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gökçe akyıldız Religion Age husband Info and Biography

gökçe akyıldız
gökçe akyıldız

Information about gökçe akyıldız, what is the date of birth of gökçe akyıldız, when did her artistic career begin, for all the fans and followers of the Turkish drama, you have a brilliant actress of its stars, which is the actress gökçe akyıldız, and this is a complete and comprehensive article about everything you love to know about her religion, nationality, secrets and her life Self, what is her height, weight, academic qualification, marital status, and a set of exclusive and personal photos of her.

Personal information gökçe akyıldız

Her full name is gökçe akyıldız, her name in Turkish is gökçe akyıldız, her date of birth is October 30, 1992, her current age is 27 years, her birthplace is Sinop - Turkey, her astrological sign is Scorpio, her nationality is Turkish, her religion is Muslim, height 16 cm, weight 50 kg, hair color is black Her eyes are gray, her marital status is married to Mustafa Ozerok.

Biography and her acting career

Gökçe akyıldız is a rising Turkish actress, and she was born on October 30, 1992, in Sinop, Turkey. She has two brothers and one brother, and she is classified before the younger sister and they are Gökçe Akıldız, Gökhan Akildiz, Gözdi Akıldız, and she started her acting career since her childhood when she was ten years old In 2002, she got to know Gokushi through her father winning a car, which resulted in him being hosted on TV with his family, including Gokshi.

Gokshi Eaklides, her husband and children

The beautiful Gokshi Eklides has been married to Mustafa Ozweruk since 2017 and she has a two-year-old son from him now.

Gökçe akyıldız acting works

The brilliant beauty, Gokshi Eklides, has participated in many artistic and dramatic works, including exclusively (she worked in the series “Our School,” she also acted in “The Way of Evil” series. She also worked in the series Behind Bars, and participated in the Ghazi series and the Zainab series, as well as the flower series in The bike, she also worked in the desert series, and participated in her most important role in the starring in the series The Sad Flowers, and among her cinematic works is her participation in the movie A Touch of Spices.

Her role in the series Kırgın Çiçekler

Gökçe presented the most important role as she embodied the starring role in the series “Sad Flowers.” Kırgın Çiçekler. Which is considered one of the famous Turkish series in the Arab world. Which won great admiration and approval from the Arab and Turkish audiences. and at the same time. It received 10.45 percent His first season. Which is the highest viewership he received throughout his three seasons.

The series has achieved great international success as it has been shown in many foreign countries. Such as Greece. Peru. Argentina. Romania. Sri Lanka. Indonesia. Iran. Spain. Paraguay. Mexico. Chile. Colombia and other countries that have bought the rights to show it; As this series contains three seasons.

The first season began its showing on June 29. 2015. the second was released in September 2016. And the third season ended in March 2018. And the series "Sad Flowers" is considered the most successful summer series in Turkey. Which was the only one that lasted 113 episodes among the rest of the summer series.

And he qualified for the Seoul Prize and has won many awards from newspapers. Universities and Turkish cinemas. Regardless of the fact that the series included three seasons. bUniversitiesut the audience that followed him did not feel bored or bored at all. This is because each season presents an interesting story that differs in nature from each season within the framework of comedic drama and some action. Mystery and crime. in addition to the continuation of all heroes in all seasons without any change or replacement. which made this series distinct from other dramas in the same The seasons.

The story of the Kırgın Çiçekler series

The events revolve around five girls from the orphanage while they are in their teens. who live and live together in the same room in a huge orphanage called Kocho Yulu in Istanbul. and this orphanage is located in the middle of the rich neighborhood. and through the events we see the extent of the girls ’love for each other greatly. and they help And they support each other in many matters.

This is the matter that distinguished their relationship from the rest of the other friendship relations. Namely. "Iul". "Songol". "Qadar" and "Miral" and later comes "Jimery"; Then there is the transfer of Iulul. Songul. Qadr and Miral to one private school. As a result of a problem that occurred between them and wealthy boys. Where the wealthy boys charged harassment and told them that they had harassed them. But then the opposite is soon proven.

One of the boys' mothers is forced to return and bring the girls to the private school to prevent detection. Protection and not defamation of the children’s perpetrators. And to preserve the reputation of their parents among the people. While Jimery was among the students of the school in advance because she was the daughter of a wealthy family. But later through the succession of events. Her life is quickly turned on after.

After the girls entered this school. The rich students began to follow the methods of provocation by deserving and belittling them. Including "burying" that bad and unscrupulous girl in that school; The story of each of these girls was different from the other. From their arrival in the orphanage to the event that occurred.

Also. Each of them has many hopes. Aspirations and goals that they want to achieve. Despite the difficult circumstances that they suffer from, and we do not forget to mention that the orphan had a manager who was somewhat harsh on them. Called "Nariman" always stingy. But on the other hand there is The assistant manager. Mrs. "Farida". Is always kind to them and provides them with assistance at all times. As for the nanny. Called "Hadiya". She takes care of them and takes care of their food. Meets their needs and fulfills their requests.

During the filming of the series. The famous Turkish actress “Gökçi Aklides” asked to separate from the cadre and cast the series “Sad Flowers” ​​in its third season. Due to her pregnancy in the fourth month. Which would prevent her from appearing and complete the rest of her role at work. As it was her separation from work in the series It is not easy. but impossible for the makers of the work. So it was agreed with Jokshi Eklades to continue working with the scenario changing to match her pregnancy.

Gokshi Eaklides in the series The Path of Evil

Gökçe participated in the Turkish series The Path of Evil. That series Which is considered one of the most important and famous Turkish works of art. Where the series is classified as dramatic. And it was produced in 2012. The story of the series revolves around a girl named Aisha. Who represents the older sister of Nuran. A poor girl who lives in circumstances Too harsh

The events unfold to show that Aisha is transforming the improvement of her conditions through earnings through art. But the winds cross her and come against what she likes and things do not go as she wants. And the events contain dramatic surprises that involve during the episodes of the series.

The series has been performed by a large group of artists. Including actress Gansel Elgin. As well as actress Sokran Awali. as well as the star Kar Exum. and our brilliant star. Gokshi Eklides.


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