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Meric Aral, religion, works, pictures, and much information

Meric Aral Many fans and followers of the Turkish artist Merich Aral want to know information about her and we provide you in this report information about her age, nationality, religion, her hobby, when her artistic career began, the most important artworks that she participated in, and many other details and an exclusive photo collection of the artist Merich Aral.

The star Meric Aral

Full name: Merich Aral
Date of birth: 1 - July 1990
Age 2020: 30 years old
Place of birth: Istanbul - Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Height: 67. 1 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Academic Qualification: Graduate of the Faculty of Law
Marital Status: Unmarried
The beginning of her artistic career: She started from 2012 - until now
Hobbies: playing sports - traveling - photography

Her upbringing and family life

Meri مي was born in 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey, her father is Aral, and her mother is Nawal, and they both work in the legal profession, as she was raised and raised in a family interested in law, and they wanted their daughter Meri to become a famous lawyer like them and work in law.

But although she studied law and graduated from the Faculty of Law, but she refused to work in the legal profession like her family, she loved art and her dream to enter the world of acting, after graduating from the Faculty of Law she studied comparative literature and began to study acting and got training in the art of acting until She was able to raise her stage in acting, so she started in small and minor roles for a short time in some films until she got to do the absolute championship.

Her father died while she was outside the country spending a break from her artistic activity during her summer vacation, so she heard the news of her father’s sudden death, so the artist Merich entered into a state of severe depression and depression and collapsed, and the most difficult thing is that she was preparing a surprise for him when she came back from vacation and bought many things to give her For him on Father's Day and for the rest of her family, she remained for a long time in her grief, which made her reject many of the artworks that were presented to her.
Meric Aral

Series and films Merich Aral

In 2012, she began her real artistic career, and presented an important role in the drama series Sultana, and this role was the reason for her fame and the public's knowledge of her.

From 2013 to 2014, Merich participated in more than one drama and cinematic work. She presented the Tide series, the Honeymoon movie - and the amulet - and the movie If I Forget, Whisper.

In 2015 - 2017, she presented the series Love in Account and the High Society Film with the title role, as well as Cingöz Recai: The Return of a Legend.

In 2018 - 2020 she appeared in the series Ahed in the title role, and she co-starred with Tolga Sarıtaş, Deniz Baysal, Sarp Akkaya and Nihat Altınkaya, and participated in the movie Stay by My Side, and in 2020 she presented a movie We Are Like That She starred.

Merich Aral's boyfriend and husband

Actress Mira and see you are not married and not engaged, but connects her love story with her boyfriend, Kim Manley and were seen with him in more than one place, and in some concerts and events and did not specify when it will be out Monday, she doesn't like to talk about her personal life much threshold the secrets of her personal belongs to him alone only .

Mirich Aral, the artist on the covenant.

Series The Covenant is a Turkish drama drama action War written by Adham music and bring out the Yagi focuses the ALP said, starring Tolga Sarit discussion – Mer and R – demobilized and kilich – Ipoh, my boss was – Deniz Pycelle and other co-stars in this great work, and the series consists of 3 seasons .

This is a series of business education historical because it talks about reality and the story revolves around the life of the Turkish army and how can I resist terrorism and maintain the country of Turkey and to maintain also the lives of innocent people, was to choose the strongest and the bravest soldiers and the difference of war in the Turkish army to catch me a terrorist too dangerous and is Gul, the leader of the terrorist organization and the most important by the organization “Medusa” and the Prevention of bombings and terrorist operations planned in the country .

Already can difference captured after several attempts, and handed over to justice, but something happens unexpected and is to come is the ouster of the teams that carried out mission to arrest the terrorist and the reason that was mentioned is that this difference caused a tense diplomatic relations between Turkey and neighbouring .

After a while, the group returns to work with the leader and puts the army this time the difference in the work the hardest and is off line Meadows terrorist organization large and ask that the emergence of a number of new members in the face, you expect a lot of events interesting and exciting and influential too in the serial .

This is considered a serial of the achievements of the translation made in the last period and got a very high participation time displayed, because it contains many of the touching scenes in the martyrdom of soldiers and the presence of dramatic scenes and sad and romantic in the show .

Won the show many awards, the heroes of his series have been honored for work or action hero Tolga Sarit discussion got Award Golden Butterfly and are of the highest awards in Turkey .

Merich Aral on Sultan

Show is a social drama Turkish series written by Yildiz Bayezid transmission said, and out see was Mountains snow cases and was composed of 20 episodes, the series starring Nour Syria – a bet rich the – Shaheen, its – Mer and R – Orhan will give you – Hüseyin Karaca – Merve Altinkaya – Orhan rich, and other stars .

Story of this serial about the power that embodies the artist Noor of Syria and is the mother of four children, leaves her husband alone and travel to France and stay there and don't know anything about it, after a lapse of 15 years back this couple of France, but he does not return alone, but returns with his second wife and daughter .

Fall salad in astonishment and surprise, and it oeuvre you don't know how to get out of it and expect the latest in the series is full of drama and thrill of the events, as there was curiosity from the viewers because they were wanting to know a week away husband and his travel and what will you do to the authority of the city and are within this position and how to act after and you will from them after his marriage again or not .

In the series, The Artist merich Aral was one of his Sultan's sons, who suffered from many problems and difficulties.
And won the series I have admired a lot of followers and critics also, and they wrote about dogs is good because it addresses many of the problems and discussed and especially problems of women and their .

Meric Aral


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