Bensu Soral , Religion, Weight, Birth, Works, Info

Bensu Soral, Religion, Weight, Birth, Works, Information and Photos Information about her and pictures through a detailed report we provide about the Turkish actress Bensu, who had many signs in Turkish drama.
Bensu Soral , Religion, Weight, Birth, Works, Information and Photos

Through the report, we will know about the life story of the actress Bensu Soral and how she went to the world of cinema, as we will get to know her religion, marriage and most important dramas We also learn about her relationship with her sister, and her role in the series "Little Lies," which is one of the most famous Turkish dramas that have been shown in the Arab world.

Information about Bensu Soral

Date of birth: March 23, 1991
Place of birth: Stock Exchange - Turkey
Residence: Angol - Turkey
Astrological Sign: Aries
Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Turkish
Father's name: Hamdi Sural
Mother's name: Sepahan Soral
Sister's Name: Handa Sural
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's name: Hakan Bash
Academic qualification: Fine Acton College, Department of Graphic - Marmara University
Weight: 57 kg
Height: 170 cm
Eye color: green
Hair color: brown

Life Story of Bensu Soral

The beautiful Bensu Soral is considered one of the most beautiful faces in Turkey and even in the whole world. Bensu with beautiful features was born on the twenty-third day of March 1991 in the Turkish city of Bursa. Bensu belongs to the birth of Aries.

 She lived her life and childhood in Bursa and graduated from Angul Anatolian Angul High School, Pinso loved acting since her childhood, and she enrolled in the beautiful acting college in the graphic department and graduated from it, then she focused on her acting talent after her sister convinced her that she really has the talent that makes her one of the most important Turkish drama actresses, and indeed Bensu got her first chance in 2012 through her participation in the series “Yol Ayrımı” as a guest of honor, but through this small role she managed to get the admiration of critics and directors, until she got her real chance after that. The religion of Bensu Soral is Islam and now lives in The Turkish city of Angol.

Bensu Soral's relationship with her sister

The sister of the actress Bensu Soral is the Turkish star Handa Soral. Bensu has a strong relationship with her sister Handa. Handa is considered the first supporter for Bensu during her acting career and was the first to persuade her to take the step of participating in her first artistic work, a parting from the 2012 roads, although Handa started long before her sister, but Bensu managed to form a large fan base, due to her talent, which her sister always saw as deserving of participating in many acting works, until Penso was able after that to participate in many important roles in the most famous Turkish dramas.

Bensu Soral in Boynu Bükükler's Curved Necks Series

In 2014, Bensu got the opportunity to participate in one of the most important Turkish series under the title “Curved necks”. The series gained wide fame in Turkey at the time of its presentation, and then the series was dubbed after that into the Syrian dialect and was shown in the Arab world. The events of the series revolve around a beautiful girl who lives a happy life, but her life is turned upside down after the death of her parents, to become another sad character, a person in her life appears trying to provide aid by looking for work for her, and then a lot of Interesting and mysterious events through the girl’s attempt to regain her right from tyrants.

Bensu Soral in the series Little Lies


In 2015, Bensu Soral participated in her most important drama during her acting career, through her participation in the beautiful series “The Little Lies,” this series introduces a new type of Turkish drama, and the events of the series revolve around four girls who share a very strong friendship, but days separate them because of The circumstances of life, and then they meet after a year after a threatening message from an unknown person, threatening them to kill one of their friends, and the girls try to search for the killer and reveal the facts, and the series won the admiration of the viewers at the time of its presentation, whether in Turkey or in the Arab world at the time of its presentation.

Bensu Soral in the series "Inside"


During her acting career, Benso relied on choosing her roles very carefully, and despite the small number of her acting works, she always left a positive impact on her followers, and her good choice also became clear after her strong participation in the most famous series in Turkey, the series "Inside" It is adapted from an American film and is also close to the story of a Chinese film, but it is worth noting that the Turkish version was presented to the fullest.

