented actor, Serkan participated in many plays that were shown in England. Serkan wanted to weigh his talent in order to be able to appear to the Turkish public while he was in the fullest of talent and performance. In 2007, Serkan participated in the play “Kürklü Merkü”, in the year 2007. 2008, he also participated in the play “Vur Yağmala Yeniden”, and in 2018 Serkan participated in the theatrical performance under the title “Killolog”

Bulent is the hero of the series "Bridges and Al Jamila"

In 2016, it became the talk of the hour about Turkish series due to the premiere of the series "Bridges and the Beautiful", which is considered one of the most successful drama series, which has been shown in the Arab world, and Jusoor and Al Jamila met great success, because of the love and romance story that revolves around the series Between Bridges, His role is played by the handsome star “Kivanc Tatlitug”, who was known in the Arab world through the name Muhannad after presenting two series that were dubbed in the Arab world with the same name as the character, namely the series “Al-Ashk Al-Mounaoua” and the series “Noor”. The Arab world through her series "Black Love" and many successful series.

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The series revolves around the handsome young man “Bridges” played by Kevanc, who used to live in the village with his family and decided to travel to avenge the man who caused the killing of his father, and then he meets “Suhan” that beautiful girl whom he falls in love with since their first meeting, until Jusoor discovers that Suhan is the daughter of that man who had always dreamed of revenge on him.

Serkan plays in this series the character "Bulent", the preacher of Sohan, who was seeking her father to meet both Suhan and Bulent together to get rid of the bridges who entered his daughter's life. Serkan won the admiration of the Arab audience through this series, until he became known in the Arab world as Bulent.

Serkan Altunorak
Serkan Altunorak


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