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Who is Akin Akınozu? girlfriend family & info

Who is Akın Akınözü who drew attention after the Hercai series?

Everyone is wondering about his height, age and life, here is some information about his life
How old is Akın Akınözü? Where is he from
Akın Akınözü was born on January 1, 1990, in Ankara into a rich family. His mother is a Turkish actress, Ozlem Akinuz, and he has had a successful educational life since his childhood. Especially, from his early age, he had big goals for the future. He pursued his dreams throughout his life.

Educational life

He was educated in high school at TED Ankara College, Department of Mathematics. After completing his high school education, he studied General Mathematics for Applied Studies Berkeley. After completing his education, he decided to become an actor and continued his education in this direction.

After completing his undergraduate studies, he improved himself in many fields of theater and acting.

Turkish actor Akin Akınozu

Always seeking success, Akın Akınözü achieved success in his educational life. While completing his education, he also started writing theater in order to be a professional in the field of acting. He made his debut in 2014 with the movie The Harvest.

 Akın Akınözü's full profile

Date of birth: January 1, 1990
Where: Ankara
Sign: Capricorn
Weight: 74
Height: 1.80
Brown eye color
Hair color: black
Sweetie: Nothing
Married: No.

 TED Ankara College, Department of Science and Mathematics, Santa Monica College, Los Angeles and Sudois General, University of California, Berkeley
The series and movies he starred in
Trinity Flower - 2019 / (Miran Aslani)
Sultan Abdul Hamid - 2018
Good Friends 2016
The Magnificent Century Kösem-2015 
Turkish actor Akin Akınozu

A movie, remember me, Istanbul

Akın Akınözü, the hero of the "Trinity Flower" ... has the longest kiss in Turkish drama and was bullied, and this is his Saudi analogy.

Study it

Akın Akınözü studied mathematics at Ankara University, majored in acting at the same university and graduated from it, fluent in English and Turkish.


Akın Akınözü's first TV role was in the Sultana series "Cosm", while he was studying mathematics, and then he realized that he could not see himself in the world of numbers all his life, and he loved art, then he decided to move to the theater. He loves reading a lot and is interested in fitness, and he also loves to spend time with his family and friends.

He did not accept to stop studying mathematics before obtaining the degree, after he graduated from the Ankara College of Mathematics and obtained a bachelor’s degree in science, and a master’s degree in applied mathematics, from general studies at Berkeley University.

His first movie is Azrael, which was shown in 2014, and he participated in it after he received extensive training in the field of acting.

His works

After the series "Sultana Cosm", Akın Akınözü participated in the series "Good Friends" in 2016, and the series "Sultan Abdul Hamid II" in the role of "Omar" in 2017, before he was chosen to embody Miran in the series "The Flower of the Trinity", which happens Through him, he received a wage of 35 thousand pounds for one episode, in the first season after the episodes of the series topped the viewership rates in Turkey.

Leaked photos of him during his military service

Akın Akınözü got angry after old photos of him were leaked, while he was performing military service and appeared without a beard and different from his current appearance, so that some sites and social media activists mocked his appearance, but the response was quick from him, and he said that he is not ashamed of his appearance in He has compassion on every person who mocks a person because of his external appearance, and said: "Whoever claims to be more beautiful and wants to evaluate others, let people know about his appearance."

And he continued: "When an actress appears without makeup, they clap to her and tell her how bold and reconcile you are with yourself ... As for when you publish a picture of the stars, please attack us even though beauty has never been a charge of men."

The longest kiss in the history of Turkish drama

The series "Flower of the Trinity" achieved remarkable success, but its hero, Akın Akınözü, who embodied the role of "Miran", and the Turkish actress Ebru Shaheen, who embodied the role of "Rayan", got the title "the longest kiss in the history of Turkish drama", as the kiss lasted for about The minute, a number of viewers expressed their dissatisfaction with this kiss, denouncing the existence of the scene and not removing it from the work.

Censorship had imposed a number of fines and restrictions on a number of series that contain bold scenes, or even violent scenes.
This matter did not negatively affect the number of viewers, which forced the curators to prepare a third part.

His private life

Akın Akınözü does not hide his association with his beloved Sandra Pestimalsyan, who always appears with him at events, and some leaked photos of them or that are published on social media, despite some rumors that spread from time to time.
Informed sources indicate that Akın Akınözü is preparing to marry his fiancée in a secret atmosphere, away from the media, as happened with their sudden engagement, which took place completely away from the public and social media.

Akın Akınözü sparked controversy on social media, due to the similarity between him and the Saudi actor Muhannad Al-Hamdi, star of the Kuwaiti series "Juman".
Followers interacted with this similarity greatly, as they indicated that their features appear identical, which was not commented on by either party.


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