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Ebru Şahin pictures and a lot of information about her

Ebru Şahin pictures and a lot of information about her


Ebru Şahin pictures and a lot of information about her, We collected for you a lot of information about the beautiful Turkish star (Ebru Şahin), heroine of the Istanbul series, and much information and details about her personal life, age, place of residence, what is her astrological sign, information about her family and lover, and for everyone who wants to communicate with her we present to you her official websites on Instagram, And a new photo collection for her.

Date of birth: 1994

Residence: Turkey

Astrological Sign: Libra

Age: 24 years old

Profession: Actress

Faculty: Istanbul University College of Mathematical Sciences

Who is Ebru Şahin ?

Ebru Şahin was born in 1994 in Istanbul, after completing his education at the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of Istanbul University, she studied acting, her first acting work was in 2016 with the movie Blood Money, which he co-authored later in the Babam series and The Warrior, as Ebru participated in Şahin, included in the crew of the series Bride in Istanbul, starring Ozkan Deniz and Asal Anwar, the role of the naive character Buran Konagi for Osman Burko's fans, and has also appeared in films such as Monolog and Piyasadan Büyük Alacagimiz Var, and has played the role of Vesile in the TV series Harem, she has collected more than 90,000 followers on her rebrusahin Instagram account, how much she worked alongside Cansu Tosun on Küçük Hanimefendi TV Show.

She is a very athletic figure who has been practicing sports since she was 11 years old, she is a graduate of the College of Sports Sciences and also loves sports and art ... She participated in advertising at the university, and she also took the lead role in the independent movie Blood Money, then she found an opportunity with Cetin Tekindor in 'Daddy to work in Istanbul'.

Her personal and family life

There is no information available about her family, because she is one of the characters that loves privacy and does not share any information about her family on social networking sites.

There was a rumor about her relationship with the actor Tolga, as that Tolga was seen accompanied by Ebru Şahin, the actress who plays "Borgo" currently in the series "Bride of Istanbul", and the newspaper confirmed the existence of an emotional relationship that binds them together, as the Turkish newspaper indicated, according to its claims, that Tolga Saritas and Ebru Shaheen were enjoying their vacation in one of the nightclubs in the Imerijan area of ​​Istanbul, and when they left together, a group of photos is taken without them knowing flirting, and they were in the same car when they were going.

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Join the forbidden apple series

Turkish actor Ahmet Kayakan and actress Ebru Şahin joined the second season of the series “Forbidden Apple” Ahmed will play “Hakan”, a close friend of “Ilihan” and Ebro. She will play “Hera” the ambitious pilot of the plane that is applying for work in the company “Ilihan”, and the series revolves around the sisters“Zainab” and Yildiz who live together in one of the popular neighborhoods in Istanbul. 

The personality and nature of each of them differ, as“Zainab” has a calm personality and romantic nature and is always looking for true love, while“Yildiz” has a personality She is fun and dreams of marrying a rich man, with whom she enjoys wealth and luxury Ida Eiji, Onur Tuna, Sevda Argeny, Sevda Irgency, Cheval Sam and Talaat Bulut participate in the championship.

Her first acting work

Her first acting work was in 2016 with the movie Blood Money, which he later co-wrote in the Babam series and The Warrior, and Ebru Şahin, who is included in the crew of the series Bride in Istanbul, starring Ozkan Deniz and Asel Anwar, played the role of the naive character Buran Konagi for Osman's fans. Porco.

The events of the Istanbul series, The Bride of Istanbul in both Istanbul and Bursa, revolve around the Buran family, that wealthy family that is considered one of the most ancient and authentic families in the city of Bursa. The love story that brought together Farouk and Soraya, the Istanbul girl, in an interesting romantic and social context.

The first season of the Istanbul series, The Bride of Istanbul, began in March 2017, and the second season of the series is now being shown. Preparations are also underway for filming the episodes of the third season, starting in September of this year.

The events of the first season of the Istanbul series revolves around the love story of Faruk, the eldest son of the Buran family, whose role is embodied by the star Ozcan Deniz and Soraya, that beautiful girl full of vitality and energy whose role embodies the Turkish star and singer Asli Enver, where Soraya was exposed to difficult circumstances in her childhood after losing her parents in a traffic accident These conditions helped raise Soraya, as she became a strong and ambitious girl.

Farouk admires Petharia after he watches her singing in a hotel and finds the beautiful and daring girl in which everyone wishes to get close to her, and Farouk insists on marrying a rich man despite the refusal of his mother, Mrs Asma, who wants to marry him to a girl of ancient origins, but Farouk succeeds in marrying Soraya And together they lead a beautiful life full of love.

The events of the series continue and Farouk falls into a big dilemma after he discovers the existence of a son from his ex-girlfriend Begum called Amir, who is forced to hide the fact that his son is from Soraya so that she does not face the risk of miscarriage in light of the difficult conditions of her pregnancy, and the events of the series escalate when Soraya loses her child and then learns by chance the nature of the relationship. Between Begum and Farouk, and she discovers the truth about Amir's presence, where Soraya decides to travel and move away from Farouk.

 She has also appeared in movies like Monolog and Piyasadan Büyük Alacagimiz Var, and has played the role of Vesile in the TV series Harem.


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