The series “İçerde” takes place in the police station. The hero is charged with the task of entering a mafia gang, becoming one of the gang members, and transmitting their movements and all their information to the Turkish police. The series “Inside” has won the admiration of viewers due to the interesting events that keeps you waiting for the next episode and don't feel bored, the series stars Chatay Olsoy, Aras Bulut, Tahseen Tikendor and beautiful Bensu Soral.

Cinema in the life of Bensu Soral


The step of moving from drama to cinema is not a simple step at all, but rather needs a lot of thinking and effort, and despite the small number of acting works for Bensu Soral, it managed to gain the confidence of the producers in Turkey, in 2018, Bensu got Soral was given the opportunity to participate in her first movie entitled “Dıșarda 2” and presented Benso as Leyla Ozdemir, and the film received good revenues at the time of its release, and then she participated in the well-known movie “Organize İşler 2: Sazan Sarmalı”

Soral managed to get the title role, and indeed the film was a huge public success at the time of its release in 2019, and in 2020, Bensu Soral also participated in the famous film “Mesti Aşk” and Bensu presented during the film the character of “Maryam Khatun”. Indeed, Bensu received appreciation and respect from Turkish audiences; Due to her great talent, which appeared through the presentation of many films, despite her young age.

Marriage in the life of Bensu Soral


Being a beautiful girl with attractive features, Bensu Soral is considered the dream girl of many young people, whether in Turkey or around the world, but it is worth noting that Bensu Soral lived a love story for more than 3 years. In 2017, while filming the series "Inside", many Rumors about Bensu’s association with the well-known businessman “Hakan Bash” until the news was confirmed by the couple, and they held an engagement ceremony attended by close to the newlyweds in 2018, then Bensu married Hakan, and the couple is considered one of the most famous and successful couples in Turkey.

Bensu Soral's most important works


Yol Ayrımı series 2012
Vicdan series 2013
Boynu Bükükler series, 2014
Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar 2015 series
İçerde Series 2016-2017
Dıșarda 2, 2018
Organize İşler 2: Sazan Sarmalı in 2019
Mesti Aşk 2020 movie

Brief about Bensu Soral


Bensu Soral was born on March 23, 1991, in the Turkish Stock Exchange Soral. She is a beautiful young Turkish actress who is expanding her fan base with her acting skills. Bensu Soral received his early education from İnegöl Anatolian High School located in Bursa. After completing her initial education, Bensu successfully started her postgraduate studies in Marmara University where she joined the Department of Fine Acting as of 2016 Bensu started pursuing the course alongside her acting career
She studied at Anegol Anatolian School in Bursa still studying painting at the beautiful Acting College of Marmara University.

When did you start the acting career?


She started acting career with the support of her sister Hand Sural, who is an actress for the first time who appeared on TV with the series Yol Ayrımı TV as she is a Turkish model and actress who was portrayed in the 2015 series Tatli Küçük Yalancilar (Sweet Little Liars) and the 2016 series Icerde (Inside) she ran Supporting roles in a series titled Yol Ayrimi, Vicdan and Boynu Bükükler between 2012 and 2014.

Bansu Soral and a turning point in her acting life


She has garnered widespread recognition and appreciation for her role in “Tatli Kucuk Janslar.” Tatli Kucuk Yalancilar, based on the story of the American TV series “Pretty Little Liars,” shows Bensu playing one of the five closest companions who suddenly disappeared at night. The story revolves around the mysterious mystery of the disappearance.

 And the subsequent threats to friends by the anonymous “Mr. Ali” after her success in Tatli Kucuk Yalancilar, Benso won an award in another upcoming TV series “Icerde” in 2016 where she plays the owner of Icerde.

 It is a story about two policemen who go face to face with Akbar A group of mafia in Istanbul with flawed honesty and forbidden love. It now has IMDB a rating of 8.5 and is gaining traction among viewers day by day.

Bensu Soral
Bensu Soral