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Date of birth Akin akinozu: 1-1-1990
Age Akin akinozu: 30 years old.
Astrological Sign: Capricorn.
Akin aKinozu's Place of Birth: Ankara.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion akin akinozu: Muslim.
Profession: Actor.
Sweetheart Akin akinozu: He has a girlfriend.
Sweetheart's name: Sandra
Academic qualification: TED College.
Eye color: brown.
Length: 180 cm
Weight: 75 kg 
akin akinozu

Information about Akin akinozu and Biography

The famous Turkish actor Akin akinozu was born in 1990 in the city of Ankara of the State of Turkey. He belongs to a simple family that avoids noise, crowding and representation. He lived in Ankara until he reached the university stage, and joined the University of Ankara TED College, especially he studied the Department of Mathematics and Science at the university He never thought about acting or becoming a famous actor one day, 
he was fully attentive to education and wished to excel in it, and would stay in the university until he graduated with a high grade, but after he graduated from the university he studied the art of acting and found that he had a talent for this Art, and his goal became to become a famous artist in the future, so he decided to complete his studies in the same field, which is acting after studying at the university. 
Information about Akin akinozu

Education life of Akin akinozu

Acting was not the goal of the famous Turkish actor Akin akinozu only, but he always looked forward to the best in his studies, and he wished to study many languages ​​until he became a high-profile artist comprehensive of all cultures, studying and speaking all languages, so he studied English fluently, speaking and understanding it well, And that after studying at the university as well as studying the art of acting, and after he mastered and trained in acting well in workshops for the representational art, he began to search for opportunities to join the field of art and present various works until he becomes a famous actor one day, and this is what he sought. 

Akin akinozu's acting career

The famous Turkish actor Akin akinozu searched a lot for a good opportunity to enter the world of art and representation that he had wished since his studies, and he always wished to become a famous actor with many qualities such as talent, culture and languages, in addition to the wonderful physical characteristics, he has a distinctive athletic body, Its length reaches 180 cm, and its weight does not exceed 75 kg. Akin akinozu continued to search for the great opportunity with which he started his steps to fame, until he reached it in 2014 when he presented his first work when he appeared in a movie, and it was a wonderful experience in which he showed A good talent, and he was able to identify his strengths and weaknesses, so that he could develop well weaknesses and reach continuous excellence.

His artistic career began with a book for some theatrical procedures, then he was proven in a role in a movie in 2014 AD, his role was an attempt with distinct characteristics for him, as he was able to discover his weaknesses and strengths, he was shown in a group of short fictional cinematic works before he went to work in television drama, as for his real beginning In 2015 AD, in the role of Ivan in the famous series Sultana Kossim (The Sultan's Harem), Hakan Shaheen Competition, Sener Savas, Turgul Yesilcai, Eiji Chesemboglu, Aslihan Urbos, Ismail Demirci, its events revolve around Anastasia the Greek girl who until now becomes a sultana who rules the Ottoman Empire about The way of her children and then grandchildren, and his role won the admiration of the viewer.

In 2016,

 he participated in the competition of the series “Arkadaslar Iyidir”, which talks about Eren, Sida, Merv and Yunus with a number of four friends, who met a year ago while they were studying at the university. In the first year of the semester, Sida meets with her childhood friend Jezem Sir and Jizim, from the first moment they meet, as in the old days, they are connected to each other a few, and with this, the assets in the group begin to transfer sooner as Sida, Eren, Merv, Younes and Jizim confront the ghosts of the ancestor, they have come to imagine that adult life is not a good thing, they have realized this The moment they are alone in their war with life, that effort is a competition ((Defrim Ozdir Akin, Kankat Aydos, Pinar Caglar, ACE Desdar)).

Akin akinozu and his sweetheart

The famous young Turkish actor Akin akinozu and the wonderful actor was distinguished since childhood, he loved to study, learn and learn everything new in languages, reading and sports, always obsessed with becoming distinguished from others in his talent, culture, and physical fitness, in addition to that, he was also distinguished in relationships Emotionally, he remained for a long time without any connection, but this period the famous Turkish actor Akin akinozu was seen with his sweetheart Sandra Bestmalkian in Istina Park. 
After the appearance of the actor Akin akinozu with his sweetheart Sandra in a commercial market, he was asked by the press about the news of his preparation for marriage, and he said that their relationship is going very well, and everything is calm, but there is no new news yet.

Akin akinozu his works

Turkish actor Akin akinozu began his work when he appeared in a movie he presented in 2014, a distinguished role was an experience for him in discovering his talent and identifying his weaknesses, and he also presented many short narrative films before turning to working in television series and presenting Turkish dramas,
Akin akinozu his works

 but it is considered The real beginning of the actor akin akinozu when he appeared in the famous Turkish series "Harem of Sultan", and he played the role of "Evan" and co-starred with Samir Avast, Hakan Sahin, Ismail Demirci and a distinguished group of Turkish stars, in addition to many famous series that he presented to Turkish television screens. 

Akin akinozu series

The famous Turkish actor Akin akinozu presented many famous series during his artistic career, and he continues to present everything new until now, and among these works are the following:
• The series "The Sultan's Harem", which he presented in 2015.
• The series "Good Friends", presented in 2016.
• The family comedy series "The Aslan family", presented in 2017.
The Turkish series “Flower of the Trinity” presented in 2018.
tuzak series - the trap 2022.

The most famous roles of the actor is Akin akinozu

The most famous role of the artist Akin akinozu is in the series “The Flower of the Trinity,” as he got the absolute starring role in this distinguished drama series. And when he became a young man, he thought about getting close to this family, and chose a more easy solution to enter the midst of this family, and he married their daughter, but everything he planned for when he fell in love with this girl named Ryan, the more he sees her, the more he relates to her and thinks how to complete his revenge on this Family, and he became loving the daughter of the man who caused the killing of his family, and appeared in the events since the beginning of the first episode.

The role of Akin akinozu in the series “Aslan Family”

The famous Turkish actor Akin Akinozu participated in the comedy series Aslan Family in 2017, and the series revolves around the escape of the father of a girl named Burka from the police. In another family, Murad lived with his father, his mother, his grandmother, and three sisters, and he did not agree to give the house to her, and between this girl big problems occurred with Murad, who played the role of Akin Akinozu, and a group of Turkish actors.

The role of Akin akinozu in the series “Abdul Hamid II”

Turkish actor Akin Akinozu participated in the Abdul Hamid II series, which takes place during the period of Sultan Abdul Hamid's mandate in 1896, and the series discusses the battles that reached Ottoman rule after many years of war.
Turkish actor Akin Akinozu

Turkish actor Akin Akinozu